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This is Lucas. He rents a luxury apartment in the very center of Vienna. Every morning he has breakfast to the sound of bells of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Which is located directly in front of his windows. And in the evenings, he attends performances at the Vienna National Opera which is literally 3 minutes walk from his home. His apartments are freshly renovated with high ceilings and 150 square meters. Perhaps you thought that Lucas looks too simple for such a life? And you were right. He is an ordinary ice cream maker. And for renting an apartment he pays 5 times less than the real cost. And no one has the right to raise him rental payment or to evict him from this apartment. This is the law. You are very welcome to Vienna. And this is The Life of Others New York Venice Dubai Jerusalem Tokyo Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva Vienna is often called the best city to live on Earth. No wonder. You can drink alpine water directly from the tap. You can listen to the best operas in the world. But these all are just tourist headlines. But how much you need to pay for this water and is it easy to get on the performance? These and much more we will figure out from the locals. If I was born in Vienna, then I could be born in the Berhofer family. The family of Dominic and Milena Berhofer. Then I would live in a comfortable apartment in one of the sleeping areas of the city. I would pay a mortgage for it with a negligible percentage. I would make sure that my husband pay monthly taxes on the church and TV. I could be born one of the Woolf sisters. Elizabeth and Katrina Woolf, winemakers From childhood, I would be able to grow grapes and manage a winery. And a little later, I would be elected the Austrian Wine Queen and I would sparkle a smile on the many advertising posters all around the city. Or I could be a simple hairdresser from the Reinhart family. The family of Martina and Thomas Reinhart I would buy myself a 2-story house with a backyard and with a large green lawn and a summer gazebo. It would cost me only 23,000 euros. No matter what house I live in, when summer came I would definitely move to the old Danube park. This is such a recreation complex with playgrounds, small cafes and numerous beaches. Here, local residents rest so often that the inhabitants of Vienna themselves joke that in the summer they abandon their homes and move here to live. Just look at Rachel. She spends most of the summer here with two little children. That is the reason why I came here. To get to know about them a little bit more. But I even didn’t have to ask. Like any mother of many children, Rachel turned out to be that talker. Just let her talk about children, about childbirth, and kindergartens. In general, we wouldn’t have time to say hello as she began to talk as if predicting my questions. Rachel Lloid, a housewife. I gave birth to both children in Vienna. Childbirth is free but there is one thing. You should make an appointment ahead because when the ambulance arrives you will simply be taken to any hospital, where there would be a free place. During the second pregnancy I was already experienced and started calling already in the third month. And what do you think – there was no longer any place in 5 hospitals. So I reserved the sixth one. And everything went well. After giving birth, I stayed in the hospital for another five days. It’s because of cesarean. And in the case, it all goes well, you can leave the hospital in two hours already. You don’t have to keep any diet. Only they don’t recommend mint, as they say, that milk is not tasty from her. What do you absolutely dislike about kindergarten in Austria in Vienna? What would you love to change? I would cancel the appointment in advance. If you want to sign up for a maternity hospital you have to reserve it in advance. If you want to sign up for a public kindergarten, again you should do it in advance. If you wanna your kid attend a public kindergarten, you should reserve it a year ahead. Though it is free, you should pay 70€ per month
for food. Thank God, private kindergartens are not very expensive. For 150€ you can find a completely good kindergarten. While we’re talking here with you, your son is pulling a dummy on the table, picking up a dirty phone and trying to bite it somehow. So is it normal? Doesn’t it bother you? Don’t you worry about germs or some kind of dirty hands? Well, I am not worrying at all. He was just eating sand of a sandbox. I believe that you can not be afraid of such things. Firstly, you still can’t keep track of everything, and secondly, it only strengthens the babies’ immunity. Well, great. Let all the children eat sand. And strengthen their immune system, according to Viennese mothers. Each Viennese mother chooses how to raise her child and how to monitor him. For example, vaccinations are optional. The same thing concerns kindergartens. At least the first years. Milena Bernhofer, a housewife. Be sure that your child goes to kindergarten only for the last year before school. This is done for the sake of developing communication skills in the group from the very beginning of the study. So that he can communicate in a normal way with peers and teachers. However, regarding everything else, children can enter the school completely unprepared. The child should not be able to read, count and write. Within the first year, he will reach the necessary level. Children study for 8 years in elementary school and then go to senior. After completing eight grades, children go to a senior specialized school. They can choose either the linguistic or chemical, or mathematical department. There is a high school with a fashion department, you can imagine? High school of Fashion. I’m so much interested in what they teach here for 5 years. All these dresses and skirts.. This school is entirely dedicated to fashion, design, and sewing. Education here is free but materials for work you need to buy separately. It costs 250 – 300 euros per month. Lessons start at 8:00 a.m. and last until 6:00 p.m. with a lunch break and a couple of short breaks. The rating system here is five-point but nevertheless, it is radically different from the one that we know. I was very surprised when I found out that if you get a five at a school in Vienna, it’s awful and you don’t know anything. But if you have one point in all subjects – you are an excellent student. Gabriele Schulzgruber Schart, a principal Since we have a school for creative children, we are all trying to help their self-expression. Starting from the outer look, which every student has the right to choose for himself or even to sew for himself. Ending with a special room for musical experiments. No wonder, as even on the walls of the corridor, drawing is not just possible, but even obligatory. As you have probably noticed, Vienna is a creative city. If there were statistics on the number of attractions per square meter, then Vienna would probably be one of the first on this indicator. Accordingly, they simply adore creative people. If a person does not have the talent for sewing or drawing, he still has a ton of other creative alternatives. For example, every resident of Vienna can play musical instruments or sing. And most develop their musical talents from childhood dreaming to get one of the most famous professions in Vienna. The Vienna Opera House is world-famous. And getting tickets is just as difficult as becoming an artist on this beautiful stage. You should be the best from the best. Maria Nazarova, soloist of the Vienna Opera Becoming an artist of the Vienna National Opera is incredibly difficult. You need to be the singer not only of the highest level, you should have an excellent acting data, a suitable image and talent of an improviser. You should have a beautiful appearance and many other qualities. You can attend many auditions during all your life but you won’t be noticed. In short, in order to become a star, all-stars must converge. However, only the most famous artists of the Vienna Opera make good money. And novice artists will earn no more than the average salary in Vienna. It is about 3000 Euros a month. Tickets for the Vienna Opera may well be called affordable. After all, you can really buy it for4 Euros only. But if you want to sit at least and not to see the back of someone’s neck as a maximum, then you will have to pay about 300 euros. The prices themselves depend on the performance and on the level of the artists. You will have to pay more If you want to listen to world-famous stars such as Clemens. How many years have you been working in this theater? Clemens Unterreiner, Vienna’s Opera first baritone The fourteenth year has already gone since I work here. I began with the simplest roles. I used to work in extras and in the second composition. We can say that I went all the way. Now I am the first baritone of the Vienna Opera. You are a real star! I do not consider myself a star. Let the audience decide that. Is it easy to get a position in your theater or to become a prima, for example, if you are talented? Or one should have acquaintances in your theater to get a job. You know what I mean? Have you heard of any occasions like that in your theatre? I can definitely say that I, as an Austrian and in particular a resident of Vienna, had to work two times more than the rest. Though, in childhood I was blind for a very long time, so I became interested in music and began to educate the ear. Overcoming difficulties, music became your medicine. It is awesome! Are Vienna opera soloists wealthy people? They pay us well. In addition, various sponsors help. But we certainly cannot be called rich. Like rappers, we definitely don’t make money. For us, after all, the main thing is that we are not performing anywhere but in the Vienna Opera. You live in Vienna. Please tell me about Viennese women. That’s a good question. Here women are very elegant, they love music and art. They are easy to meet and flirt with, but at the same time, they are quite conservative. Well, we figured it out. And what Viennese men are? Just look at me and you will see. I thought that not all men are like you, of course, not all. We are all different, but there is one very distinctive feature. Absolutely all Viennese men know how to dance a waltz. Besides we are very responsive, cheerful and welcoming. Great. I think it’s time to get acquainted with Vienesse men. The last place where Viennese artists go before entering the stage is the chant room. All artists, including Clemens, Domingo and Netrebko warm up in this room. Go on, please! Thank you! Well, only big stars earn here good money. Extras actors kill here for a penny and get about 300 euros per month. In short, their finances sing romances. Therefore, not many people linger on such work for a long time. Many people are looking for another job and begin to study something else such as finance. It is not surprising, after all, that the largest economic university in Europe is located in Vienna. It surprises not only with its scale but also with its architecture. The inhabitants of Vienna managed to decorate even such a dry science as economics. Look. This is neither the space station of the future and nor the Webinheim Museum. This is the university building and it is not the only one like that here. Whimsical can be called the entire campus and hostel, and academic buildings and a library. They are all strange in their own way. They approached the issues of the education system much more seriously. Education is absolutely free here, but if you fit in a period established by the state. For example, if for the allotted 8 months the student did not have time to pass exams to obtain a bachelor’s degree, then each subsequent semester will cost him 350 Euro. It’s not easy to meet deadlines. Most students go to work in parallel with their studies according to their specialty. Ihor Kazal, a student The university strongly supports students who are working or plan to work. Practical knowledge is above importance. There is even a special department that helps with job search and employment. Although, for example, I am only a first-year student, but I already work part-time. While I earn not so much, only 700 euros per month, but there is time to learn. Well, if the student does not want or does not have time to work, then the state will pay a scholarship from 150 to 500 Euro per month. It is not surprising that exactly here one of the best financial universities in the world is located. Even Austrians who have nothing to do with the economy can rationally relate to money. For example, Thomas is a hairdresser and his wife is a student. However, Tomas found an opportunity to buy a big 170 square meters house and paid only 23,000 euros. Although judging by the location and size of such a house, it should cost about half a million euros. How can one buy such a house? Martina and Tomas Reinhart. This is such a kind of social housing. The house belongs to the cooperative. You make a contribution of 23,000 euros and then every month you pay 1,200 euros, taking into account utilities. And that’s it. Essentially now this house is yours. Isn’t it easier to rent a house and pay the same money? For such money, it is unrealistic to find such housing. You will have to pay at least 2000 euros. If a person cannot pay that sum of money then they will ask him to leave the house. Of course, he will be asked to leave the apartment as elsewhere but the deposit of 23,000 will be returned. Then, it is all okay. Anyone can purchase such social housing, right? Anyone who doesn’t have his own house can apply for such a social housing as ours. But if this is a new house, then there are restrictions on the level of salary. Are there any other rules or restrictions, for example, you can’t rebuild a house or host a dog? There are no rules. Do anything. Rebuild the house as you like. You can rebuild it as you wish, go anywhere and host any pet you want. Do you often attend Opera? We don’t attend it at all. For us, it is too expensive. Vienna is an expensive city. Is it hard to live here? I was born and raised in Vienna, so I have nothing to compare with. But I really like living here. The city is quiet and calm and very clean. The main thing is that every citizen worries about the environment. What can I say, every resident sorts garbage, although there is not a single law that would regulate this. Garbage sorting is generally a big thing for Europeans. However, Vienna is one of the most advanced cities in this sense. Concern for ecology and the environment has been nurtured by locals since childhood. And in each family, the urn consists of at least three different containers. We sort garbage into eight parts and then we take it out to collection points by ourselves. That is plastic, paper, white glass, dark glass, metal, batteries, compost, and other trash. Of course, in such a big city like Vienna, it is almost impossible to separate and process all the garbage. But the Viennese still figured out what to do with unsorted garbage collected in urban conditions. You probably think that this is some kind of modern Art Museum or entertainment center. But you are wrong. This is the very center of the city. This is a waste incinerator. Here it is so funny and pretty, and you can imagine it right in the center of the city. Despite the fact that it looks like a child’s fantasy, it is equipped with the latest technology. Therefore, it is easy to deceive any tourist not only with its appearance but also with its smell. Of course, it doesn’t smell like a chocolate factory, but the amazing thing is that it doesn’t smell at all. You won’t even feel the smell of a landfill that is familiar to this place, even if you come close to its walls. Is it possible at all? I decided to ask Martina, who works here. Your factory is located right in the city center. Isn’t it harmful to local residents? Martina Krobat, a manager This is completely harmless, we only installed new equipment a year ago, so there is nothing to fear. How many kilograms or tons of garbage are brought to you per day? Every day from 800 to 1000 tons of garbage are brought to us. Is it harmful to work in this factory? As you are always in contact with all that garbage. We are located in the ninth district of Vienna. And this is practically the center. Do you really think that you would be allowed to open some kind of harmful production here? It’s somehow inconvenient for me right now for such a question because we are in the very center and of course, this production is not harmful. And even useful. The most striking thing is that the building is not just in the very center of the city. And not even that the heat of this plant heats the whole area and not even that after processing the garbage there is only water vapor rising through this fun pipe. I am surprised that the proximity of the waste incinerator does not affect the cost of housing. The apartments in the center of Vienna are of soaring property prices. If you want to settle here and rent a comfortable apartment, you must be ready to pay up to 4000 euros per month plus utilities. However, such prices are not relevant for everyone. There are people who rent an apartment here all their lives just for a penny. I met one of these people, his name is Lucas. He lives in a spacious apartment with a good repair. It is located in the very center of the city. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is just in front of his entrance. The Opera House is a 3-minute walk away. It is the very center of Vienna and every second person here is almost a tourist. There is everything for tourists. Here they observe the architecture and the cathedral. But it is not important, the most important thing is that local people live here. I’ll visit one of these apartments and show it all for you. Let’s go! I am so excited! Hello! – Hello. Come in! Wow! You have such a large and bright corridor. This way? Right, feel yourself at home. Spacious kitchen, two large bedrooms, a huge living room and all is freshly renovated. To be honest, this is a luxury apartment. Tell me, please, how much do you pay for it? I pay 700 euros per month. Are you joking? This is the very center of Vienna. You could probably live maybe in the Cathedral, or where? And why do you pay so little? How did you do this? Did you enchant someone to pay that sum of money? Lucas Windl, an ice-cream seller. There is no magic here. I live here under an agreement that was concluded by my parents. It’s actually a long story. Back in 1914, a law was passed according to which the landlord does not have the right to raise rental prices. Then the rent of this apartment was 8 euros. It’s like 800 now. And my parents signed a perpetual contract in 1967 according to which they paid the same 8 euros. But after a year of 1968, the law was canceled, the payment changed a little and they were already paying 300 euros. But in fact, I am still paying that 8 euros for rent right now. But including the various allowances and utility bills, the total amount is about 700 euros. I hope you got what I mean. How much do people pay in this house in this area for renting an apartment? If you rent a new apartment, it will cost about 3,500 euros per month. There are people like me who have concluded a contract and pay even less. In fact, I am very glad that I live here and pay just that amount because I would not manage the full cost in any way since I have a small salary. I earn a little less than 2000 euros. I agree with you. That’s a perfect law! I wish we have the same. Laws are laws, but tell me please, the owners of the apartment did not try to amuse you because it is much more profitable for them to rent this apartment for 3500 euros a month. When my mother was gone, I had to renew the contract for myself, but the landlord said that I did not live here and I had to go to court. As a result, I won the case, they reissued the contract on me. They offered me about 10,000 euros to move from here. But I didn’t agree, because this is my native apartment, and I was born and raised here. What can I tell you guys, these are the laws that have been in force here since 1914. A man was born and raised and lives in a rented apartment, and his children will also live in the same apartment. Adopt me, or what? The law in Austria is not an empty phrase; Despite it was in effect 50 years ago, or even 100, all the same, the Law is the law. Rainer Kratohville, a lawyer It doesn’t matter when an indefinite contract has been concluded, it has no expiration date. This is a full legal document. Even if the people who concluded him die, he goes to the children. And if they have no other housing, no one has the right to evict them. It can be torn only in court if there are good reasons for it. For example, if a person does not pay rent or uses premises for purposes not specified in the contact. Vienna is a beautiful city but there is one problem. It is parking. But I solve this problem using the online Bolt service. Just install the application and ask for a car. Enter the promotional code “Start” in the application to get a discount on your first trip. By the way, Bolt is available in 30 countries. And promotional codes can be used in Ukraine or in Russia. Just forget about expensive taxis or public transport. Move fast and in comfort. An apartment in the center of Vienna is wonderful. Here you have Viennese coffee, theaters, and museums, but only caffeine and art will not make you full. Sometimes you feel like going somewhere to the province, to the field and breathe deeply. Oh my god, how wonderful it is to be on the Grape Plantation. I adore this fresh air, first of all. And grapes, these grapes all around. Winemakers are still those special people. So let’s find out everything about it. The most interesting thing is that we are located right in Vienna. You have not understood this yet; we have not gone anywhere. These plantations are located right in the city. There are plenty of such vineyards in the city. In Vienna, this is a very popular and profitable business. Next to the plantations, there are always small restaurants serving young wines, called Heurige. The format of such cafes is also called Heurige. This vineyard has been owned by our family for several centuries. Accordingly, once our vineyard was outside the city, but with time Vienna grew and our Heuriger, like the others, ended up in the capital. Of course, now on to buy or rent such a plot of land in such a place will cost incredible money. The cafe and the vineyard are managed by two sisters Katrina and Elizabeth. You know, walking through Vienna, I would never have thought that you have such an oasis of vineyards here! I’ve never heard of this and you, as I understand it, are the true heirs to this business. Katrina and Elizabeth Woolf, heurigers It all belongs to our family since 1609. It comes from generation to generation and now it belongs to us. I am engaged in administration and management and my sister is monitoring the vineyard. In addition, she has been the Wine Queen of Austria for 4 consecutive years, that is – she is the advertising face of Austrian wine. How many hectares of land does a vineyard occupy? Our vineyard occupies 4 hectares. But in general, there are about 700 hectares of vineyards in the city and this is practically not found in any European capital. Listen, I don’t even know how to communicate with them, as the Queen of Wine is in front of me. They own four hectares of land. I know that in the Eighties it was a big scandal in Vienna. The thing was that one winemaker was adding antifreeze to the wine. And after that they say that wine in Austria is categorically not diluted. And they check the quality of wine all the time. You should always be ready to prove that your wine is pure and natural. That’s true. We have very strict quality control. In general in Austria, there are the most stringent laws regarding winemaking. Certain quota is allocated to our plantation of 4 hectares every year. We are told how much grapes we can reproduce from our amount of land since more grapes cannot be obtained from it without using any external impurities. Therefore, I guarantee that Austrian wine is always of the highest quality. How much wine do you produce per year? Years are different depending on the crop. On average, I would say that this is 3000 liters of wine per hectare. That is 12,000 liters of wine from 4 hectares. But each year a commission arrives and determines how many liters of wine can we reproduce this year. And what do you do with the remainig grapes? You can make raisins. She is already thinking it all over. It’s hard to calculate the profit from such business. But if it has been working for 5 centuries in a row, then apparently everything is fine. Besides, each year differs. First of all, it all depends on the crop, and secondly on the size of the plantation. But let me remind you of the figures. About 3,000 liters of wine are obtained per hectare, and a half-liter bottle costs 7-13 euros. Calculator and Austrian tax system will help you to count. For tourists, Austria is a country of museums, architecture and theaters, and for locals, it is completely different and it looks like this. In fact, this is an ordinary sleeping area in which ordinary residents live their usual lives. But this is exactly what I am most interested in. And to find out more detail about their life, I came to visit an ordinary Austrian famil of Milena and Dominic. He works in the public service and she is already pregnant with a second child. Well here is the standard Austrian apartment. It is spacious and bright and even the murals are here. And here is a balcony and a hammock. Now I understand – there you look at the murals and are inspired by the sea, and here you lie in a hammock. This balcony is so huge, I should say. This is a children’s room. Just look at this cute horse over here. Everything is clear this is a children’s room with painted walls. And this is the master’s bedroom. This is a bathroom. Look how big it is. We also have a guest room here. That is, it turns out this is such a large spacious apartment. Let’s find out from the owners whether they have enough of such housing. Your apartment has 100 square meters. Tell me please, is it a big apartment or not. Milena and Dominic Bernhofer This is a normal apartment for those who live in the city and for those who live outside the city the normal area is about 200 square meters. How much do you pay for utilities? We pay approximately 250-300 euros for water and heating and about 60 euros for electricity. Well, that seems a lot to me. But if we still rented this apartment, we would pay extra 1200 Euro. This is your apartment, right? Yes, we took it on credit. Since in Austria, there are very favorable percentages on credit payments. Such an apartment is now worth half a million euros and we took it on credit for 25 years and only 1.2% of the loan amount is charged. And I don’t know. Or is it true, but I heard that you pay tax even on TV? You are absolutely right. We pay a tax of 20 Euro per month both on TV and on the radio. Even if you don’t have a TV, you have a laptop, you also have to pay tax, because you can watch TV channels even on a laptop. At first glance, this may seem strange, but if you look, you will understand that this is a very smart system. It was invented in order for television to finance itself. So it could be completely independent. What other taxes, do you pay, not including the standards? There are many different taxes, such as a pet tax. It must be paid if you have a dog at home. Or for example, a tax for Catholics. You have to pay it if you are a believer. For example, I am a believer and I pay it and Milena is not and she does not pay it. And it differs depending on your salary. How should they figure out if the person is a believer or not? For example, if you register as a new resident in Vienna, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire and there is a question about religion. If you write that you are a Catholic, the next day, you should wait for a letter from the church asking you to pay tax. If you lived here all your life and didn’t pay, then no one will know. But if you suddenly want to baptize a child, they can calculate you for non-payment and refuse. And if you have a different Faith and you are not Catholic, then you do not pay, do you? As far as I know, only Catholics pay it. How often do you travel? We travel at least twice a year. Once in the winter, when we get the thirteenth salary, and certainly in the summer when everyone gets the fourteenth salary. It is specially made for people to have a good rest. Anyone who works in the financial sector also gets fifteenth salary because they need to buy expensive suits for work. It is awesome! They have thirteenth, fourteenth and even fifteenth salary! I am now ready to become a financier! I would do a lot of shopping then! Women retire in Austria at the age of 60 and men at 65. But despite a decent payment from the government, which is approximately 1,500 Euro, many pensioners continue to work . For example, in this cozy cafe called Full Board, several retirees work at once. As you know, the very concept of the institution is connected with pension. It consists in the fact that pensioners work together with young people. Young will gain experience. And the elders will feel younger and will not be lonely at home. My friend Johannes has already been retired for 2 years, but he works as a pastry chef in a restaurant. There are so many people in the restaurant. What is the secret of your success? Why do so many people come to you? Johannes Reizer, a pensioner There is no secret. But there is tasty food. We have such a concept here that all the dishes are like at grandmother’s, as it is cooked my grannies. But in my case, all the dishes are like at grandfather’s, because I’m the only man here. But in general, I mean that everyone who cooks in the kitchen, they are pensioners and they always cook with a soul. In general, in order not to sit at home and not be bored, you come to the restaurant and cook. What did you do before retirement? I worked as a brand-chef in a restaurant in the center of Vienna. I continued to work in my specialty, but here, of course, I work less. I work for 5 hours 2 times a week and without hassle. Do you work because you don’t have enough money or just to have a good time? Some people work for money here. But most pensioners work here because they just don’t want to sit at home. I have enough money. I have a high pension of one and a half thousand euros, but a couple of hundred euros will never be superfluous. In addition, there is a wonderful atmosphere and a team that cheers up. Yes, and the schedule is simple, but we already talked about this. It seems to me so wonderful that someone came up with an invitation to retirees to work several times a week. I totally agree with you. I absolutely agree. Here even the name of our cafe speaks about it. I think you guessed it was a pun -it is called same time, – a good pension and a full board. You are a happy pensioner, as I understand it. And how do other pensioners live who don’t work? The vast majority of pensioners will prefer just to rest. It’s just that I am so active that I can’t sit at home. And for the rest, we have many clubs, dance courses, yoga, chess etc. Everything to your taste. Do seniors have any benefits here in Vienna for transport, medicine, utilities? Yes, we’ve got a lot of it. We have travel and tax incentives, even medicine is free. Theater or movie tickets for pensioners are much cheaper. Do you often visit the Vienna Opera? I really like it but I don’t often go since the performances last about 3 hours. I am very mobile and therefore it’s difficult for me to sit out for 3 hours. Maybe when I am 100 years old, then I will be calm and then I will attend it more often. Is it better to live in Vienna on retirement or before it? Of course, it’s better to live in retirement because I can still do my favorite job without any stress. And I am so much satisfied with it. You are right, truly speaking. In fact, this is some kind of unique idea. People on retirement can come here and work a couple hours per week. The chef can continue to cook in the kitchen to enjoy life and delight others. Letting Johannes go to the kitchen, I ordered the famous Sacher cake prepared by him. You know it is really much tastier than in untwisted restaurants in the city center. Culinary Vienna is a so deep sphere that you can remove a separate program about it. But, of course, I won’t go into details, just let me show you another tasty place. It is just perfect! I adore such places. The sun and the birds. So peaceful. I just love and enjoy this atmosphere. This is one of the best pastry shops in the city. People come to breathe fresh air and to go for a walk with their children. But there is one thing, this whole park and this restaurant is located in the cemetery. Do not be surprised, the inhabitants of Vienna visit cemeteries much more often than we could imagine. And their mood is much better than the usual mood of alive people there. The thing is that the central cemetery of Vienna is also used as a park. And people often make picnics there. They ride bikes and run. I am not sure if they go on dates here, but it won’t be a surprise for me anyway. And if you will use the cemetery for its intended purpose, the ceremony will cost you from 4 to 6,000 euros. The cemetery is a public place and everyone decides how to use it. If a person wants to run or do yoga there it is his legal right. Using a cemetery for such purposes is considered absolutely normal. That arrangement does not bother anyone that more people are buried here than they live in Vienna right now? If the population of Vienna is 2 million then 3 million people are buried there. And of course, among them, there is a large number of famous people such as asBeethoven, Branz, Schubert, Straus. You can name them all for a very long time. But I think they all are calmly looking at vacationers because being Viennesse they could, all the same, come to the cemetery to drink a cup of coffee and just walk around. The life of Viennese is like Mozart’s symphony. It can be easy and fun, then explosive and unexpected. Here you can pay big taxes, but you can get the best higher education for free. You can burn garbage right in the center of the city, but at the same time breathe absolutely clean air. And the locals themselves believe that Vienna is the best city to live because there is art on every corner, great conditions for business here, the most delicious coffee, I feel safe here, Viennese are the most educated people. the most comfortable underground, a lot of greenery, it is the most musical city in the world. Someone else’s life is like classical music. For someone, it may even seem boring and monotonous. But as soon as you hear it live, you understand that there can be a whole life in this concert, even if it is the life of others.

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  1. Про школу не совсем верно. Младшая школа 4 года, средняя 4 года и дальше штаршая школа. Или Berufsschule

  2. Жанна, спасибо за выпуск, один из лучших! люблю Европу всем сердцем

  3. 300€ это копейки в Европе, люди перебиваются, а у нас это средний уровень ЗП и на эти деньги может жить целая семья.

  4. Было бы здорово построить такой завод по переработке мусора в Крыму)

  5. Обожаю эту передачу! Какие же чудесные и интересные моменты затрагиваются!

  6. Великолепный выпуск,как и все предыдущие и, надеюсь, будущие. Единственный минус – когда голос ведущей переходит на фальцет, это больно режет уши. Пожалуйста не нужно визжать так часто.Спасибо.

  7. Программа такого плана, думаю очень не просто снимать и реализовывать. Так как нужно договариваться заранее с семьями, вопросы и дополнительно почитать о странах … Это тебе не орел и решка!

  8. Пора уже развеять миф о бесплатной медицине в странах ЕС, а то все думают, что здесь коммунизм!!!
    В Австрии каждый работающий человек платит взносы в обязательное медицинское страхование, это 7,5 % месячной зарплаты брутто. 
    Студенты, в том числе и иностранные, платят льготный тариф – около 60 евро в месяц.
    Дети до 27 лет могут быть застрахованы через своих родителей (Familienversicherung), без дополнительных расходов. 
    За безработных и получателей социальной помощи взносы платит государство. 
    Пенсионеры также платят взносы со своей пенсии по льготному тарифу. 
    Если вы не работаете, не являетесь безработным или получателем социальной помощи, то за страховку придётся платить 427 евро в месяц. 
    B каждой федеративной земле есть одна государственная медицинская касса, в Австрии их всего 9, самая большая из них – WGKK – находится в Вене, потому что здесь проживает каждый четвёртый житель Австрии. 
    Вы можете получить при наличии страховки бесплатные медицинские услуги в государственных поликлиниках и у частных врачей-специалистов по направлению домашнего врача, но многие узкие специалисты не работают с государственными кассами и вам придётся выложить за одно посещение 150 – 200 евро. 
    Услуги стоматолога в страхование входят частично. По государственной страховке вы можете посещать стоматолога два раза в год для контроля, плюс вам оплатят самые дешёвые пломбы (амальгама) и вставную челюсть.
    Если вы хотите использовать более качественные материалы, то, например, за каждую пломбу нужно будет доплатить от 40 до 80 евро. Любое, более серьёзное лечение, нужно согласовывать со страховой кассой. Возможно, что они оплатят часть лечения. Есть возможность заключить дополнительную, стоматологическую страховку, но даже она покрывает в лучшем случае только около 50 % стоимости услуг. 
    За нахождение в государственной клинике необходимо доплачивать, это примерно 12 – 20 евро в день. Причём вы можете находится только 28 дней в году в государственной клинике, начиная с 29 дня страховая касса нахождение в клинике не оплачивает. 
    Одиночную палату по государственной страховке не предоставляют, в лучшем случае это будет 2-х, в худшем 4-х местная палата. Если хотите одиночную палату и консультацию университетского врача-профессора, то для этого нужно заключить дополнительную, частную страховку. 
    Операции, лечение, и терапии в государственных клиниках – если они не являются косметическими –  страховая касса оплачивает полностью.

  9. Не очень, выпуски шаблонные, по ТВ мельком интересно будет, кто ТВ смотрит, или для мышления зрителей, где основное вещание передачи…

  10. Очень похоже на жизнь в Германии, и налоги и учеба и цены на жилье. В моей земле так точно.

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  14. Очень интересно, спасибо. Австрийцы такие милые люди! И какие-то все белые. Почти как у нас в Эстонии, где практически нет восточных мигрантов(или самый минимум). Но "убил" налог на католиков. Во, как решают свои проблемы церковники!

  15. Хорошо парень снимает квартиру за бесценок, в России бы хозяева квартиры его вещи выкинули в подъезд и замки поменяли бы

  16. Я живу в Вене и летом в хорошую погоду практически каждый день иду на этот пляж. Как мы там не встретились? 😀 Надо было еще добавить, что от этих виноградников до центра города можно добраться за минут 20.

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  19. Закон не менялся с 1604👍, у нас же Конституцию меняют как захотят🤬😠😡

  20. Моя любимая передача " Жизнь других " очень интересно смотреть, аналогов ей не видела. Спасибо.

  21. Ну почему люди находят приспособить куда мусор и как с ним бороться!Почему в России не приходят к этому?!вот по истине,культуру народа можно определить по таким деталям!Общественные туалеты,дороги,по утелизации мусора еще бы добавила!

  22. Мороженщик совсем бессовестный, не родная квартира, а дорогая, в центре за бесценок. Жаль арендодателя, ни продать, ни выселить нельзя, попал

  23. хаххаха средняя зарплата 3000€
    Cкажу вам по секрету по всей Австрии средняя зарплата всего 1500€, а в Вене 1200€.

  24. А мне интересно, как редакторы находят таких замечательных, открытых, интересных людей?

  25. Закон пиздец как работает 🤣 вот так сдаёшь хату всю жизнь и даже выгнать не сможешь
    И сдавать в три раза дороже не можешь
    Вот так вот
    Молодец парень

  26. А мне Вена запомнилась как скучнейший город с высокими ценами, отсутствием особой атмосферы, очень рафинированный что ли. В оперу, кстати, попали в тот же вечер, но, да, был полный зал. Опера не понравилась вообще, скудные декорации, всего несколько исполнителей на сцене, связанные вялым сюжетом. Нужно, видимо, ещё раз приехать, чтобы перепроверить свои впечатления.

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  29. Прекрасная передача, прекрасная страна, эх, жаль, что не наша! Про мусор просто гениально! Спасибо вам за работу! Всем хорошего настроения!


  31. Всегда плачу в конце выпуска, вот умеете вы за душу взять !) Захотелось поехать в вену

  32. Как этим людям повезло, что родились там! Нас жаль, здесь вымираем… Выпуск супер! Спасибо

  33. Потрясающий выпуск про Вену! Очень интересно и познавательно!!

  34. Надо в России ввести налог для верующих, пусть содержат свои зиккураты сами.

  35. Последние слова про классическую музыку тронули до слез. Ведь я сама музыкант.

  36. Быть в Вене и не сказать ни слова о Хундертвассере, это неполноценный рассказ о городе!

  37. Браво!!!
    С большим интересом смотрю выпуски!
    Благодарность за субтитры на английском)

  38. This program is a lie. You presented Vienna as Utopia City. Lie after lie fabricated like touristic attraction. Why didn’t she asked poor people for comment,why didn’t she showed homeless and addicts ,why didn’t she showed getto parts of city. Power of multimedia. Don’t trust everything you see and hear from others,especially from people like this lady here

  39. Шикарный выпуск.В восторге от Вены!!!Жанна,спасибо большое и всего хорошего!!Danke schön und Alles Gute!!

  40. Где Австрия и где мой Кыргызстан. Небо и земля. Живут же люди как люди. И условия для людей.

  41. Бадоева, какое же ты УГ на самом деле, чего только стоит этот гнусавый голос, да и интересного особо ничего не увидишь, ну нет ни юмора, ни души, ни фантазии.

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