بنډار له نجیبې سره – فصل دوم – قسمت ۷۵ / Bandar With Najiba – Season 2 – Episode 75

Hello Afghanistan Bandar with Najiba Hope you are fine and healthy we are hosting you in another amusing Bandar tiday Omid Bahar is the sponsor for this program Omid Bahar produces cream, milk and juice They collect the fruits from the farmers and get the nectar And as well as the milk And when you use the products of Omid Bahar, the benefits directly goes to the economy of Afghanistan And this company works for the Afghans So if we love out country, then we have to use the products of Omid Bahar Hello Yalda Hello Najiba Welcome Hello dear viewers, I hope you are fine and healhty Tonight I want to prepare a fruity Sherbrenj First let’s have a look at the rate card, then we will talk on the recipe Fruity Sherbrenj Rice Milk Cream apple Banana Pineapple Sugar Cardamom it costs us 315 Afs Yalda sometimes use new experience And what king of milk do you use for it It is Qowat mikl To use this milk, you will be able to prepare delicious Sherbrenj We had three cups of rice And I boiled it in milk add the milk gradually After that add the apple then the sugar then we add the cardamom We mix it well We add the banana at last And after mixing it with the banana we dish out it The pineapple is for the design You can have it with green or black tea Can we have it with coffee No I want to read some emails I can’t read the title Hello dear sister I am Laila Wardak I am sending email from Wardak I love you so much I do also love you for sending email from Wardak I am proud to see you speaking Pashto You are a celebrity If you try to improve Pashto language you will be able As you know, Pashto is only called official language And more than that I am not a fanatic guys Najiba But it is always done so with Pashto And when we want to raise out sound They take it as a tribal and discrimination And I suggest you to try your best for improving your mother language thanks For the email I love those who send us email I consider it more than other routes As Facebook is simple Thank you Laila But sun won’t be covered by hand We would never think about it And all the languages of Afghanistan are important And we have to show respect to all And when we go to some foreign country and they ask about our languages We will tell them we have Uzbik, Pashai, Persian, Pashto Hazaragi and Balochi And when they tell us how many of them you understand And we reply them one or two Therefore we have to learn all of them And we have respect all the languages And within the two years, I have learned this muc Dari to solve my problems with it Thank you so much Liala Send email Again and again And reply to my words in another email Now we take short break Welcome back to Bandar with najiba I want to turn to an important sunject But first of all I would like to welcome Dr. Yasmin Thanks I offer my greetings to the viewers, Thanks for coming to the program The women face to so many diseases And awareness is also given and prevention is advised for marrying close relatives aunt and uncle daughters or else And it happens to have abnormal birhts And we will talk about it, if it is true or not And if you also have some questions, Then share it on our Facebook page I think we have a video clip about it Marriage is the most important incident in a person’s life And that will occur with some relative or irrelative We have heard about problems sourced from interrelation marriage But that never mean ceasing the interrelation marriage at all But we have to take care of interrelation marriage And if you plan marriage Then you have to take care of the probable challenges Most of the families consider about the kids health While it does not limit to the disable or abnormal kids, but is harmful for the couples as well Sometimes it causes genetic based diseases Some patients asks us about your address And this will be the first patient who asks from me She is sending you message, Saying that I don’t get pregnant for several years And relatives humiliates us For having no babies I don’t want to name the patient But she cried so much And she sent you this message So what shall i do to help her You have to advise the people I think there won’t be worst person than the one who humiliate others, and give others sadness And you have understand that getting pregnant and finding babies is the decision and acts of Allah So when a person humiliates others, they will be asked for it So you know that the most deprived people in our society is the women And do you think it would be a good word to tell them you don’t have kids therefore I hate you Although you understand that all the women likes to have kids after the marriage On one hand she will have some disease, and on the other handyou humiliate her That will be a bad action And anyone who reacts to them like that you will face a bad distiney Please be kind to people We have divided it to four parts First is the relation between parents We call it first relative second is the relation between brother and sister Third is the uncle and aunts forth relation is cousin or niece most of our people marry with the relatives We call it gene it is a protein It exists in DNA It has a chain in chromosome Every human being has a pair of 30 chromosomes Researches are ongoing And marrying the relatives, may cause problems It raises the risk up to 50 percent In adults, when we talk about DM, CHD, HTN Asthma Or psychological diseases Are transferred from one person to other When they marry each other In adulthood those problems will rise, but in kids When relatives marry they may get trisomy 21 chromosome The kids tongue is protruded skin problems do also exist And they can’t talk well Fragile X syndrome Is most common with the female gender Female are born with double x chromosome but they are not like that When the girl reach puberty age They find psychological prblem And they are not normal like the other girls And they feel unwell Calfin syndrome is also like that Males are affected more The boys have double x chromosome And they have the girls character And they have cystic fibrosis And they can’t breath well And they produce mucus from the lungs And we have cerebral palsy The kids are disabled And 40 percent is females And they can’t talk well And they can’t hear and are deaf like people And how about the congenital paralysis They call is ataxic cerebral palsy That is also congenital And some kids are born with hydrocephalus That can also be non genetic But ataxic cerebral palsy is that when the baby is born they are flacid and can’t move and we call that autosomal ressesive and that can be caused by marrying cousins Or marrying the forth relative You can also share your questions with us And Sediq Ahmadi is asking a question But after the break But let me ask Yalda About the dis it is almost cooked I add the fruit, sugar and cream And after that we design it And how much more time will that need ten more minutes, Then you add the fruits yes when the rice is cooked, and the sugar is mixed The apple is already cooked And did you add sugar to apple No I add the apple and banana and mix them How much milk did you add A pack of milk for three cups of rice Thank you so much We take a break Please follow us after the break You will get sad to understand about the country I had a doctor guest some times before, and I asked him That some people move to India or Pakistan for treatment But he said you are not right But I told him those don’t go, who don’t afford But those who afford , they go In last few days my brother in law told me about his disease And when I told her to go to her, s she was found with a death emberyo inside but the other doctor has told her that the baby is intact Why the doctors are like that Most of the doctors are against me But we have a proof The doctors are mostly specialists Of gynacology But I suggest the doctors to do ultrasound when a woman has bleeding Then do CTG But the patient you sent I got so sad for her and her mother as well But I told her that the baby is death three weeks before And the baby did also have disability they were cousins to each other but they had the problem, because they have to perform perfect ultrasound as a sister not a doctor my suggestion to the women is That they have to test for disbilities in the first trimester As down syndrome is a lot in Afghanistan And that is diagnosed by the nuckle thickness But they doctors do also don’t think about how many patient I can handle a day And they don’t give enough time for them And they just prescribe the patients But international standard says, The doctor has to check up 25 patients Not more than that But here, they check 70 patients in a day In australia there was an Indian doctor, She has checked 60 patients a day The government cancelled her license but the problem in Afghanistan is that all the doctors tell the best for himself but in Pakistan or else where, they take advise from their seniors I do also call senior when I find problem but in Afghanistan when you call others, they fight with you Sediq Ahmadi writes He says, I have married with relatives my baby was born with heart defect And died my brothers kids do also die And he says, what shall we do As I already told you , They have to perform prenatal test CHD is also common with them they may have VSD or ASD or tricuspid abnormality is also more in children But the best way for this brother is to Eminesense test And that is performed in the first trimester of pregnancy And they can check if the baby has disability or not And they have to tell the doctor to check the heart separately

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