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pregnancy is the beginning of an incredible journey but the one thing that can cause a few hiccups is gestational diabetes in fact there are three million pregnant women with gestational diabetes in India but in spite of the increasing number of cases awareness of the dangers and effective management of gestational diabetes is alarmingly low we spoke with experts to understand what exactly gestational diabetes is and what dangers it presents to the mother and baby a patient is said to have gestational diabetes when she shows up with deranged blood sugars after 20 weeks of pregnancy this patient is then subjected to oral glucose-tolerance test which will tell us exactly whether she has gestational diabetes or not so mothers who embark on a pregnancy with diabetes having diabetes beforehand and mothers who develop gestational diabetes in pregnancy are both at risk for a lot of complications some of the complications of gestational diabetes for the mother are high blood pressure preeclampsia and type 2 diabetes and for the baby it could mean excessive birth weight birth injuries blood sugar imbalances obesity and type 2 diabetes there is really no reason to panic or worry these pregnancies can go on as absolutely normal pregnancies these mothers can have absolutely healthy and safe and have two deliveries also the women most at risk are those who have a family or personal history of diabetes have a baby after a certain age which could be 25 years or was significantly overweight at the time of getting pregnant gestational diabetes was one of the hundreds of medical terms that Shefali had heard during her pregnancy that didn't mean anything she never knew how much it would cost her in all my three pregnancies I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and in my first pregnancy I didn't have to do much I just followed the restricted diet and I was on medication for one month and everything went away smoothly and it was a normal delivery in my second pregnancy also I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes I was not serious about it because I had already given birth to a boy in my first pregnancy and this time also I thought I will get away with it and I was not following any diets or anything special I was doing nothing to check my sugar levels by the eighth month I was told to be admitted in the hospital because of high sugar levels and it was a threat to my baby unfortunately it was too late and I lost my baby in my womb and it was all because of uncontrolled gestational diabetes which I didn't understand and I didn't do anything to save my baby I learnt it but I learnt it the hard way what could Shefali have done to control gestational diabetes and have a happy pregnancy management of ladies with gestational diabetes requires a team effort you require the obstetrician or the gynecologist to first diagnose the use these women but they come with a common proposed challenge test then a referral to a dermatologist or an endocrinologist who can assess the patient for any target organ involvement any complications when you require a diabetes educator who can tell about diabetes you require a diabetic nutritionist or dietitian who's trained in treating these the station diabetes the diet plays a special role because you restrict the number of carbohydrates you ask the lady who take number of small meals so the calories are distributed evenly then comes the role of self monitoring of blood glucose which is called SMB using the lab may not be always possible and the patient takes frequent meats so if we have to get six values or blood glucose in a day it's not possible for the patient to go to the lab and get a venous sample so the role of a capillary blood glucose becomes important that is why the use of the proper glucose meters which will record the values accurately becomes very important and these values which the patient records and gets back to the doctor determines the kind of therapy is the patient on the scene so the key elements of effective management of gestational diabetes are diet management medication and monitoring of blood sugar I conceived soon after my loss and this time also I had gestational diabetes I was consulting a specialist and I was told how to take my sugar levels and how to take insulin and I was controlling my blood sugar levels I would monitor ative every day that was before and after me which was eight times in a day and I was following a healthy diet by a dietitian all this resulted in a smooth pregnancy and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl

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