【Rosencrantz】Project MA English Dub『"Ma"計画』

this is the story of the beginning I hate to tell you everything that I know I named the Zips best stuff ever switch this country has to show hurt to call myself over about him it's respect to be the land holding me close he said if you are to mother between gods just follow the manual it's brought besides darkus in the sand run this knowledge burdens magic Madhuri the mortal fear but there's hope for me our bus with what was just to me fate destiny the God the twins are born to lead the project gets the go search for some of it the only joining crema Queen has gave a former services that chicks head and hug be never you don't have to wear and I can become fathers day leaders star silver this is the story of the beginning am I to tell you that I know my name the sentence this country has to show I hate to be the suspect news but I can lie the project has been a success unbelieving odd as to who the children were born dead but I also warned my dreams I must confess time to reassess the project presents a chance sent down from heaven high above and people act as proxies are ordered I can forbid slant the mothers forced to be in the pub before cept while Wright and his senators but now we'll make sure they'll be purged by my hand the project gets to go sonot the favored candidate her Beauty captivates me and I fall for her head over heels I only use the drugs to make sure that just the eight under control but still was her drinking from then on our fate was sealed tears to forgive me please if you can find such mercy in your heart my hairs get old your mind and likely caused us no birth to with the project's failure I thought my feelings would just fade away and then I realized that I really loved in our special under stars so brother I'm really really you the moon and start shaking and if you pop above you there's a black sky [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause]

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