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roll three two one hey everybody it's the Curtis and Curtis show back on this Wednesday as we are getting closer to Minnesota all the time which we race to Minnesota you know the drill if you're new at the counters to school welcome all and remember you can still participate in the race to Minnesota even if you're not going to be there alive and when surprises and have some fun get in some of the live presentations from Minnesota in July but without any further ado I'm gonna turn it over to cake Curtis huh my first names Curtis our last names Curtis and so on we call it the Curtis and Curtis show you've done a great job learned a lot through this series K and looking forward to today's edition okay so today we're on week ten this is we've got three more weeks to go today and then two more weeks and we're done and then we will be heading to Minnesota let's go to the next one we give away weekly prizes you guys probably all know the drill so we won't spend a lot of time on that if you're today's weekly winner you can pick from the e-commerce products which is a mug or a journal next screen or we can do the manifesting mugs that I created during this race in this competition and if you decide to choose one of these if you could please do it by the name of the design or the shape that would help me a lot so we have a cloud a heart in this section circle next one we have a drop a double heart and a shooting star next one then we have a pyramid and then we've got the gratitude journal so today's weekly winner is drumroll next slide Sharyn Safford is our weekly winner for this week congratulations Sharon let's everybody give her kudos in the comments page and Sharon you know the drill send a support what you want for your prize and we will take care of getting it to you whether it's the EBS or whether it's one of my products next slide actually go on to the next one because that was just the support slide and Sharon knows how to do that so we have our consistency winners and this is also our last consistency week so we're kind of dwindling in numbers in terms of consistency but that's okay people are still done really good on that and consistency winners get a $25 gift card and brownies so the next slide our consistency winners this week are Debbie Cain Sharon Safford Candida Lillard and real overton congratulations guys you're doing great I love the consistency I love reading through the daily posts that you put in in the tracker that's awesome and I hope you're seeing the benefit of that in your business results and then of course the next slide we have our grand prize which will be given away at the event in Minnesota which is a hundred dollar Amazon gift card now we're up to our goofy question of the week next slide okay this one is what's the furthest place that you've visited now we'll go to the next slide while you're thinking about it and write in your comments and you'll see mine going north I've been as far north as Alaska my husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise that was a lot of fun that's me holding a dog sled puppy and we got to ride in a little dog sled than that the furthest south I've ever been is or sorna or poor Demont chili and that was back before we had digital cameras and all of my pictures are in North Carolina so I couldn't pull one so I had to just show you a map that was when my sister was on a mission for our church down in or thorn or Chile and we went with my parents to go pick her up that was back in the 80s the furthest east I've been is Switzerland and that was at the end of any River cruise through Europe that my husband and I did in December a few years ago and the furthest west I've been is Hawaii and that again was before digital cameras and so I had to just put a picture of one of the things that we saw there which was the Polynesian Cultural Center which was a lot of fun so put in the comments where you've been you can do it by north south east and west like I did or you can just put the furthest that you've been Kurt where's the furthest yeah you're a big traveler so where's the furthest you've been yeah I've never thought in terms of north and south okay so I guess I just go east and west East would be I suppose and Bob Way Africa and West would be okay I'd have to look at my world map here I'm not sure which is further the Philippines or Hong Kong one of the other so do we have any other word do we have comments from people where they know that Don he's been to Ireland and Jackie's also good to Chile the southernmost city into Chile that's pretty far that's it so far Kay okay awesome all right well let's get into our mindset training for today we're winding things down but again remember that all of these kind of have a synergy together they work together and it helps when you understand the little pieces you see how they interrelate and help you get the whole concept of how to keep your mindset a positive space so next slide and flip to the next one we're going to talk today about the law of gestation in our journey of joy to success and abundance okay next slide this law states that every seed or idea has an incubation period okay so let's go to the next slide let's think about this in terms of things that we can relate to for humans the gestation period for a baby is about 40 weeks for an elephant it's about 52 weeks so there's not just like a gestation period that's a standard for everything it varies with a lot of my of things next slide ideas are seeds too we've talked about this before how we plant seeds and when there are held in our mind and nourished with positive thoughts and emotions they grow mature and they eventually bear fruit next slide now what is the gestation period for ideas we really don't know but we do know that the greater the intensity of our seeking the sooner they manifest so like sunlight and a magnifying glass when we focus our thoughts and our emotions we can speed up the process next slide and again from one of my favorite books that helps get your mind set right from the secrets of as a man thinketh every thought seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind and to take root there produces its own blossoming sooner or later into act and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstances good thoughts bear good fruit bad thoughts bad fruit okay next slide so what we have to do is you have to prepare yourself to receive okay so this think of the Sun goes in a 24-hour cycle and if you're in a dark box and you want sunlight you have to open the box it doesn't really matter what time of the day you open it it could be noon or midnight eventually you will have sunlight because it goes in cycles remember we talked about rhythm but you have to open the box if you stay in the closed box it doesn't matter that the Sun rotates up and down every 24 hours you will never see sunlight next slide so our idea gestation period is set and finite if we do our part we will manifest our ideas and dreams quicker because we are opening our box and we're preparing ourselves for the next sunrise next slide so what I want you to do is think big and dream big I want you to create a new idea for your life that is so big it scares the bejeebies out of you and the reason I want you to do that next slide is because of this quote make no small plans for they have not the magic to stir the soul if you don't dream big and think big it there's no magic there's no magic to say well I just want to make $50 extra a month whoop okay $50 maybe a lot to you right now but in the grand scheme of things $50 isn't gonna go very far so you want to think big instead of $50 you maybe want $50,000 or $5,000 maybe you can't go quite 50 you know maybe even can't go five but you can go 500 okay you want something that stretches you and scares you a little bit because that's really what fires the passion or the magic in our soul to go after okay before you go on I've got to jump in here go to the bet last slide that sand-cast so we lived in Hawaii for a year and a half and actually have sandcastle-building contest on the beach and oh my gosh talk about thinking big and dreaming big I mean what you see here is my version of a sandcastle you know a few banks are these things were like you know 10 by 10 4 feet high intricate and so I just showed this is a perfect example I never even thought it was possible to build something so wonderful out of sand down the beach until it's just a perfect example wanted to share that story that's true that's a lot of times we restrict ourselves by what we think we can do okay so next slide we'll go past the quote to the next one so go ahead and think big and dream big the beauty is that it doesn't necessarily take twice as long to assembly accomplish something twice as much just think if a woman is pregnant with twins she doesn't have to wait 18 months in fact she probably will deliver sooner than a mother carrying just one child in most cases twins deliver faster than a single child not enough room in there guess anyway next slide so don't limit your results by deciding how long something should take now we talk and manifest in which we're not getting into in this it's good to write down a date that just kind of lets the universe know you're serious about what you're doing but don't have that it may or may not happen by that date the data is important only to show that you are working towards something that gives you a goal to work towards and it shows the universe that you're serious because you've kind of defined it a little bit further but don't limit your results and by saying how long it should take okay next slide now have you ever had a previous dream shattered I'm sure we all have you can't get through life with having without having some of your dreams shattered but some of us may struggle to believe that our dreams of any kind can come true because of these shattered dreams or goals that we've had in the past we don't want you to quit trying what you do is you plant a new seed so if something's not working if a dream gets shattered stop evaluate and then create a new idea next slide if I could get you to turn back the clock and recapture the belief of a child think about that think about children it doesn't occur to them that they will fail they haven't had enough experience or been told that they can't do it to have any reason to doubt we need to capture that in ourselves when my husband and I were first married this is a perfect example of not realizing that you can't do it or you know or not or you know doubting yourself we've been married about six months and we had the opportunity to buy some land and build a house with a program that's called the owner program so this we bought the house this company we had the foundation dug this company came and set the house up on the foundation with all the supplies to finish the inside of the house we have three months to finish the inside of the house before our loan was up and we had to secure a regular mortgage now looking back with the skill level that we had at that time there is no way we should have been able to finish that house in three months we had no idea what we were doing my husband's a very handy man but at that time in our marriage he didn't have the skills that he's got now and there is absolutely no way we should have been able to finish that house in three months but we did because we didn't know we shouldn't have been able to do it and because we believed we could do it we got it done so it's important that we work really hard if you struggle with doubt work really hard to reset your mind set back watch children you watch a child that is trying to walk they don't quit trying because they fall down once they probably fall down a hundred times or more before they finally get up and walk learn the lessons of a child by watching them and being around them and then next slide are you doing you're part applying these mindset tools I've broken them down and taught you all these pieces so that you can evaluate when you're struggling with your mindset okay next slide we're gonna go through a mind list a mindset checklist hey these are things that if things aren't going to what do you want them I want you to go back and evaluate and look at these things that we've been learning over the last few weeks okay next slide so the first most important thing is to have your ideas dreams or manifestations written down and well be find and put a date and I'm just gonna throw this in I didn't put it in here and it's something I teach in manifesting and writing a manifestation list always put at the end or something better don't confine your manifesting to $500 a month if that's as big as you can dream right now that's fine put it in if it scares you that's fine but when you write down $500 a month you add or something better that way you're opening the box you're leaving yourself open to a lot more than just $500 a month okay so that's just a little extra little bonus tip you always gravitate towards your dominant thoughts so look at your dominant thoughts what are they are they positive are they negative if they're negative then you need you guys some basic foundational stuff to flip that around and we've talked about a lot of things early on that you can do to help you reset that negativity keep your thoughts positive by comparing your situation to something worse so if things aren't going as good for you as you want look around you and there's no way in this world you can't find a worse situation than what you're in and once you find that then you can be grateful which goes to our next one you exercise your attitude of gratitude you count your blessings you're grateful for where you are and what things are happening and then you can change your vibration by changing your thoughts which can change your emotions or feelings which control your vibration so it's like this circle you've got to get if things aren't going the way you want remember we talked in the law probation you're getting exactly what you're putting out vibrationally if you want something better you got to raise your vibration okay and you raise your vibration by fixing your thoughts and your emotions so that it's just this circle that you've got to get a handle on next slide there are opposites and everything remember that so look for the good in every situation it's there for you to find you have to look for it once you start focusing on the positive looking for what you're supposed to learn you're going to see the positives in something that you feel is negative and you're able to then flip that around there's always rhythm in nature better times are coming by law okay so you just have to be patient good times whoops good times don't mean bad times they're coming remember that rather your good times will one day not satisfy you anymore you're gonna Plateau you're gonna feel this need to climb remember we talked about that so you're gonna need to seek better times and this leads to continued growth and then finally our actions as well as thoughts affect your circumstances so send out kindness remember our kindness revolution into the universe kindness always comes back may not be from the person you gave it to we talked about all of that so in conclusion next slide if you are doing these things then be at peace you're in the gestation period have some patience you don't want a half-baked manifestation in the meantime work on you prepare yourself to receive the manifestation prepare yourself so you are ready when it comes put the buckets out before the rain open the box for the Sun to shine in that's what you need to do nature is friendly to your manifestations the formless substance of your idea wants form let it have form the things that keep it from coming are your doubts and you're impatient with the seed give it time to grow leave it there long enough so it has a chance to draw to itself the elements it needs to manifest the way it should be for you back to you Kurt that's it for today awesome okay thank you so much you know again part of what can help that process guys is instead of the five hundred dollar example all instead of the negativity it'll never happen I can't do that I'm just changing into a question how can I make that additional five hundred dollars a month that starts to open the box bring the sunshine and your brain will be even subconsciously through the cycles and the rhythms looking for those answers and they will appear so anyway thank you so much Kate we are on our race to Minnesota with a bunch of winners and a bunch of great trainers like Kay that want the best for you and we know it's not the one with the best skills even the most money that's going to be the most successful it's the one that believes it has goals and all this mindset stuff is so important to the entrepreneur so the if you haven't heard about Minnesota yet it is July 1920s and 21 is three one-day workshops back to back the series we call the trifecta workshop series if you don't know about it the link is in there sign up if you want to have a consultation about it is this the bestest decision for me right now just go ahead and put in box hey I want to talk to our Kurt or Sharon would be glad to do that with you and we're going to have some fun not only with the race to Minnesota up until then continuing to give away some prizes we're also going to be giving away a prize this fourth of July weekend that's coming up or during those days we're gonna give you a complimentary ticket to the ultimate business lifestyle retreat in August there'll be two lucky winners one giving away them the other and you have to had commit to calm to trifecta in order to be eligible for that drawing and then we're also going to give not only a you BL giveaway we're also the bigger news here is for those that are in Minnesota at the trifecta we are gonna draw a name out of a hat and give away an e-commerce master's program and membership and everybody that I've ever said that to goes why Wow some of you should come just for that so anyway here are the dates those are the tickets we've talked about this and it's getting close do you want to take some occurred I can't because of this or what kind of that and that's true wedding this things to know like but what you should be asking your head brain is all how could I make that happen and you might be surprised what happens when you change your mindset according to the trainings and excitations case given us here over the last few weeks okay thank you so much I hope I see everybody in Minnesota in July going and making the most of it for themselves and we'll be back here again next week with another edition of more prizes okay less loss thank you for doing this for us last night I can give you is if you really are struggling with figuring out how to get to some of your goals try reverse engineering start at the end and work back look at what you've done how long it took you to get there and then you can project what looking looking at what you need to do to get where you want to go so sometimes you have to work for a while in order to be able to truly reverse engineer because you have to have data to work with so if you're first starting out or whatever don't worry about it just set some goals and just go out and bust it and do everything you can then in a few months you can look back over what you've done and then you're in a better position to see okay so this is how many days eyesores this is the kind of money I'm bringing in this is you know this is where I want to go what do I have to make and then it's a lot easier to reverse engineer it alright bye everybody have a great week

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