15 Replies to “🇦🇷 Argentina abortion laws: Legal abortions obstructed | Al Jazeera English”

  1. Jaja chupen pija ridículos.aborto = ippf Soros Kissinger. Háganse cojer.a esa mierda argentina dijo NO! Malvinas argentinas!!

  2. Keep abortion legal. If our capitalist world cannot provide and will not provide for the well-being of its people, then there should be no more people for it to ignore.

  3. Argentina is a Rascist nation. Full of Anti-Semites and Nazis. I should move there. F*ck you Emiliano.

  4. 3:14 handmaiden's tales. The movie that makes 50 shades of grey looked like a child's play. In case you're a boomer or Gen Y that don't watch movie, it's basically a movie where women lives in a world where there is mandatory child quota, and if they don't have X amount of baby at certain time, they get sent to a place where they get……uh…… "meet" lots of men selected by the state based on their genetic traits to make little babies with them.

  5. Why should these 'conservative' white men control what a women does to her body. Especially a victim who is raped.

  6. Just another way to keep women under control, it doesn't matter how far we've come we still have men dictating laws that affect only women, yet women find themselves in these positions because of men, why do men get a slap on the wrist basically after raping a women but women can end up paying for being raped for decades and made into a criminal because of the results of being raped.

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