– Good morning, Dyches fam. Unfortunately, today we had to leave the farm and go back to the city. You know, be responsible parents. Right? – It stinks. The city. I see pollution. – [Christina] Pollution? – I see pollution. – [Christina] Aww, man. What do you say? – Hello, Dyches fam. – [Christina] William,
what movie you got there? Do you wanna watch that? – What is it called, mom? – [Christina] What is it called, William? What do you think? – [Nikoi] Happy Feet. – Happy Feet. – [Christina] What, Nikoi! Cheater. Hey, Tay. – It’s Happy Feet 2. – [Nikoi] Mom, look! – We’re eating our breakfast in the car. Because I have a doctor’s
appointment today. I am in my third trimester, and so I have to go every
two weeks to see the doctor, which is a lot. Because it’s like almost a
half hour drive from our house. – [Josh] How many weeks are you now? – I’m 32 weeks. Sorry guys, I need to do an update. Today I’m gonna find out if
I have gestational diabetes, so I’ll have to talk about that. We’ll have to do an update this week. But anyways, today’s
gonna be a really fun day. We’re gonna go to the doctor, hear the baby’s heartbeat, Measure, find out how fat I’m getting. And then today we are
actually having a vlogger’s barbecue, picnic-type
thing, so that will be fun. So make sure you guys stick
around for the whole day. – [Josh] Today we’re finding out if Nikoi has candy growing in her belly. Well. – I’m at the doctor. We made it. – We’re here. Our camera’s breaking, guys. I’m afraid that we’re not
gonna be able to vlog anymore ’cause the camera’s breaking. Well, we just heard the baby’s heartbeat. Nikoi, what does it sound like? – Like a jaguar. – It was like rawr,
rawr, rawr, rawr, rawr. – [Josh] It sounded like a jaguar. – Yeah, it sounded like, like a panther. Like, rawr, rawr. Or a cougar. Like, rawr, rawr, rawr. – [Josh] That’s what it sounded like. We couldn’t show you
guys the heartbeat sound, ’cause Christina just
pulled her dress up, and– – Sorry, I wore a dress today, and I… (laughs) I had to pull it all up, and I didn’t want you
guys to have to see that. – Like, I’m hurrying
busting out the camera, and she could’ve got a
drape thing to put over her, but they just hurried out. Sorry, guys. But the baby’s heartbeat sounded great. – Like a jaguar! (jungle cat noises) – [Josh] Is that what it
sounded like, William? Can you make the baby’s heartbeat? (William imitating heartbeat) That’s what it sounded like? Okay, so now you guys
know what it sounded like. – Well, I haven’t been poked yet today. Last time I was here,
I got poked four times, so what’s one today? (laughter) – You want me to count, or just go in? – No, it’s okay. – [Josh] Do you wanna
hold my hand, Christina? – Okay, that was like nothing compared to having your blood drawn four times. I didn’t even feel it. I mean, it hurt so bad! (laughter) – [Josh] Did you see mommy get a shot? – Mm-hmm. – [Josh] You wanna get a shot? – [Christina] She can give one to you! – [Josh] She you can give
you a shot if you want one. – Don’t want to. – [Josh] You don’t want to. Okay, you don’t have to get a shot. But Nikoi does. – Mm-mmm! – [Josh] I got a shot right here. What kind of shot was that? – So now they recommend
that you get the Tdap, which is the tetanus and
diphtheria and pertussis. Pertussis is kind of
high, it’s whooping cough and so your baby has a
high risk of getting it. So if you get it while you’re pregnant, then the antibodies
actually pass to the baby, and it prevents the baby
from getting whooping cough, or pertussis, before they’re
able to get their shots. So it’s kind of a safety thing. To make sure I don’t get
it and give it to the baby, and to help the baby not get it. – In theory. – [Christina] In theory. – This lens. Sorry, guys. Hi. (laughs awkwardly) (Josh yells) – Hey! You’re not supposed to do that! – I was recording, and these
other people walk by… – What a creeper. – I’m like holding the
camera, they look at me like, what are you doing? I was hiding behind that
tree to scare my kids. – Hi, I am here to buy this. – Well, I’m going to
come later on and buy… – It’s funny, because telephone booths literally went extinct overnight. When cell phones came out, it was like, boom, you didn’t see telephone booths anymore. This one is a cell phone courtesy booth. So if you need to talk on your cell phone, you go in here so you
don’t bug everybody else. Excuse me. You can go in the cell
phone courtesy booth to use your cell phone. – Thank you. – These kids and their
cell phone habits nowadays. Well guys, we didn’t get very good news at the doctor today. Christina can tell you more
about it in her weekly update. – Oh yeah. So we found out that my second
gestational diabetes test came back positive, that I have diabetes, I could pass it. My body’s not making enough insulin to take care of all the sugar I’m eating. ‘Cause you’ve been eating too much sugar. (laughs) No. And of course, after
that, for some reason, Josh decided we should go eat pizza. I can’t even eat pizza! Whose idea was this? – Not mine. We’re at my favorite pizza place now. – I’ve always wanted to be on
a diet when I was pregnant. I’m so excited. – Sorry babe. That’s no good. Look at this cool corner
booth that we got. We got kegs right above us
that we can just tap into to get refills. And then we got this cool, look at this booth, guys. What do you think, Christina? – It’s amazing. – [Josh] Is it cozy back here? – This is like the VIP corner. – It’s a little dark, but
it’s definitely secluded for our loud family. – His name is Charlie
and he bit my finger! – [Josh] Charlie bit me! – Charlie bit my finger. – Brick Oven has the
best pizza in the world. You should fly in, wherever you’re at. Fly in, Provo, Utah. Brick Oven. Okay guys, we made it. Oh man, my lens isn’t working right. We made it to the official
vlogger picnic at the park. Thanks, Christina, for putting this on. – You know, if it has
anything to do with food, I’m usually there. – So there’s a good turnout here, though. Like we got some people
sitting at this table. Some serious conversations going on. Hi buddy! Look at that smile! You’re not afraid of the camera! You’re not shy. Show me your arm! (all cooing at baby) You guys scootch together
as close as you can. This is the Scootch family. Nah. (chuckling) This is Defining… – Webster. Yup. – [Josh] Webster. – Webster. John and Megan Webster. It’s Defining Webster. – Don’t forget Home Slice. – [Megan] Home Slice Grearson. – Look at that cute little dude. These guys are relatively new to the YouTuber community
here in Utah, right? – Yup. – Just as of a couple months ago? – Yup. – So we want to welcome
them to our YouTuber family here in Utah, but we also want you guys to go check out their channel. Be sure to let them know
that Dyches Fam sent you, and be sure to give all
their videos a thumbs up. Is that okay with you guys? – We appreciate thumbs up.
– That is awesome. – Guys, we’ve had a great time here at the vlogger picnic at the park. We’re playing a little football right now. So we’re gonna do the blind catch. This is called the blind catch. Bryce isn’t even gonna look. That spiral throw! (laughing) He was aiming for you! – [Bryce] I was dead on you! – I wanna show you guys something. This is literally why we do these things. Look at this. Hi buddy. (chatting, babies crying) You getting some of that
in your mouth, too, buddy? Oh yeah! It’s like a little water fountain. That’s perfect. I was just telling these
guys this is why we do this. Like, I just looked over and I saw all these people talking, conversing. Like, see this? These people are talking to each other. This is why we vlog. Because, like, seriously. See, this is why we vlog though, for real. Left-handed. – Nice! (laughter) – It’s flounder. The flounder. This is why we vlog, though, because we treat each other
like brothers and sisters. And that’s what our YouTube
community’s all about. The vlogger community here in Utah is a pretty solid community. Right, wouldn’t you say? No, no, don’t shorten it for me. Put it all the way up. All the way up, brother. Here, nope, let me do it. You ready? No, all the way, no,
you’re bending your knees. Okay here we go. – Yeah! – Nah, we seriously love
this community here. Not everybody’s privileged
or has the ability to be a part of something like this, but we do and we’re very grateful that we live close to
all these amazing people. And we really hope that
you’ll go check out all their channels listed below. So please go do that. Okay. Vlogger kids. Go down the slide! – [Tayden] Dangerous, people! Kids, do not try this at home! – [Josh] On your mark, get set, go! Whoa! You okay, William? – Yeah! – Christy, this side is bumpy! – All these kids have been
hanging out, having a good time. Hey, have you kids been
having a good time? You guys been having a good time? – [Kids] Yeah. – Okay, we’re just saying
goodbye to everybody. Wait, hold on, you guys
gotta be on this side. ‘Cause the light. – It’s funny ’cause everybody just keeps following you around like this. – Come on! So this is our YouTube
family here in Utah, and we’ve had a great time hanging out. Hey you guys, you’re
supposed to pay attention! Gah! They’re like my brothers, you know? No, they actually are. They are my brothers, but
we’ve had a good night, right? – [All] Yeah, yes. – So I am gonna leave a
link to everybody’s channels below in the description. So please go check ’em all out. – Mine will be the top one. – Seriously they’re all awesome people. What’s that? Okay, let’s see a brotherly
fight over that one. Here we go. Here we go! Wrestlemania! – Who won Three Flags Up? – And hey, whoa, you guys… Oh. – He’s busy vloggin’. – I know, like, everybody’s
gotta pull out their cameras. We actually have not
vlogged very much tonight, because we’ve been hanging
out having a good time, so that’s always a good thing, right? – What? I wasn’t listening. – Oh man. She’s not even paying attention. She’s a part of the Tannerites. You should go check those guys out, huh? Okay, Michael Beech! Say peace out to the Dyches Fam. – Peace out, Dyches Fam. You guys rock. See ya. Subscribe to The Beech House. – Go put your feet in the
sand at the Beech’s house. – Yes, yes. – [Josh] Kisses! ♫ He’s been where I am before ♫ He will make all my weaknesses stronger ♫ And with his stripes I’ll
be healed from these bands ♫ Hoping by his side I’ll stand ♫ I will run to the one who
has graven my life in his hands

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