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and welcome to our live show uh today is going to be another health talk where we just sit around and casually chew the cud about some health issues you know my channels kind of all over the place I used to do a lot of health stories and then I just fell into other things and you know whatever I feel like talking about is what happens so lately though I keep getting a lot of health questions and surprisingly one of the ones that come up a lot um it's about infertility now I got to give you a little background about this um the infertility because it's is kind of a strange bird a lot of people be like what is the chiropractor know about infertility at first I'm going to explain there's some natural methods that are really important that chiropractors do to help you with infertility but on top of that um I kind of stumbled into this and then started uh helping I gotta be careful how I say this perfect like you know I I helped a lot of women get pregnant right I got a lot of women pregnant um so you need to talk I mean it's hard to say without it that's fine a good way street I hope a lot of payment assisted babies their spouses to give their pregnant know it's me or the donor it's okay all right look this is yeah all right so um what what happened is I had patients come in and they would tell me about their infertility problems and there is some special moves chiropractors can do that can kind of help that and I had such success with it that they started telling their friends and so on and so on and all of a sudden I had this like um part of my clinic became an infertility clinic it was uh it was just by accident it's not something I tried to do so I started studying it and getting much better at it over the years I've learned some tricks that will help and we're also going to discuss so the first half of the show we're going to discuss infertility what you can do to increase your chances and deal with that and then the second half of the show is we're going to talk about carrying a baby to term actually some tips I can give you for a healthy pregnancy because some women get pregnant but just can't seem to have the baby the miscarry over and over and some women just can't get pregnant so we're going to talk about both reasons why that happens um now to start let me say this there are all kinds of reasons that infertility happens I'm going to be talking about the main ones but you could be that weird case that there's some sort of thing going on with you that I didn't discuss and and that'll happen but I'm gonna mainly focus on the ones I saw everyday so understand that the infertility is kind of a I really have a big heart for these women who used to come with a practice because I would hear these infertility stories and they were just heartbreaking because they would spend insane amounts of money to go to a fertility clinic and try to make this happen and I was just blown away with how much money people would spend to try to to have a baby you know I would always be like just go adopt or you know um something like like they really wanted their own baby so um I had to to be sympathetic to that and over the years I learned some things but Oh before we really dive in let me introduce my co-host here Burma so Burma is going to be jumping more into these second half of the show on on pregnancy and what you can do to and help that out but Burma you want to say hi and hi I was going to say as a woman um you know I I totally am into that whole infertility thing like as far as the fact of being that kind of woman right so I had my son when I was 19 right some people know that I gave him up for adoption because it was very young and so I tried to have another one and I was one of those women that could not go to the doctor and the doctor telling me that I could not have a kid because I didn't you know once you once you experience that and that's what it is it's the experience of having a baby having this little alien life growing in your belly is just the oddest thing but so yeah I can I can sympathize with that because that's a that's a tough area to be and so it's very nice of you to help out that was women gettin pregnant well I uh I have a you know a lot of the amount of tears that were shed in my office over this was a lot and you got to be made of stone not to want to help these people and it used to really irritate me because before they went a natural route these women would go directly to the medical route see I'm like a conservative guy in a sense that if I have a problem I tried to do the least invasive thing first I'll go to the chiropractor first go do some nutrition and if that stuff's not working okay maybe I'll go if I have to take some sort of drug or surgery I will I'm not completely opposed to that stuff there's a time and place for it for sure but most people run right out and get the drugs or the surgery you know as their first answer without even going the other route that's what I have a letter yeah that's true they have a letter I mean like I'm trying to be mean here but I'm the Octomom Yeah right I mean like she took so many fertility drugs that she's popping out a litter of kids you know yep Oh vegan join us vegan ah I sent you an email I feel when go check your email man um anyway so we're gonna talk about these things and we are we're gonna dive in and I'm gonna really then address just some stuff for all you didn't know about honestly or you've never heard and if you're one of these ladies that are trying to get pregnant and you're like man should I go to the infertility doctor why don't you try some least invasive things first try a conservative approach you know uh go deal with the stuff we're talking about first and if that doesn't work there's always the other expensive options okay she's vegan all right you see what he wrote anyway I know I'm not watching so you have to share now is it oh I'm not saying I don't share no my gosh all right here we go um so I'm feeling this coping a train wreck of a show because it's like a serious topic women but it is a serious topic but I'm not going to take away from that this is our personalities and I can't just be like okay we're gonna shut those off um you know the best way to deal with this stuff also is a little little dose of humor you're gonna have better understand I hear you can't promise I know because quarterly talking to me she's like well yeah you're on the computer can I bother you I can mute at if you want no no no I like it I love it um it's just uh I'm just laughing because cats well right yours couldn't start the show somebody need to just my cats gone man he he said the worst cat man he'd be the most loving sweet cat and now the summer's here man he wants nothing to do with me he comes in he gets food and then he yells at the door and scratches it till you let him out and that's it like there's no loving there's no holding as though wrapping himself like a scarf I have to wait till next winter I guess oh god she is like a just huge huge Kenny hey this is my beautiful Mickey if she looks at the camera look look see how big you are just like a huge cat yeah there's pretty all right so let's yeah there's like okay so anyhow I'm sorry cast aside the show they do they do okay here we go so here's what we're gonna get into is infertility and the first thing I'm gonna do is uh we're going to talk about as a chiropractor with the first thing I do now if I couldn't have a baby the very first stop I would make would be the chiropractor and I'm gonna explain why because you're gonna be like what but this will make sense let me pull up a picture and we talked a little about this on the arthritis show but I don't think it can be said enough so here's a picture of your nervous system now what chiropractors do is they the nervous system and um these nerves that come out of your spine all do things so if you have a pinched nerve that comes out of your spine and it does not work right because it's pinched at the bones like the bones out of place and it's pinching these nerves we call it the fancy word for it's a subluxation if you get subluxated it can cause problems with organs because these nerves all go to things so what the problem though when we're talking about infertility as we start looking at the low back and many women that come in with infertility problems from a chiropractic standpoint we usually have l4 l5 s1 problems usually compression of this disc at l5 and if you notice here these are all the things they go to but you notice that one of the things these nerve supply are the reproductive organs okay and the uterus and the ovaries the nerve supply from this area of the spine controls this so if the nerves get pinched they can cause all kinds of problems like you'll have a unusual mint menses probably either maybe a heavy flow or one that lasts like a week you know um lots of is it period some some women though to be that like you know what I'm saying like there's a lot of women out there that have that have menstrual issues so could that be a normal thing for them or could that be you get what I'm saying yeah let me jump into that in a second on eyes area I just had a question so I should go no no no go ahead and you're probably watching it have the same questions but notice all the things that can happen if this area the spine gets compressed menstrual problems uh pre mental problems obviously regular periods you can start you can have early menopause problems and infertility low sex drive any of this sound familiar to you ladies um okay so I'm going to take a break here and we're gonna talk about this so as you were saying you'd have to me down is that in put your time out did I Burma um no okay so let's talk about um ladies uh as far as as these problems so the first thing we're going to do is trace the nervous system because that's the easiest thing to deal with and if a little um I used to tell my patients really three to four days about normal shorter if it's a heavy flow longer if it's a little lighter flow but that's about normal and some women are like you know hey man I've been a week two nine days and that's my normal my whole life just because that's what you do your whole life doesn't necessarily mean it's normal that your hormones could be a little off uh sure there's the exception where that is their normal but that's not usually my experience when I found that I started adjusting them what I found out is they're cramps would get a lot better and their cycles would change um it was very common when I adjusted them that their cycles would start immediately like you know they would be they'd be like doc why am i menstruating on day 12 you know um it's because the nerves were blocked to your uterus for twenty years and once the nerves were not blocked your body's like oh yeah I'm supposed to be working like that's you know so your spine works like a spine works kind of like a I guess a fuse box is a good way to describe it you know you got this fuse box in your house you got all these wires two different appliances and say your refrigerator you know um say if you know the wire or the fuse to that refrigerator the fuse goes out well I can call a you know frigerator repairman and try to fix that fridge and do all these replace parts but it's never going to work until I flip the power back on to it so that's the same way your ovaries in your uterus work if the nerve is compressed it's not really going to work well until you put the power back on until you go in and you remove the the subluxation and the nerve can flow freely oh it not being pinched sock yeah I don't mean to interrupt you but you know because it does a girl pill um okay so since I was young well first mine didn't come till I was like sixteen but I went to a chiropractor when I was seventeen something like that name is telling when my hips were off and I'm like thinking nowadays everybody's a little bit off they're great cuz like if your legs one legs higher than the other you're little off but some mine have been oh oh oh oh my god she just she I'm sorry she like just nailed me in the legs Oh a bit of bleeding sorry um it was both him – oh that was not fun yeah the cat launch is the worst when they launch oh he's got and she's she's got some nails um so so you're saying that like the heavy is not normal I mean you can be if it's a shorter period you know if it's like like 42 – I've seen women have a two-day period and they have a heavy day and they're done and that's it you know it really depends cuz there's you know you're basically having to slough off all that internal I know stuff and if it comes out slowly it's gonna be a long process it comes out fast as a shorter process so it's just kind of an amount thing I am bleeding she actually got me good Oh everybody's just be sitting your hearts alright I'll take over for a minute so there'd be a second dollar back here's where we start we're gonna start with the nervous system now there are many times that I have just removed the nerve interference to the uterus and the ovaries and all of a sudden their eggs start working right and they started um you know their their uterus could actually hold an egg for fertilization you know I sorry could implant into the uterus is what I mean to say you know if you got imagine if you have a nerve that goes to it it is pinched and your uterus or over he's only getting half that signal how what are your chances that you're really going to get pregnant it's going to have a a problem now that is where to start because I think those that's the easiest place and then um after that we are going to roll into the nutrition side and that's why I have ah vegan with us so vegan we're hey hey what's up guys hello to the ladies hey aah hey Burma how are you yeah what so we're going to bring him into the play in a little bit but I'm gonna show you um one of the biggest that there's two big big reasons uh women are infertile and they're rarely addressed it infertility clinics and things like that they their approach is kind of different they're like well let's give you these hormones to release a whole bunch of eggs and we'll we'll just you know roll the dice and see if we can get one to go where um my approach is more of let's get the body to work normal you know why why are you having these problems so what uh what I would suggest first is that you get checked for most of the women have a PCOS problem now that's polycystic ovary syndrome so let me show you a little picture at what that means uh in Malati ladies are probably aware or you have fibroids yourself or you know somebody that has ovary issues now I did a whole story about this that goes into a lot deeper you can look in this picture uh if you find it on my page this is the story but let's talk about this what's supposed to happen is during your cycle your ovaries make cysts and these cysts um what happens with the cysts is that they normally have a few cysts at one time so an ovary will actually produce a bunch of cysts during your cycle but the dominant cyst is the one that comes to the surface pops and makes an egg then after that cycles over they kind of go dormant and sort of reabsorb and chill out to the next round okay so what um what happens after this is that the with polycystic ovary syndrome the cysts that are supposed to reabsorb don't really reabsorb and they just stay at the surface and you get this nabhi cystic Oh all right polycystic ovary um syndrome it creates all kinds of havoc too now it's kind of just really a side effect of I'm we're going to talk about what the real cause of it is but if you have PCOS it is probably in my opinion the number one reason people can't get pregnant now what this means is that um your ovaries don't produce eggs right and those um all those cysts can create scar tissue and can make it very hard for them to pop out the way they're supposed to pop out so what eventually happens though is you start doing what's called a aromatization and let me show you what that is um sorry the screenshare is a little slow on this I'm going to show you two different pictures and I'll for you chemistry nerds I'll show you a little first um okay so here's a romanization romanization is the the breakdown of how we make sex hormones okay you make everything out of cholesterol and depending on what what you got going in you have this pregnant alone and if you have a lot of stress your body steals the pregnenolone and ups it's called a pregnant alone steal cycle uh most women I know who can't carry a baby leave really stressful lives they are addicted to coffee they run around the house and you know there's stress stress stress they don't sleep anyway all these things cause problems so you could even have a pregnant alone problem because of stress and cortisol levels but what eventually happens here with a romanization is this monster here see 17/20 lice lice is an enzyme you need on the in order to make sex hormones so let me show you the next step in this for sick OOP and one more sorry this screen shares a little slow ok so here's the the next half of this I couldn't fit it all on the one screen so you start making things like progesterone um and uh well then you can see if you just follow the cycle eventually all this stuff these sex hormones are pretty much made out of cholesterol come down this pathway and eventually either become a testosterone or progesterone but the problem here and then obviously aldosterone the big problem is that when you have PCOS it reverses this cycle so women start making way more testosterone than they should men start becoming women they start taking on women characteristics they get man boobs and and they they get I'm not trying to be sexist but they get a lot more emotional and you know like estrogen dominant now this is called a romanization and many women who can't get pregnant or Roma tizen they some of the signs you can see are is if you seem to be growing more hair than you used to like you're growing here on your chin and your legs are growing really thick kind of like man hair arm that's a good sign that you might have PCOS uh adult cystic acne you know somebody who's thirty that has acne on their face like a lot of it they probably a PCOS um those are kind of like the easy ones to tell um also there's two different sides of PCOS there's like a skinny PCOS and a heavy PCOS and the heavier people are more common they're usually like a heavier woman they're kind of looking more manly their voices may be a little deeper and it should be they're getting hair on their face they get acne more than they should they're growing hair on their body um those sort of things are big signs of a big red flag PCOS and they usually want to of a baby and they have a problem over it over with this because they just can't seem to get pregnant or if they get pregnant they they'd sure as heck don't hold the baby now let's talk about this what causes PCOS in women well PCOS is actually about 90% of times caused by diet actually hell I'll even say like 99% of time because um I've only ever seen it caused by diet I'm now that doesn't mean it's fully like that but that's in my experience I've only ever seen it caused by diet and it is usually because of insulin resistance now insulin resistance means that you eat too much processed food and that your body cannot handle and process sugar likey it's supposed to so insulin resistance is ultimately what causes your hormones to reverse why men grow boobs and women grow hair and and also why you can't carry a baby so we have to deal with insulin resistance and insolence resistance diet and that's kind of what I brought vegan on for because in my experience um usually a vegan diet as long as you kind of control the carbs a little bit it's probably the best way um yeah what we'll we'll get to that uh I don't know why you're muted um no I was just I just put it out yeah I didn't want to interrupt you long well the PCOS sorry let's let's break this down PCOS is the biggest problem autoimmune is the second biggest problem and we're gonna talk about autoimmune and a lot of women have both they Hitler the infertility jackpot and get them both it just makes a lot of sense like everything that we've been talking about the last couple days this two shows now are like it's like a big circle you know the Audion thing that has taught me so much and helped me to help other people too so that they're gonna find out that as we keep talking about these chronic stuff you're gonna be like hey that's the same thing you said last show clean up my diet hey that's the last thing yeah I know you can bring a vegan all just like you oh my face keep reminding me that I need to go that route I know okay I think vegan on cuz he walks the talk and he does waste and oh it amazing and he has even because it's easy to say stop eating sugar but why the hell can't we stop eating sugar why don't we keep having this destructive lifestyle it was vegan eels like yeah I mean he's a personal trainer and a coach and lifestyle coach and he deals with the mental crap of why can't you stop eating this way that's destroying you and making you infertile so we're vegan let's talk some some turkey go ahead and let's talk about insulin resistance what do you do for it well I think we should start off by clearly defining for the audience what a sis's okay yeah I think that's very important because I've talked to different people about you know I've talked a lot of different women most of my clients are women and constantly out here that they've been diagnosed with having cysts what could you could you give me the clinical scientific definition of what obsessive an ovary cyst is uh it's actually I mean it's a membrane it's a cell that develops with the the egg inside it and it's just like a cell membrane the wall thickens and it pops but it's obviously a little more complicated in that but that's that's where I want to keep it at is um it works just like like a cell popping doesn't it come with pain to one eat like if you if you have Switek ovaries right well the poppy absolutely that's really painful but I'm talking about like if you ovulate you ovulate usually each month right you ovulate on one side you ovulate on the other side from from your ovaries right so there are some women I think that if I have cysts they definitely could feel that ovulation coming out it'll be more painful of an ovulation don't you think yeah because if you have PCOS there's good chance that you have a bunch of scar tissue all over your ovary and it rips that scar tissue out and hurts right so you know you're you you kind of get to a point where your ovaries get so beat up and scarred and sisty that they just stop working and just over so the fluid inside of a cyst is consistent of what the fluid is just like any as far as I understand it's just any other osmotic fluid in your body that it's going to mainly be water and some electrolytes that pop because it's just a it's just a vessel to excrete a an egg right it's really like up almost like a pocket of fluid and air and Bob right you're on a magic toy reef the reason I brought that up is because a lot of boots support that environment it supports these types of environments where the body can lose a form of homeostasis you know the body is constantly fighting to balance itself out but then we consume various foods that knock us out of that balance and the more that the body is out of ease it creates a form of disease and this ease is probably a better way to say it this ease and I think if we can narrow down the simplicity of what the body is trying to do and how we are the primary causes and its failure to do what it's supposed to do I think we're getting to the source of the problem like you just mentioned nutrition in other words the nutrition is the shit you put in your mouth Oh scuse me okay oh he's taking on Danny all right god I'm sorry this is stuff but stuff you put in your mouth the stuff you put in your mouth if you digest is nutrition so if you're eating a Twinkie if you're eating you know what having a weekend of drinking or whatever the case is the question is how much damage are you causing with your consumption and I think a lot of people don't quite see the relevance so when they become ill it's kind of like okay how did I get ill you know it's almost like this mysterious thing just happens to me no it's night like doc said it's all linked to our consumption you know in there's certain foods that if you eat it it will put the body out of homeostasis you know it creates a disease it takes the body out of ease that's the gist of it you know there's so many words that it's yeah I mean that's definitely the gist but specifically though I want to talk more about insulin resistance because that's super common like you know just about every overweight person Americans insulin resistance to a diabetic you're on your way if you don't know what insulin resistance is it's kind of like a fancy way to say pre-diabetes sometimes they call it metabolic syndrome or syndrome X it's all the same joke it's basically that you're eating too much processed food and that your body cannot handle it and convert it correctly into sugar into the cells so overweight people taryn there are a lot of really thin people that get diabetes and have no idea that they have it they're very thin people we talk about that uh but it's called the skinny people us people that screw everything up because they come in and you know the doctors can't figure out what's wrong with you because you don't look like a diabetic but you are because they handle because their bodies handle the sugar look just a little bit different therefore alter they're more common to be hypoglycemic or what's called a functionally hypoglycemic where run they're a swing back and forth even though they're skinny they act like a hypoglycemic and an insulin resistant person depending on what time of day it is they swing wildly back and forth with their blood sugar that's up that's a functional hypoglycemic usually those are the skinny ladies that are addicted to coffee the UH that are just rest al not skinny but I'm addicted to call I'm just hey you know what I mean my stress person yeah they're imbalance you know it's not long as the body's not not in that state of homeostasis no matter what your size is you can be unhealthy the reason why we talk so much about overweight people because that's a clear indicator that something's going on you know when we your body mass gets to a certain level it's it's it's almost like the body is exposing is toxicity you know the thinner people is usually in how well they function you know if they're not functioning optimally you know you there there can be signs of this ease as well you know that's pretty much how it is well the good news is either side of that if you're skinny or you're fat the same kind of way eating work you want to stabilize your blood sugar so you're gonna focus on things that stabilize your blood sugar surprisingly what people don't realize is that um meat and oils can be a real problem with this uh if you're heavy oil eater – which I didn't know this until I was really got deep into practice um the oil will keep you insulin resistance it basically uh for a better term it coats some of the cells so the wog they don't function correctly at the membrane level but they can't do the transfer of glucose because they're basically clogged up with this layer of fat on them it's it's a it's a nasty little cycle that's like the more fat you have to actually harder time you processing fat so that's why people get into this loop where they just can't get they cannot get thin because it gets you're telling to stop using their dang microwaves – because that's not doing anything for him either yeah and the planting I mean I understand that that it's easier to cook this way but with vegetables or warm up vegetables in your microwave you're losing all the nutrients out of your vegetables that way but I mean again it's toxic to to put it on plastic and all that crap oh yeah and like take it it's waves microwave of your food sorry aback to that no no it's okay bring it back to the insulin resistance because that's the topic world at the sorry instances it is going to be basically um you want to control your processed sugars are out usually that comes with a problem with dairy – that there are those are always there is a whole different animal but I'll explain that one later but usually the processed sugars in anything out of a box you just do not want to eat anything this processed that's that's hard to do because that's like you know your American lifestyle you have to go back to nineties and start cooking everything um and you want to go really light on the sugars uh complex carbs are usually okay as far as like you know you can eat a potato you can eat a some rice if they slowly break down and yeah um maybe like wild rice is a much better choice but if you really are trying to get super serious you can go on the kind of you know like a salad diet where you're just eating nothing but low carb vegetables um that will whip your blood sure in a nice stable place pretty quick where tell us about it being and what where do people start when they're well what what I like to always emphasize is the concept of Whole Foods a processed food is a manufactured food it's a man-made – it can be manipulated in various ways and what what it's trying to do is compare itself to a natural whole food see our natural Whole Foods are easily digestible and recognizable by the human body so eating an apple for a source of sugar is ideal to the body but buying a five-pound bag of white processed sugar and using that on your cereal or your or in your coffee or whatever that that just has more destructive characteristics and it seems like our our ability to control the amount of sugar with Whole Foods is regulated well but for some reason when we consume processed sugars we can literally lose control we can over indulge you know and I think there's addictive qualities and processed sugars oh yeah so there's so many negatives that comes with mainly processed foods but then we have foods from nature so the foods from nature our body accepts for the most part you know and of course there's some exceptions to the rule but for the most part if it's natural in this whole food your body is going to process and break that food down a lot easier than the processed sugars you know for the most part I don't know did I answer your question no that's perfect yeah I appreciate that all food talk because I think anything that's um closer to natures you always the right answer you know is the less process the better the problem is we've got in a society where we eat three to four times a day in their heavy oils and heavy sugar foods both which cause insulin resistance so and a lot of people are sitting down all the time and they're not as active as ezo he said then that implies that that definitely affects how your cells taking on glucose you know you have these things called glute receptors Glu T receptors that actually cause you to bring insulin in in the way to activate those is um a high amounts of exercise for short periods like the interval training sort of thing right right the other aspect of it is we're in a culture where we believe in our mind we're supposed to eat three times a day I think that's part of the problem I think we're actually consuming way more than we should actually be consuming some of us eat simply because this morning some of us eat simply because it's lunch some of us eat because it's dinner you know I eat when I'm hungry yeah yeah exactly exactly so I think we need to start relooking relooking but take a look at our ideas of how we're supposed to consume and what we're supposed to consume you know a lot of people are eating way too much food you know are eating too often you know in adorne much yeah and they're doing it out of habit more than anything and I think like in my own life when I start really putting on weight and gaining shit is because I'm just um it's chemically addicting to eat that stuff once you start eating bad food it's it's like a withdrawal to come off at man it's yours a is a chemical yeah mister Sugar's one of the highest silly addicted things out there besides I mean it's high it's worse than any drug that's out there right now everybody so many people addicted to the sugar right it's so much worse than a permit because they spend millions of dollars before they'll release something um trying to make it as addictive as possible they'll run right to studies and labs and how keV well if we add you know five more percent of fat we can make this even more addictive when I really overs they renamed the sugars when people learn what their sugars are in there whatever and they're trying to read the labels I mean if it says stuff that you can't read you probably shouldn't be eating it you know cuz that stuff's not good yeah yeah I say it's so tough because I think we know this as a kid we're like hey eat fruit vegetables but how come none of us do it enough like how come most of our diet processors I hate to say it but it is our culture in this country you know you go to other countries they eat a heck of a lot more healthier than what we do in this country we've gotten so fast-paced of living especially east and west coast like living our lives that we need things that are fast because we're on the run now you know there's whole generations of people like twenty and thirty that don't know how to cook food they literally go out and eat every single meal but like vegan does he's he doesn't cook us you don't cook hardly anything right vegan you need everything almost raw right so I mean like really you know we wouldn't really need to cook I mean you get a processor of some sort if you want to break down your fruits and vegetables because like me I have a hard time with like Romain's not too bad I don't eat iceberg lettuce whatsoever I think that's junk for myself you know but sometimes I have a hard time handling the lettuce and maybe that's the transformation over from eating what I'm what I'm currently eating what I'm trying to slide off of back to like more of a healthier diet but it's um I have a little bit of an issue but if you have an issue with that then you can take some kind of a thing that breaks all that stuff down so your body then doesn't have to work so hard to break down those you get what I'm saying right yes that's exactly what I was going to say but the whole concept of eating less in eating more Whole Foods is to reduce the workload on your liver and your kidneys I mean if if you're constantly pounding in food that means your body is constantly at work and at some point if your system breaks down you know and you're still ingesting all this food you're going to start developing disease you know you got a you got to protect your internal organs I mean that's the way I look at it the other aspect is you were talking about why a lot of people own like pinks and vegetables when the last time you see an advertisement for fruits and vegetables you know they they don't push that they don't promote that they promote did jump and they do it deliberately you know because fruits and vegetables are not subsidized you know fast food is subsidized it's disgusting yeah it is really disgusting I mean it really upsets me because you see all these people go into McDonald's and to be quite honest you there are movies out there that show that that one guy what was it called fast food America fast or something like that guy did like the McDonald's thing for like he tried to go from one that he was a vegan prior to that right like everything to supersize me everything was good and he did this and then it showed that he got like seriously sick the doctor said you have to stop eating this unless you're gonna die like what does that say Beth McDonald let me no offense I mean no offense toward McDonald I'm sorry there's nothing choices they could have bought a salad at McDonald's they don't they buy crap they sprinkle sugar on that and not get it it's the Democrats not a lot more addicting McDonald's the devil well in a lot of fast food you know what I said when I came off the truck I was you know like I said I was a church out for like 10 years so you try to do what you can do to be healthy on the road so you do like like more of like a subway weight but still press everything's still processed right so you do what you can do I never felt so horrible in my life sitting on that truck for 10 years and eating the crap that I had to eat being inactive right but anybody can come back from that anybody know as long as they have damaged things you you can make the process of slowly just one thing at a time it's not going to be a whole lifestyle change in one instant second because you won't stay there I'm sure you can good say the same thing you know if you do it in a slow process and one thing at a time it's kind of easier so right but two Doc's point as far as in fertility and pregnancy and all that diet is extremely extremely important yeah I mean it is critical that if you want a healthy child when I say a healthy child on't just mean physically I'm talking about emotionally I'm talking mentally what you consume will directly impact your fetus I mean it's literally all that all the science is out there now in the show you know that that's why they drop smoking you know I remember when I was younger women used to smoke when you were pregnant you know it wasn't a big deal and then it came out that it was causing a drastic flat effects or impacting the fetus and then they dropped that and then they dropped the alcohol and I dropped all this other stuff but they need to keep going further you know I'm of the opinion that a woman is pregnant shouldn't consume nothing but whole natural foods that's my ping lot I kind of feel that way about everybody but especially women yeah I uh that's when people always ask it in the you know we'll get into the pregnancy diet in a little bit but I bet you can guess what we're gonna say oh let's uh let's jump on this other thing so let's review for some people coming in late sure know where I would start is the nervous system is the one of the cheapest things to do just go to the chiropractor get the nerve flow check to the ovaries I have helped women get pregnant by doing nothing more than adjusting them and they spend and I am not kidding you up to fifty thousand dollars at clinics trying to get this to work and I'm I was their last-ditch effort you know they come in they cry and I've been everywhere else doc you you've got two of my friends pregnant help me you know I know that sounds terrible yes and it was that you know instead of coming to me first for a couple hundred bucks this could have been done you went and spent fifty thousand dollars it's so backwards like don't go to the infertility clinic first go get do the conservative cheaper approach first then you can go spend fifty thousand dollars a credo present because it was a manner and I am not joking one one lady I remember particular one adjustment one adjustment she was pregnant a week later and it was like she had been trying for something like six years and it was that simple um because the nerve flow was completely shut off I mean she had terrible nerves and that airflow was uh you know choked out so super inexpensive easy solution go to a chiropractor for a second at the same time clean up your diet you're probably some sort of insulin resistance you're probably PCOS and don't know it arm PCOS is just a side effect of insulin resistance even though in this society we love to diagnose a name everything um it is a side effect ultimately of you eating too much processed food oops sorry that's what it is and so it is the number one reason women in my opinion women don't carry babies can't get can't get pregnant the other is antibodies um if you have an autoimmune issue which a lot of women do in this country uh the APL antibodies the anti phospholipid that's the number one reason for miscarriage is that you activate an antibody that attacks your own cells they I mean they attack more than the problems that cause miscarriages they take all kinds of cells you can go to long give cyrex tests I think it's array five five or four they run about a G's I I'm a little off-guard on this but they run a panel to find out what anybody's you have going if you want to know it's a cyber excess right there's twenty now it's come back to me there's twenty four markers they run a cyrex array five it's a special test that um probably your doctor has never ordered I guarantee your fertility doctor probably that's different ordered this test and it will tell you all kinds of great stuff is 24 different autoimmune markers because guess what when you have all one autoimmune disease you have more than one almost always as soon as you start that ball rolling you start getting all kinds of stuff and if you if you have the APL kind um you will start attacking yourself and not being able to carry a baby on that is guess what helps autoimmune disease vegan a whole food I get rid of turning down your level of information on in your body will drastically help turn down the level of the antibody response on you want to drive these things into dormancy so you can have a baby without attacking yourself right um Bert what's also just stress too you know I mean like if you're stressed out because you're trying to get pregnant right so it's all these things and then you're you're not kind of bringing yourself down to a nice level of that you then you can stress yourself rate to not get pregnant or to have a miscarriage to because your body's yeah well in the stress and the stress remember activates the cortisol which activates problems with insulin it's all related so you have a stressed-out mom who eats crap that you know it's a processed food multiple times a day works too many hours has other screaming kids at home or whatever D stressed out women are like the perfect formula for infertility you can't because you only your your glucose goes levels go up um you know in a mother that's related to macrosomia that's a congenital abnormalities neural tube defects in the shoulder uh calm and good when the shoulders get stuck when you try and deliver baby just dis uh just dis tosya um you know when this when they have problems with that it's it's a mess so grew again these solutions chiropractor first get your nerve checked if it's autoimmune guess what whole food diet works really good if it's insulin resistant whole food diet works really good the other thing is if it is autoimmune you need it on a food panel done check to see if you're eating something that is causing it if no foods are showing up that then it's possibly some sort of toxic chemical um I usually go food if the food doesn't solve it um sometimes gut bacteria if they have a lot of bloating and gas and they can't digest uh for they're constipated um I will do that before I would do like a panel on um now check their stool make sure it's not parasites or bacteria or you know something's out of balance because those can cause so much stress to the system they can kick on all your autoimmunity so people be like oh I got a by a bacterial infection now I'm autoimmune I can't eat this stuff and it's like yeah your your system ramped up as soon as your you know your body um you have all these antibodies that are dormant and as soon as something ramps them up most of them go off at the same time you know uh they to go the to t2 pathway or the t1 pathway gets activated and you can't turn that stuff off it's really tough um so that's that's a problem and uh you know most women like I say when they're really bad shape are combination of both if you're over 35 and you're fatigued all the time it's probably like autoimmune issue that you probably haven't discovered and you're probably some form of anemic and by anemic I'm not necessarily talking about iron don't go run out and buy iron that anemia is all kinds of different things that can cause your blood not to carry oxygen um okay so we talked about those are the big ones in the diet it's actually cheaper to eat whole foods sometimes uh if you if you really want to get down to basics solutely people be like it's so expensive to eat right only if you're buying like processed vegan foods processed vegan food like you know the thing apples isn't that expensive see even that easier in the summertime well you can buy your local your local produce and stuff that you can go to all kinds of like little tiny areas where they sell and some people um I remember my friends would by everything in season and then just freeze this stuff for the winner they'd have just non-stop smoothies or if you get sick of those in the winter um you know it is it's okay to stew your food – like I used to stew my apples and it was wonderful it tasted great but yeah um you know if you tired a cold stuff so understand anything that can bring your inflammation level down some people are saying essential oils are helpful sure yeah anything essential oils that target inflammation are really helpful anything that brings that down will stop the autoimmune response is what you want to do and then the other thing is deal with your stop eating crap put the cigarettes down but the coffee down with the you know the fast food all that crap and I know it's so hard because our lifestyles something changed so much no lifestyle over the last 50 years that people don't cook at home people a lot of time to cook at home you know both parents have to work um you know what do a lifestyle check step back and live somewhere cheaper that's what you got to and for the males teryn it's not just females that have infertility problems so the male I just read recently that the males infertility is coming up like gangbusters well I could point I forgot to mention but do you remember that diagram I put up earlier about how the aroma tizen right where the males make female hormones and the females make male hormones you know and behind a couple these days and you can't tell who's the male and female anymore they believe become each other they've merged into each other you know sort of things um or because of the this aromatize effect of of like I would say insulin resistance insulin resistance causes this so the male can become infertile because he eats a crap diet and the women can be and then most likely both are eating crappy diets because you're a couple and you eat the same things so I guess if you want to just stay in pearls and just stay that way you yeah if you but before I go mobilize thousand dollars on Raymond fertility clinic yeah eat some damn vegetables stop it you know oh it's too hard I can't do that I'll just get the drugs you spend fifty thousand dollars at a clinic stop you take that money a quarter tours raising your kid gonna hire a damp personal chef for $50,000 everything you know well you know another thing a lot of people don't know wrecked-tile dysfunction is directly linked to diet it's directly linked it's a closet literally cluttering of arteries you know you're the pipes are backed up and if the blood flow is not flowing properly you're gonna have that so when they first came out with Doc correct me if I'm wrong – but I worked for Merck pharmaceuticals oh you did oh yeah I use nitrous oxide yeah yeah it was a it was a great job in the 90s mark here's her work here is work sharpen dome here where wood is really big did you work down at the one down in North Wales in Jersey you know South Jersey and uh the whole issue back then was viagra you know viagra was a big deal but what a lot of people don't know is viagra was initially being prepared to be a heart medication drug or was it I think was heart medication or cholesterol reducing type drug and they found out that the side effect that that drug was what it can do viagra you know and they say whoa this helps erectile dysfunction they use it for that but a man's diet will directly have an impact on his fertility mortality you know as far as erections and and I experienced that directly uh prior to being vegan and then seeing the results of how I lost that condition you know so I got personal experience with it directly yeah and I think that's an interesting point is people are like well if I eat a crappy pencilled resistant diet standard American diet very understand that they get their pipes clogged up you get bats and plaques and all kinds of stuff in your blood vessels in your heart why do you think there you think they're only in your heart you don't think they're also and you're happy vessels your you know guess what they're uh everything's gonna be clogged your arm yeah that's it's a problem and and it's also cholesterol medicine which is funny too it has the opposite effect where you take this cholesterol medicine and it can cause problems with Edie because it attacks the nerves not the blood vessels but you need two things you need the nerve to say hey I'm some blood in there and then you need nice clean pipes that the blood can get into where the you know if your problem with the nerves guess what if you're on some sort of cholesterol drug you might have problems with the nerves it strips all the color the nerves you know the the insulation that goes around them guess what they're made of cholesterol group so start taking a cholesterol drug you start running out of cholesterol for your nerves they only sell this you get nurse pain any legs and then your penis doesn't work and all cause of this but man you got good cholesterol numbers don't worry sounds like here and one of the first signs of a heart attack incoming heart attack is retina erectile dysfunction so when you when you start having erectile dysfunction you're you're not that far away from a heart attack you know and a lot of these guys they're they're popping these pills and cialis and all this different stuff they're not addressing the underlying issue the underlying issue is that their pipes are clogged up and you know that can easily go to a chamber in the heart you know so it's it's all disingenuous it all leads back to what you consume yep yeah it's so totally and we're about to get into the next part of this the first part I was talking about was infertility so why can't you get pregnant and if you relate to the party the big reasons natural reasons is your nerve flow sucks but um chiropractor um and then the other ones are insulin resistance and autoimmune issues that you have a PL antibodies so let's go on to the next part how do you carry baby okay if you get that far how come you could get miscarriages right well let's talk about that first diagram I put up you remember that that nerve diagram I stuck up earlier where it talked about well if the nerves are pinched to the uterus do you think you can have a baby developed if you're only getting half the nerve flow you should right you can be able to carry a baby when every other signal gets blocked your so if you're not under chiropractic care when you are pregnant you are making a huge mistake I don't care what your pediatrician says they don't know what they're talking about if they tell you not to go because if you said well how do I know the nerve flow is good to my baby they'll go well um it just is don't worry about it now the doctors aren't you could cause you to have a miscarriage right that's that's BS chiropractors that the family guys take insane amounts of training to adjust you safely while you're pregnant don't worry about that it's all like fear BS it's not true so if you have a pediatrician and you're like you think I should go to a chiropractor um and they tell you no you might want to shop around for another pediatrician because they're doing you an injustice straight up if the nerve flow doesn't go to your uterus right what are your chances of a healthy development well I'll sent it well doc can you break that down when you say the nerve flow going to the placenta you're talking about the transport of nutrition right not actually talking to impulses from your brain running through the nerves to your uterus telling it hey grow a placenta you know like it has to send everything comes from your brain first down your spine and then out to your uterus so if that pathway is jammed up anywhere your brain will say okay start developing start developing start to vel oh this third signal go through start developing start oh this signal get through it's the only developing half of what you should be doing your brains going to constantly be firing and the uterus isn't going to get the message you're on a new flow controls all kinds of thing nutritional development sure how to pass nutrients back and forth it responds to development especially of you know thickening the lining and all that sure it's a hormonal function but where do you think those what tells those hormones to release your nerves you know everybody talks every it's for Arrieta everything's back to the nervous system and that's the first thing you got to check if those nerves aren't working right your hormones are going to be whacked out your ovaries are going to be whacked out you just gonna be whacked out nothing's gonna work right so that's why I'm saying a secure nerve flow did you miss the picture in the beginning you know what I was talking about and pull it back up yeah I seen it okay let me you pull it back up you can pull it back mama I gotta find it like nobody I closed it down because I don't know what I was doing I don't know where it went do you think this is all sort of cause for you know like Down syndrome and all these birth defects and all a combination I mean that's some as your carriage in a gene right what a genetic damage other is that um why does the gene express itself probably because the mother some sort of an autoimmune inflammatory state you know um and then the other is uh yeah if you have bad nerve flow or bad nutrition if you don't have you know like all the folic acid stuff with the spinal cord deformities right oh that's no mystery so let's take a look at this spine again guys right here's your nervous chart so if we're looking at the nerves all the nerves that come out of the low back especially a lot of women when I used to x-ray him had problems with the lowest disc and maybe they were athletes when they were young or gymnast especially gymnasts oh my goodness the worst spines um okay and then you'll notice that all these nerves right all this uh these nerves that come out of the low back and the sacrum go to your ovaries your uterus remember we talked about this so these nerves are pinched and they're not getting the signal right your your baby is going to have well I should say your placenta that's developing is not going to develop the way it should does that make sense your brain has to say hey placenta start forming and if that signal gets blocked somewhere along the way that's a problem or if the uterus is not getting the signals it needs it's not going to release the correct hormones it needs to or the ovaries etc so the nerve things are real big deal while you're pregnant you need to be under care or you're really making it hard on yourself you don't run I mean you're crazy not to go um let me explain some more wonderful things about it so we got this model the spine right now this hole is where the baby comes out right where my is the baby's head because we had some little sillier than Abdus and not really a little bit now it does open yeah when it's a whenever yeah yes it does these ligaments up get really lacks and they they become this special time where these ligaments and joints open up way further than they should you had this hormone relaxin that pops these things open and your baby can start coming out now imagine if you got a bad low back and you have an iliac subluxation that makes this hole deformed that one of your hips is higher than it should be or one of your iliac crest or one of your whatever whatever your pubic synthesis is twisted whatever the reason is this hole is now not round and open it's now collapsed on one side do you think the baby's gonna have a harder time getting through that's there's not as much room that's an okay going don't they have to have the hours and hours of painful labor because this you would basically have to rip this area open in order to pull the baby out just sounds painful that's what happens I mean it rips up and so if you were to come right to care and they maximize this size a hole during your pregnancy guess what happens a lot easier when it's time to deliver this baby they just push them up you come out way faster you come out where it's not as painful for the mother it's a lot easier on the baby you want to maximize that hole as big as you can and make sure it's not crooked and twisted so during this wonderful wonderful time where your ligaments become relaxed there's a once-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity for chiropractors go in and fix chronic problems see ligaments they don't really heal that much once you stretch them out they just scar up and kind of you try to get the scars tissue to line up the right way but that's about the best you can do while you're pregnant as these ligaments open if say you have a twisted chronic back why I adjust you and realign it if I keep realigning it after your pregnancy is over and we keep it nice and where it's supposed to be the ligaments then tighten back down and you can fix a chronic subluxation in a way because of the ligament laxity where you can't really do that in males there's so much scar tissue and the ligaments are shot you can't really just get them back to where they're supposed to be but in women you can during the pregnancy it is like this golden opportunity to fix a chronic a bad back or a chronic pelvic problem and when the ligaments tighten back down if everything's supposed to be where it was it'll accept the new position of the bones that's a wonderful little trick that uh is a bonus for you having a baby darin even know that that's amazing so why is it harder to do people with the that are gymnasts Oh gymnasts um they women develop they have a softer spine during development and when you put massive rotation and then stop it um it shears the disc on the low back and it's just super damaging to the discs so they end up getting early arthritis problems I used to miss to x-ray gymnasts it looked like they had like spines of a 40 year old they're like 15 so what are you doing in three how do you get this much arthritis in three years and you know don't make a lot of sense the sudden stopping because it yeah yeah it's the it's the massive force of rotation coming to a stop that's just like in golfing is the other worst thing for your low back bending over and then going to a maximum rotation is like the most shearing thing you could do to a disc um besides maybe truck driving by the way both of them write really bad uh hey Doc um I was thinking about that whole birth process you explained are you telling me that the MDS don't put value in that and that's why because if you go to a hospital now they're quick to do a c-section right they're very quick to cut someone open and pull the baby out yeah if someone has a bad back to your point that's a great opportunity to fix your problem or a hip hip adjustment but it seems like this industry promotes that alternative method of birth you know they make fathers how much well yeah how much money they make when you have a home birth you know they don't so they of course I don't know what happened in the 1950s where childbirth became a nine months disease it's not like you know like all the sudden everything's all these tests this procedure and you have to have an astute Hospital and um I don't know what the hell happened to natural childbirth I'm glad to see a movement coming back and in doing that it is a thing that no md's don't get trained like chiropractors just like I don't get trained to you know do what they do there's some great MDS I'm not trying to bash MDS but they don't know what they're talking about if they tell you not to go to a chiropractor during pregnancy they don't that's the same thing that they don't a lot of times they don't tell them that when they have all these back problems I think we should go to a chiropractor and then they station see a massage therapist their muscles are part of the issue but they never I I think in one client that I've had said that the doctor recommended them to come to a massage therapist otherwise they never say anything and then the person's left to take medication for whatever the problems are a and it just keeps going on and on it's perpetual yeah and I was going to hear about pregnancy massage here in a second because it said it goes at the same idea of it can make your pregnancy go a lot easier um if if your spine is in alignment it will help open that pelvic girdle to its maximum which is what we want of in a part of that as massage is excellent for also pushing around stagnant fluid all the extra pressure you're carrying on your low back getting then you know all that out of your muscles oxytocin next oh yeah the oxytocin I forgot even about that too so um yeah I go ahead and take over and the reason I wanted a big part of the pharmacy she does pregnancy massage so tell us about that okay well I okay so you want to get into this discussion likely to be prior to the show about okay so when I went to school they they did teach that you should not be getting a massage in the first trimester that's what they teach us massage therapists although I did some research on it last night and a lot of MD say that it's a bunch of crap but I'm not quite sure about that so that for me that's out there are points in the foot that or reflexology points that could push a woman into labor early so I would just say probably for the first trimester maybe not get a massage or let let your massage therapist keep to your upper half and don't let them get into your legs and watch your hands there's a point right here that you want to watch them not touching but besides I guess a massage therapy is great for um for pregnant women it helps to relieve back issues and and maybe even issues where the baby sitting you have to be very careful in there but which is really fun because sometimes you can feel the baby kicking when you're massaging somebody so it's got to like really weird but it's awesome and also takes pressure off their legs because their legs hurt their back you know so you have to do sideline sign line the person and then massage down one side and then flip them over and beside on the other side but every woman that's come to me that's been pregnant when they're done it's um they feel so much better so I would I recommend it highly helps with stress level too um like Taryn was saying earlier that the stress is a high is a big thing especially when you're trying to get pregnant like you you should try people I think people should try to meditate prior because think that if you can bring your stress your stress level down and then as well as your your eating well – that's giving you every optimal um to get pregnant you know then if you're massaging – and getting rid of all of your toxins that are in your system prior to getting pregnant that's probably amazing as well you know that really helps in that area and when we see I did I I did a research last night so I said there are some oils – which are like eucalyptus and peppermint if you have a cold when you're pregnant you should try those things but of course do your research um let me see what other things I wrote about like I was able is today so it was good it relieves back aches stiffness leg cramps headaches oh yes swelling swelling when a woman's pregnant she swells a lot especially feet legs sometimes into their hands we can help that edema by pushing that into the lymph system so the lymph system that can get rid of that extra water which happens to all women it happened to me and I was extremely thin and hardly you know but I still had you know bigger ankles and that kind of thing I wish I would have known about massage therapy when I was pregnant but I didn't because they don't tell you about that the doctors don't say go to a massage therapist go to a chiropractor so it's good that we're on here doing this yeah I think the message is getting out that a lot more mothers want to do as natural as I can because you know there's studies that show like even taking an aspirin can screw your pregnancy up so why would you not want to just go you know if you're having back pain you need to go to one of us probably both us and that's a much safer option than just take an aspirin you know or well we'll just give you some of the tylenol safe when you're pregnant don't worry about it no not really I mean there's always a chance for a side effect of something um so and not that you know I mean to be fair sure there can be side effects of chiropractic and massage but that they're so astronomically small it's like being struck by lightning and eaten by a shark the same day no it's it's not it's it's so small it's nothing I would even worry about this analogy it should be looking like this in sergeant get stop by later if you look at the statistics I think me and Burma we're talking about that there's just a lot of things because of lawsuits and fear that are not done that because when mothers are so distraught when they lose a child that the first anger kind of takes over the first thing they do is go well I never run a car brand I got adjusted and I lost my baby I'm as that damn chiropractors fault it's like no you're probably gonna lose that baby anyway you know but that's what they're gonna think and you know they the first person they never blame you know they're MDS it's doctor know-all right they never blame like hey why didn't you tell me to eat well like this and you know so so like you were saying teryn it's their if they're miscarrying they've got to break down what's going on because if you're miscarrying there's a reason why you're miscarrying great no I and I don't know what the reason is for every woman it's different but like you guys were saying it could be diet it could be health style it could be you're not exercising could be so many things it could be that your lining is not attaching correctly the way it should be or that the eggs not dropping down or your man's infertile you know could be so many different things it could be the environment you look you know a lot of houses are toxic waste dumps no it would perceive the very toxic area you can have a directly impact on your pregnancy well other aspect I think we can add to this is exercise for some reason pregnant women think they don't need to exercise and I beg to differ there's nothing wrong with light exercise you know I want a mile a day vegan when I was pregnant you're not coming here today it helps with your delivery yeah II think that pumping blood to your you know developing baby might be a good idea pump nutrients in and out a lot you know of course exercise your natural shoot being back in the day and they would be yeah they barely stopped to have a baby for sure Bulls on your head and going to the water well yeah I have to know in a dietary um in a kitchen for my home and my water broke and that's I was still I work that early that day and my water broke and I went in baby in you know I mean granted I was young you know his nineteen but yeah that'd be I was like that baby was out ten minutes man see you later yeah the exercise is vitally important during pregnancy yeah yes enjoy night yeah no I ate and I ate like a grand and I was still in me I was a meat eater but I ate red meat once a week and the rest of it no no chips no I stayed away from a lot of breads I very healthy when I was pregnant and you know thank goodness because he was born two months premature and did very well I mean a little bit of lung problems you know my water broken all we can do oh you Yami I mean you have 26 in wonderful you know no problem there's a question for you in the chat room about cinnamon Burma is cinnamon ah no for pregnancy all right yes I just permit if cinnamon is dangerous for pregnancy I'm gonna have to let who who asks Oh Marlena um tell me I've Marlena I'll look that up for you I don't know that's good that's a good question I dunno it's really bad like if you have ants crawling on places you can put cinnamon line there and they won't cross a cinnamon line I don't know it does I help really know any position to uterus just sprinkle some cinnamon around your uterus it'll give aunt out so that's good you have an ant baby ants down um okay so did I answer all your questions with this guy's is no uh it's kind of the same answers over and over get your nervous system checked even anti-inflammatory diet if you suspect a autoimmune issues you don't want to have a kid with all those antibodies flared up not a good idea um so the more natural the better and um obviously try to down as imma keep saying you know everybody our society just sucks because everything is stress stress stress stress and uh sometimes you got to step back and be like you know I'm having a baby here another life I think I just need to stop doing what I'm doing my life that stresses me out and and just you know own up to it and stop praying stress in your life man no well you know what there's a lot full of services no no no I'm just saying if you're infertile remember what I was telling you the biggest reason for infertility insulin resistance and guess what you do when cortisol levels when you're stressed out you wonder why you can't lose weight if you're stressed out same thing so I would say – like I have the problem like and this is just normal people that come to me is that they're constantly coming back here is a neck or our two major issues and it's all stress-related it's all stress-related and usually they're worrying about things they can do nothing about so it's called wasteful worrying you know I know it's a hard thing to get over to try to program yourself to stop doing that but if if you if you're worried then then just drop down and say okay why am I worried can I do anything about it no if you can't get rid of it because it's no good for any of us right right right I do also remind people too that you know a little uh a little praying a little spirituality good for stress meditation whatever your flavor I don't care what you do but also doesn't hurt you got a rainbow on you by the way do i I don't know where it's coming from but the that's it a baby the baby filled a motherfucker you know I mean I guess the best way the easiest way to keep this into perspective is to remember the baby fills with the mother fills you know and if you're filling up tight and stressed and you know the baby fills that it it knows the state of the mother you know you can look at it that way yeah but think that that's a good visualization yeah someone's asking chat room why do people stay so fat after pregnancy um again a lot of times it's just lifestyle they just they get into eating like a pregnant woman and don't stop when they're done they just keep going and the other thing though is it can be definitely a more hormonal imbalance and if it's their second baby there's a good chance this autoimmune thyroid problem like uh around your second child of second pregnancy sometimes causes you to attack your own thyroid and it will uh all the people be like man I was my health was great and until I had that second child and then you know uh so that sounds like your story you might want to get your thyroid checked out you're talking a comment on it um dad yeah there there's this thing in our culture that says because a woman is pregnant she could eat whatever she wants you know she has all these different cravings so therefore she should have the chocolate gallon of chocolate ice cream and you know pickles and all these different things with pickles are good yeah pickles are good but you got to break it down what is the craving the craving is either for one or two things it's for sugar and it's for salt sugar or salt the the actual food itself is not what's being craved that's what your mind conjures into satisfying the craving so if a woman is craving for sugar my recommendation to pee-pee clients that were pregnant that I brought corporal was you can eat whatever you want because I don't ever want a person to feel like they can't do something but first eat those grapes before you eat that Twinkie you know eat an apple if you must love to make use be in there you always go to the tweenty I say to my kids because I'm just wondering do you miss the Twinkies being in – no no I never ate we can sell but Chrissy if you say Krispy Kreme Doughnuts yeah I just oh my god they're so good they're so bad it's so good um but all that is is a craving for sugar and salt sugar and salt sugar and salt those are the cravings so if you eat that healthy alternative first once you've completed that then you get whatever you want most of the time they only want it you know it was pretty body the body needs sugar and salt that's all it needs so look at it that way I need sugar I need slob I'm gonna go with whole natural sugar I'm gonna go with a whole natural salt salt foods and then if that doesn't satisfy find me I'll go get that toxic food so that approach you're going to eat less toxic food if you still eat it or you may not eat it at all because the craving has been satisfied you know that's that's my approach now no Twinkies I used to uh when I was really trying to lose weight I would eat a lot of cherries cherries were like candy to me and they were so hell I mean they quickly they solved that sugar craving you're like king Justin I was absolutely you know what is very expensive oh yeah they will fill you up if you eat enough of them yeah yeah cherries are my go-to you mine I didn't on the church any kind of I was lucky when I was pregnant I didn't get any any like cravings so when women say they get cravings for certain things I didn't have that at all I mean maybe it's because I'm not that food oriented like some people are that they love to eat I eat because I absolutely have to eat well you are like 1900 right so I think it's a little different I think I think your food relationship and all the dis you know that stuff changes injuries don't pay the same for me though I mean I ate really had to eat when I was young I didn't eat because I I really I don't know it's a very rare that I really really enjoy a meal like tastefully enjoy a meal I I'm sorry baby but I really like sushi oh my goodness I still like Shushi that is one of the things I enjoy the heck Adam ah grazie I know because first because like it's like I'm hiding from your photo in their server and enjoy the parasite no I did oh come on out what you just ruined it from his the only thing I like to eat saying they're ice doc if you ever watch that show monsters inside me yes like 90% of them start with well I ate sushi well then I got a lump linked well I don't like if you always starts with seasoning look look at look at the Japanese culture for one minute and look at how healthy they are number eight I go any that's maybe they're thin they're not healthy they have they have some of the highest problems with liver problems on the planet so okay well they look good yeah they look good probably too much Woodson fish or curing mercury right there's a lot of mercury nourish so I mean like it is a balance if you're going to do it right I mean maybe vegans absolutely right you have to go 100% natural um but it's hard to do you know it is hard to get your meter and you have been for so many years to like make that transition it's doing it all though absolutely absolutely it's a gradual process so you keep bringing him on and it's gonna help it's gonna help me because he totally makes me feel guilty like I totally feel good is not your fault it's a good thing in me like that says something to me as a person right yes so guilty there's totally guilty me you have regrets you know won't regret I do it for minutes because I was sort of earlier when I was younger I know the ages the past can't be changed so it's all about which I don't actually eat that much junk food it's kind of crazy that way I don't I don't like sit down don't like Twinkies I hate for you to a he's like what that doesn't even taste good me like what really this we have a have I have a cabinet here the man you should see this cabinet it is like I can't even I go in there and I don't see anything I want let's be except for maybe nuts that's it cuz all the other stuff he eats I just want to kick his butt because he eats like crap he's like sugar cubes and all kinds of junk like a horse he just easier Gibbs he's well member I was talking about using him as an example oh no I'm telling you he was so funny he's up here and I come walking around the corner and all I hear is this rustling around like really quick putting crap back in he's shoving things in his mouth and he turns around and I was like what are you eating sugar cubes I have absence that I bought sugar cube pretty loving them in his mouth like a little kid you know and I'm like what he doing he's got like local like music's like a squirrel you know and I'm like you gotta stop this I'm like I know that it's hard to like to go like I don't try to like like you know I don't want to be that one but I also wanted to be healthy his dad became a later diabetic in his later life and I don't want him and I could see he's on this road he's on this path I've gotten him off the off off drinking sodas and better like he likes iced tea he won't go to water as much as I try to help him with that but it's I mean I know it's difficult especially if you're addicted because sugar is a very addictive especially oh and vegan right raw sugar is so much better then then then bleached white sugar relieved right that's all you have to say you got to remember whatever you take away you got to replace you know it can't be I'm not going to eat sugar anymore that's not even humanly possible we need sugar sugar is a requirement right okay so it's it's all about an unhealthy removal in a healthy replacement and replace it yeah the healthy replacement must be stuff that he likes it should not be would you like it should be what he likes he needs to explore the fruits and vegetables that he likes you know and then Edom is that simple yeah yeah he's terrible with that though I mean I try to I try because I eat like mango and and pears and and apples and I always have those in the house and he'll go for the snacky snacks like you know what do we got here we got we got like we got like chips we got like slim jims um we have crumpets Tastykake crumpets up there I mean like I could just go off I mean there's there's only a good couple of things I got some ginger candy and that's mine he would never even look like who buys it does he buy his own food yeah he goes and buys that stuff he he'll go like cuz I don't buy that stuff for the house he'll go out and he'll go on a bender and hook all the hallway Exodus nothing good about there and I'm just like you know but he's the one that's like like six-foot-two and he doesn't weigh much you you looked at him he's very fit I mean he's a Mason so he works his butt off you know so he does need that sugar absolutely but I just like just make a couple you know healthier treat unless you want to die tomorrow because like that's you know and that's that's the crazy thing is I'll see these thin you know beautiful women and then you do their blood work and they're like you look holy crap what's your about you should be dead it's so it just because they're beautiful led me ailing their blood work is and I in on the flash the flip side is I've tested a couple fat guys that have much healthier blood work like well they might be fat but all right inside right now you know so it's uh it's hard to judge and really is your exercise exercise is a great tool to mass a person's outer health health appearance you know you you a lot of these guys I look at the bodybuilders for example you know a lot of steroid guys they look phenomenal but their internal organs and stuff is is horrible you know I'm and you can notice it when they get off the steroids when they get off the steroids that mask of what they look like falls apart you know a lot of them really look bad once they get get out of the profession ones that do it naturally you can tell because they have muscle memory that stays with them for twenty years and they haven't worked out for twenty years and they still have the muscles of what they used to have like I'll be like were you a bodybuilder of some sort but no steroids that's an that more of a natural thing where they just kind of progressively have halves lightened off of working out as much as they used to thankfully we're athletes a competitive sport athletes a lot of football players blow up like houses when they stop playing you know so that exercise can give you that outer appearance that you look like you're healthy we're really you're not you know your consumption catches up with you basically that's not works wasn't there a disease back in the long time ago that was called consumption was a CCE or something burglars was tuberculosis right don't want to fight why did they call it that gene now I don't know I assumed because it consumes your lungs and uh you're tricky and stuff huh yeah I don't know the consumption it's like lumbago have you heard that one Oh when Bay goes back pain this all turn for it people were won by cane that makes sense and then um I was funny because I used to practice way out in the countryside they had all it was like a hundred years different they'd be like I got a pain in my leaders like what the hell's a leader and they're talking about their neck muscles that the muscles leave from their neck to their shoulder the leaders oh it's like a terminal count what the hell are you talking about what is leaders I love the the SEM I you know how long it took me to say sternocleidomastoid muscle I mean it took me forever to be able to say that muscle but I just I just don't you say the way I just say se mi always someone Bailey's yeah this you yeah well it's the we are one that are always the Ilia I call it the so ass I don't call it the Ilia so as I call it the so as the different muscles though smooth yeah but because funny I have this lady says when she passes away she's gonna come to me and she's gonna whisper so I know it's a that's funny okay um let's get back on infertility personal the doctor I have one through yeah men do it um the importance of water I think I think water is highly more important than the consumption of food you know the types of food I think we drink in toxic water and I think a lot of that could be linked to some of the stuff that we're talking about what was your view on that oh yeah I won't touch unfiltered water just cuz it's so hard to get pure water now um like I have a three stage because you know I live with a holistic hygienist who she is so anti fluorite it's crazy so um you know this is kind of interesting to see someone in a dental profession so against uh fluoride which is a pretty interesting so a lot of filters don't have the fluoride filter you got to spend some money to get the fluoride filter to get it out and um and so I still yeah I drink very pure water and a lot of it city water no I'm gonna well if you're on a well then you shouldn't have fluoride oh no no no excuse me no no I back in the day I was on a well I got you know I'm on the city yes where I love yeah I understand even city waters terrible come on sometimes well water depends like I was on well water next to a bunch of farming community and you like what the hell's get in the water table from all the pesticides they spray on all their shit you know I read i I lived out in Nebraska and they had some problem with the with the top of the tower it was a very small town and I poured my bath the one day and I go in and look and I am like kitty I had a picture of it it was like thin like this it looked like you know oil when it separates in water it's this on the top of water rate cuz because water is heavier this is what this looked like though it was clear it was clear I'm like oh my goodness I let all the water back out I filled it up back up again another thing and then I was you know I have a filter but I was given my plants water they started dying I'm like man and then they come out with this thing don't drink the water okay little late yeah your water looks crazy right alle faucet no probably shouldn't let the water separate it's not a good sign if it's brown flush it down oh yeah you can't trust this stuff anyway we'll get into that and that's a whole nother show floor well good just in just in that I do completely distilled water that's all I can soon I don't drink any other substance that's other than just Oh water do you have your own distiller or do you just buy I still have I've done both you know if I'm traveling out by some distilled water but I have my own just countertop distill it how much water you drink a day I'm about a gallon gallon and a half so your distiller will make about a gallon than half a day uh my distiller make five gallons are there lots of good distiller you got man yeah you're right you know how many it makes one gallon at a time oh I got you okay so it's just always on yeah I keep it on all the time good to know yeah that is the safest water to drink for sure distilled um alright that's about it for our show on infertility if you miss the beginning of this you'll have to go back because we gave you all kinds of ways from natural management and some things to increase your chances of carrying a baby I really hope you take it to heart before you go and spend fifty thousand dollars at a fertility clinic start conservative first try some natural approaches first there's always the clinic later that's all I have to say today we are going to jump over to if you're new here we go to a discord I'm not going to call it that anyway we're to call it the chatroom we over to the chat room of the the feel-good chatroom afterglow we will be in there and we I'll be there for a few minutes but then I have a manifesting event at 3 o'clock I got to go do so that is today at 3:00 we're trying to manifest a missing person so I only been in there a few minutes and then after that we're selling how are we doing that we just just means this Cordwell will follow I'll show you all that wait uh link to the discord hopefully Marlena will drop that Marlena thanks for the help I appreciate you uh yes thank thank you for leaving the donations today sunshine gave me some love Magi gave me I he gives me something every show I don't know what's going on guy this both of them you actually and then uh Michelle drop a big big donation big love lots of love going around thanks so much uh I'm hoping this information gets out there helps if you have friends that are trying to have a baby please pass this along to them even though and they hopefully they like cats because we spend a lot of time in the beginning talking about cats and so I guess she nailed me some good man let me tell you swelling up a little bit I'm sorry about that oh my goodness get me in the show right that's okay that's that's what live streaming is about you can see all the stuff that happens in the background there's no Sun so awesome the last one that their cat just totally started the show and it was too bad that it was focused on because I was laughing so hard because it would have been just even better if you know yeah I could have seen that you didn't crush the button and I couldn't figure out how to turn you back on you know and then I figured it out and he had split so so funny yep oh alright stay positive support each other be nice to Kat see you next Tuesday for Ben stone the bad Quaker hopefully come to that show too I'll see you guys in the afterglow chat bye oh please

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  1. You might be interested in looking into the role of iodine deficiency with PCOS as the ovaries are the second highest user of iodine in the body only after the thyroid gland, and interestingly enough, iodine deficiency is also related to insulin resistance because all horomone receptors require iodine to function properly (which plays a roll in all kinds of horomone processes for physical and mental health). There are amazing studies, one in particular that the researchers induced and reversed PCOS in mice or rats over and over again with only removing or putting back the iodine in the feed, and good info becoming more easily available to study.This doesn't mean diet can be ignored with eating crap, but it is very important to the health of both mother and developing baby that ample iodine is available. Great show!!

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