– So guys, guess what. – What? – We have a surprise for you. (gasps) – [Child] Is it a big surprise? – I think it’s a pretty big surprise. – Wait, do you know it?
– I do know it. First we’re gonna look at some pictures together as a family, okay? Do you guys know who this person is? – Isaac.
– It’s baby Isaac. – [Baby] That’s baby Isaac. – [Kendra] Who’s this one? – Elise.
– Baby Elise. – She was a cutie magootie. – Look, this is baby Caleb, guys. Alright, who’s this one? – Laura!
– Yeah, Laura! – Yeah. So guys, guess what. We have had four beautiful
babies in our family and we are going to have another baby. – Another one!
(gasps) – We are having a new baby. (gasps) – It doesn’t look like you’re
gonna have another baby. – I know, it’s ’cause
the baby’s really little, it has to grow, but
there’s a baby in my tummy. – Oh, are you pregnant?
– I am, I’m pregnant. – Laura, you’re gonna have a little baby. (gasps) – I hope it’s a sister,
I hope it’s a sister. – That is not a surprise.
– Oh, it’s not a surprise? – Your tummy’s a little bigger. – Thanks. – I wanna feel the baby laugh. – You can’t feel the baby yet. Do you know how little the baby is? – Like probably that big?
– This big! – I can show you guys how big
it is, do you guys wanna see? – Yeah! – Do you guys see this
little tiny poppy seed? – Yeah. – That’s how big our baby is right now. – What?
– Can I get it? – Yeah. – If it’s a she, I’ll call it a she. – Good plan.
– But how is it so small? – Because it starts so small
and then it gets bigger and bigger and then we
will go to the hospital and get the baby, and
we’ll bring the baby home. – Where’s the baby go? – I think she thinks the
poppy seed is a baby. – Did we lose the poppy seed? (laughs) – Laura, the baby’s inside my tummy. – There’s a baby in mine. – There’s a baby in your tummy? – Oh.
– You wanna feel it? – Oh sure, you have a
little baby in there? (laughs) – No, can you feel it in here? – I feel it right here. (laughs) – Tummy.
– Is that your tummy? – Does anyone else know yet? – No, do you guys wanna tell people? – Yeah!
– For sure! – For sure, do you guys
wanna call and tell somebody? – Yeah I wanna tell
everyone in our family. (phone rings) – Shh. – [Jody] It’s Jody!
– We’re having a new baby. – [Jody] What?
– Tell her, tell her! – We’re having a new baby! – [Jody] You got a new bed? (laughs) – Not a new bed, Caleb you tell her. – A new baby. (gasps) – We’re having a new baby! – We’re having a new baby! – [Jody] No way!
– Yes we are. – Yes we are.
– Yes we are. – [Child] Goodnight, J House out. – [Jeremy] We’re pregnant,
we’re gonna have a baby. – It’s a big deal, guys, it’s a baby.

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