đŸ˜³Concerning TEST RESULTS!

– It’s not fun to say goodbye. (lively music) – Wait up! – We just got the results back from Caleb’s allergy testing
that he did last week. (funky beat music) – There’s a couple things
that we gotta pick up for Mom. So Caleb’s bike has been a hand-me-down from a hand-me-down and
the chain kept coming off, so we just decided that it was time to get a new bike. (funky beat music) So we’re picking up some last minute stuff before we head off on our
trip tomorrow morning. (lively rap music) (beeping) (atmospheric music) – This stapler won’t work. It’s jammed. So I’ve tried a bunch of different stuff. I’m trying to staple together the packet I’ve prepared for the babysitter who’s watching the kids here. It’s a six page packet. It details the schedule for the kids, the menu and everything. It has a medical release form. I may have gone overboard on it, but it’s nerve wracking to leave your kids and be away from them, so I’m trying to get it
as organized as possible, but this stapler won’t let me. I fixed it. (clicking) That feels good. (gentle classical music) – I’ve turned this into a study corner and to plug in iPad, since
there’s a power outlet. – [Jeremy] You just reading Laura? – Food and drinks are strictly prohibited. – [Laura] In here? – [Isaac] Uh-huh. – [Kendra] Whatcha eating little girl? – Icecream sandwich. – [Kendra] Mmm, it’ snot
just any icecream sandwich, it’s a cookies and cream one. – [Jeremy] Do you like
icecream sandwiches? – Mmm. – [Jeremy] Mmm (laughs) (upbeat music) How does your new bike feel buddy. – Good. – We are going on a bike
ride with our friends today. They have a truck, so we’re loading all the bikes up in the back of the truck. Well this place is gorgeous. We’ve never been out here before, so I’m excited to try the bike trail. (chill guitar music) We had a little bit of a collision. Are you okay? – Yep. – [Kendra] Alright. We apparently also need to
get Elise a bigger bike. – It’s okay. – [Kendra] Alright, well
yours is the next one. – I like the size anyway. – So we had such a great time riding bikes as a family in San Diego, that I was determined
that when we came home to Kansas City, we would find a way to ride bikes here,
but it’s been too cold. So now that it is springtime, it is so good to get out and I’m exited to try some
of the trails around here. So when we’re riding bikes, Jeremy’s usually the one that films. I am losing my balance. So what do you think of your new bike? – It’s awesome. – While everyone else is out riding bikes, I’m here with the three little girls. Yeah. Nae Nae was supposed to nap, but she doesn’t want to. What are you playing? – Baby house. – [Jeremy] Baby house? – Mmm-hmm. – I’m the baby. We’re switching turns. – [Jeremy] Oh are you the mommy Lydia? – Mmm-hmm. – [Jeremy] Perfect. (playful music) – No wait, Mama wait! (groaning) Give me my flip flop. – [Jeremy] Okay Laura, you need
to clean up all this stuff, put it back in the bag. (chill music) (crash) (laughing) (yelling) – So I can’t believe
that with all of our time here in Kansas City
we’ve never been up here. This place is called Watkins Mill. And there’s some pretty trails
and a lake and this creek. I’m grateful to have fun friends who show us the cool places to go. (lively guitar music) This is the perfect time of year, because there’s not ticks and bugs yet, it’s just beautiful
weather and pretty water. (water rippling) Are you guys building a path to cross? – Yes. – [Kendra] What did you find? – We found some cool stuff. – [Kendra] Like what? – Cool places, tunnels. Wait up! – [Kendra] I did not know that you had a skipping rock talent, dude. – My record is nine at the ocean. – [Kendra] You could skip it nine times? – Uh-huh. – Now we’re throwing things in the creek. So the loop we’re doing
today is a four mile loop, which I think is gonna be about perfect for our level of people. (gentle atmospheric music) Jeremy so badly wanted
to bring his new drone out here today and get some aerial footage of us riding our bikes and following us along on our bikes, but
he has a ton of work to get done before we leave
on our trip tomorrow morning, so another time. We’ll have to go bike riding again. So, we just got the results back from Caleb’s allergy testing
that he did last week. Do you remember that? – Mmm-hmmm. – So you got two different tests done, and the first one checked
to see if you were allergic to dairy or peanuts or soy or eggs and you weren’t allergic to any of them, awesome right? – Yeah. – Good news. Okay, the second blood test checked for something called celiac. – What’s celiac? – Celiac is when you body is allergic to something called gluten. Gluten is inside of things like wheat. So some of the numbers on
your celiac panel were high and that means that it’s possible or maybe probable that you have something called celiac disease. So we’re gonna have to
go to another doctor for some more testing to
see if that’s true or not. What it would mean is if
you do have celiac disease, then we just have to stop eating gluten. So you have to stop
eating things like bread and pizza crust. – I like bread and pizza crust. – So they have gluten free options, so we’d have to just learn
to try some new foods that are gluten free pizza. You can still eat cheese and apples, and it would actually help
your tummy feel better. – [Jeremy] And it will help
you grow bigger and stronger. – Either way, we’re gonna
take great care of you and it’s gonna be okay. I’ve been really thinking a lot more about a gluten free diet today and kinda just what that would look like for our family and I’ve
just been thinking a lot about celiac disease,
reading about it online, trying to figure out
everything I can about it. I’m really looking forward
to whenever we have another appointment and more tests and we can learn more. But I was encouraged today. We got dinner from Noodles and Company and when we were there I asked them about gluten free options, because I know they’re more prevalent than I maybe realized. So anyway, they totally
have some really great gluten free options, so it was nice for me to feel like we’ll still be able to eat out and do so much. Like I know that they’re so much available for gluten free living, it’s just a completely
different change for us, and so it’s unknown right now and unknown things can
some times be scary, but it will work out. Noodles and Company. (twangy country music) – [Jeremy] And now for dessert. – [Kendra] These cookies are huge. – [Jeremy] So if you had to
choose between snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookie,
which would you choose? – Both. – [Jeremy] What? – So I would say snickerdoodle. – Snickerdoodle. – Both. – [Jeremy] You gotta pick one. – I absolutely love chocolate chip cookies warm, fresh out of the oven, it’s good. – [Jeremy] Snickerdoodle’s
my favorite, for sure. So because we’re flying out
so early tomorrow morning, we’re saying goodbye. – It’s not fun to say goodbye. (tender guitar music) Where’s my Laaura? – Goodnight, J House out. – [Jeremy] This is every
brother and sister’s dream come true. (bright music) Can you see her little face in there? – [Kendra] Oh she’s lunging. – [Jeremy] Isaac versus Caleb. – What is it?

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