0-4 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Early Symptoms & How I Told My Husband

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here my name is Amanda I am 31 years old and my husband and I just moved from New Jersey to Texas for work and I found out that I was pregnant I eight weeks and a day right now and if you want to check out a couple of our other videos I posted when I got my big fat positive and also kind of leading up on our TTC journey but today I wanted to talk about some of the symptoms and like things that I've felt before I knew I was pregnant and what I found out anything that happened within 0 to 4 weeks so I in order to get pregnant if you had watched my other tests on my other video I had used the clear blue ovulation predictor kit and it was so helpful it worked on the first try it gives you an easy reading of like a circle that has nothing in it if you're not fertile and then it changes to a blinking smiley face when you're at high fertility and then a static smiley face when you're at peak fertility and that's one you want to go ahead and get busy with your guy so anyway it worked on the first time and I ovulated on cycle day 16 in case anybody else was in the same boat and I really for the most part didn't find anything different in terms of the physical symptoms right away I have a couple of notes here so on 6 DPO I had some pressure on my lower back and and I just didn't have an appetite and I just felt like kind of bloated and like just ugly but like I had I had no idea that this was like any sort of symptom or anything like that it was a very minor on EDP oh I started breaking out like and sometimes before I get my period I usually get like you know a pimple here and there but not really that often but um this time I had like pimples all over my forehead and it was just like very strange it's like typically not how I usually break out before I get my period and I also didn't have much of an appetite either I usually eat like chips and salsa during the week and like those did not appeal to me at all I'm usually like I obsess with them so on 9dp Oh so other than that like I I felt pretty normal like I would wake up had a normal day like the only thing was mainly the what the lack of appetite but on nine gpo was when I got my first like oh my gosh I might be pregnant and it was because my sense of smell was really heightened and so Pete where's should not look Cologne and so I love that scent on him it smells so good but one day he came home from work and this is after him wearing it for like the entire day and he came over to give me a kiss and like I just got this overpowering like waft of his Cologne and I was like oh my god that was so intense and like that's really strange because by the end of the day it's usually worn off and like I love this smell his Cologne and it just like kind of made me feel nauseous so then I'm 10 DPO I woke up and I was just like not feeling well like I felt like I was about to get sick like that feeling where you're like my face is really hot my head was really hot I had a headache like it wasn't Naja it was more just like I feel like a cold or something is coming on and so that day I was like you know 10 dpo is kind of early but I don't know this is this is strange for me it was a Saturday so I went and I took one of those cheap Amazon like strict tests and I saw the faintest little line and if if you watched my previous video you'll see me finding out and like freaking out and I was just like I couldn't even believe it I was just like in utter shock i I couldn't I was just like no this this isn't happening this is to this happened too quickly like what like what are the odds but anyway I took the test and then I didn't tell Pete the entire day because I wanted to surprise him and I also wanted to take another test the next day like one of the clear blue that says pregnant or not pregnant and then surprise and left a little gift so I kept this a secret the whole day and it was so crazy because we went out to dinner with a group of friends and I wasn't drinking and I had told them that I was doing a 30-day no alcohol challenge and I actually did start that in the beginning of August and then not that you know it turned into like 10 months of not drinking or going to be but like my friend when I got there she's like you're her baby aren't you when she thought I wasn't drinking and I was like no and then I felt like oh shoot did I just jinxed myself and like I haven't even told Pete and Pete like oh I have no like she's fine she's just not drinking whatever but anyway it was really funny I'm like it's a funny story to tell now but that day I was like really crampy and just overly tired but other than that like just I was so excited and I just like I couldn't I couldn't wait for the next day because I wanted to tell Pete so then the next day which was eleven DPO I confirmed the pregnancy with declare blue and I had the same kind of symptoms when I woke up in the morning I felt like I had had a headache my head was just like really hot and throbbing and just I just felt like worn down and still like I was getting sick I also I told he he was really excited I surprised him by I put I got like a couple of stuff a couple things that target like baby things that target the day before and it was just like a little stuffed animal and then a couple onesies and a card I think and then I put the test in this Amazon box and I told him that I had gotten it was something on Amazon because he like if I wrapped a gift or something he would have known right away since we had been trying that month and anyhow I was like gifted and he sees the Amazon box and he thought that it was gonna be like some like cleaning product or something because I always tell him to like clean up after himself and stuff like that but he was so shocked and and then we were just like getting the whole day but that day I actually was very very exhausted and I took like a two-hour nap in the middle of the day and it was just like I had never felt that way before I never nap I'm always like really energetic and I think that eleven DPO was like the worst symptoms that I had had over the first couple weeks so getting out of like DPO and then like into how many weeks I was actually pregnant so at three weeks in six days I was really really thirsty I was just like chubby water and that was the day that I actually had my first gyno appointment and because we had moved from out of town I had to get a new gynecologist and like I thought that this first appointment would just be to like introduce myself and make sure that I liked this person and you know all of that kind of stuff just like the general setting up like all of my information in the system type of thing but so I go to my first appointment and of course like I had been drinking tons of water that day because I was extremely thirsty and I also worked out and my point wasn't till like 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon so I go there and they give me like a urine took my like urine into the pregnancy test that way and of course it's had negatives oh my god this is insane and I was like I knew this was gonna happen like I'm so early I just had a weird feeling that it was but I I told her that I took like four pregnancy tests or five at this point they were all positive and she's like yeah I totally believe you I don't get a lot of people that come in here being like I'm pregnant and then lying about it so I was like yeah but anyway so she she did a transvaginal ultrasound and she said everything looked good it was too early to see anything but she was like my uterine lining was nice and thick and and they took my blood so that I could tell from a blood test whether I was officially pregnant and I was when I got the results back and I think I forget my HCG levels were like 120 or something which for that point in time this was really good and sore else and she told me to just eat like four or five eggs a day because it's really good for the baby's brain so that's what I did I was like choking down like four hard-boiled eggs every single day for like a week and then I had to cut it down because it was away too much but after that kind of going into like the four week mark it was Labor Day weekend and I was just extremely emotional that weekend so this is like just about like a four one four weeks in like a day or two and it was really strange because we had this party to go to and I just like I don't know it was really early on in my pregnancy and he was the only one that we had told and I was just like I just like started crying out of nowhere we got until like this little fight over nothing and I was just like crying and emotional and I just didn't want to see anybody and I was like you go to the party I can't like I can't be around people and like I am NOT an emotional person at all I never cries so that was really that was really interesting but anyway it's like for the most part I didn't really have many of the like typical pregnancy symptoms in those weeks or like you know like early signs that I was pregnant I felt pretty normal I had no spotting like aside from not really having much of an appetite like I felt good I was eating normally I was working out normally and the only thing was like when I would do my workouts I was like sweating a lot more than I normally do which is kind of gross and it's like it's super hot in Houston anyway but that was really a yeah but it's funny right now I'm like eight weeks and I was hoping that because I didn't have many symptoms that I would be okay but oh my god is a morning sickness and like all day sickness it's a real thing but I'll make another five to eight week pregnancy update in my next video Oh another thing that I kind of felt I think this was around like like three three weeks pregnant like two and a half or something I just I kept feeling really ugly like I would put makeup on and I would just like not feel like I looked good and like I just felt bloated and I guess bloating is really one of the main ones too I just felt bloated and like fat and ugly and obviously I haven't it was all on my head or whatever because I hadn't like gained any weight or anything like that but I was just like I don't know I didn't feel my confident like self that I usually do when I like get dolled up and I I work from home so most days I don't but anyway this video is getting super long thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this and could maybe relate I know that some people have tons of pregnancy symptoms when I first found out or leading up to it but some people don't and I'm one of them and maybe you have a similar experience and I hope that you will give this video a like and subscribe if you want to follow us on our pregnancy journey hopefully I'll do some videos of Pete I'm like so excited to find out the gender of the baby I'm kind of feeling like it's a girl for whatever reason but at ten weeks we're gonna do a blood test and find out so I'll keep all of you guys posted and to all of my friends and family watching this thank you so much and we'll see you in the next video

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  1. Hi from NJ! This video is super cute. Following since your live pregnancy test. So excited and happy for you! My hubby and I are currently TTC for baby#1! Your story is so sweet, and I cannot wait to follow your journey! xo

  2. Hi from Washington State. ❤️ My daughter, Sloan, is now 12 weeks old. Being a mom is definitely the best feeling EVER!! 😍 I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey with you! 😊

  3. So excited for you! I’m currently TTC baby #1 so it will be fun to follow along in your pregnancy! ❤️

  4. I’m 5 DPO right now and I’m just so crampy. It’s kind of annoying 😭. I hope I get a positive new week. You got a new subbie here 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

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