1 Week Postpartum Vlog | Expectations Vs. Reality 1st Week Challenges

what's up evany Familia was still yeah what's up y'all it's been a minute since we have uploaded the video there's no I and we sorry I just got hungry Olson and I think it's because we've got baby girl here yes I am no longer pregnant this video is about my first week postpartum expectations vs. reality so my first time and it's been four years since I've had a baby what I expected versus my first week and actually what we've been doing but I hear is baby Lotus her name is Lotus joy and she's so beautiful and I'm so thankful that God blessed us with her yes so I'm not pregnant anymore I had her at about 41 and a half weeks and I'm glad I waited she came it was quick it was great but that's another video I'll also be uploading our birth blog but I haven't gotten to that yet oh my husband's home I am out all cute because it's Father's Day baby girls down here she's she's she's sleeping let's get started I have some bomb-ass chairs here I need to be snacking of that you know how it is make sure both part of mommy's you guys are eating huh oh my gosh I just got done feeding her okay so you remember I was talking about you guys I was talking all about how oh you know you're gonna have a store vajayjay and um bah bah bah the first time definitely it was superstore after I tore a little bit and they had to do like three stitches and so I think that that's why it stunk so bad and that's why I was so adamant about having that peroneal or that bottle you know I'm talking about but this time and I made a whole bunch of pad sickles which I only used like one because I didn't need that support that I thought that I did and I think it's because last time I was pushing they had a vacuum and everything to help me get the baby out because they said the baby was in distress and I was too it came to be like an emergency thing but this time I was pushing you know baby was crying and they were like slow pushes and so slow push as it was and I didn't end up ripping and I thought oh my gosh I need this bottle I need this bottle I think the first P obviously was a little tender but going forward I didn't have much tenderness oh oh you're still hungry okay okay okay let's pause the video video what do you think huh okay okay she says we got a positive will be right back and we're back so I'm not gonna wait in table tennis feeding her to record a video it was gonna be organic and authentic and this is gonna be real life okay by the way but yeah so the soreness thing um I didn't have much of I would still make Pat's of calls if I were you if you know because they're helpful um would I make sixteen of them no probably not again maybe five Oh oh my gosh so obviously I read and the midwives told me about contractions after labor did I think that they were gonna be so bad no they're pretty uncomfortable so for the first 48 hours I was pretty uncomfortable one of the things I didn't realize that contractions were gonna be so bad after labor after your second baby I guess the contractions get pretty pretty bad I also thought expectation that breastfeeding was gonna be a breeze because I breastfed before but no the nipples are not used to all the you know suckling my breast and then my milk came in and she latched really good but she didn't have a shallow latch or anything her ears removing you know there was no clicking sound my pretty much whole nipple and areola was like in her mouth she's much pretty well but she's like sucking soap so hard and I I'm still using how much oil I'm finally after one week healing so this is also encouragement for new mommies that keep sighs going because if you can the pain is typical if you can because they start to heal I started using the nipple shield to kind of help get it healed and that has helped a lot and just a whole bunch of coconut oil and I'm like mostly going shirtless at night because I need to like have my breasts breathe so that was super hard with the first few days every time I breastfed it was causing my uterus to contract which was super painful also made me feel like I had to poop on top of that it was so sore that it was like every time she what came on latched on I was just like oh so that was super hard so persevering through those first few days it seems like everything's kind of gradually getting better but that that is very I would say that some difficult stuff and then you're just leaking all over the place once your milk comes in like I got this haka the little haka breast pump best thing ever it just suctions right onto your other breast well your baby's feeding on one and gets catches the letdown which has been super helpful to save and freeze one thing I did not realize that I would get a breast infection so I was I'm alternating breast feeding I don't know why I had a breast infection taking hot showers hot baths I felt like I was doing what I needed to do she's gaining weight she's getting enough food but my milk ducts got clogged and swollen or maybe I wasn't changing my breast pads often enough I'm not sure why but I got a breast infection I will I went to bed one night my body was super sore started to get a headache the next morning I woke up and I had a fever I called the midwives they told me to go into urgent care so I wasn't expecting that but I'm still able to feed with at taking antibiotics and they gave me 24-hour antibiotic right when I got there to make sure it cleared up quick which I think helped me feel a lot better but hurt like Abby's match um so what else to say Oh first poop I knew I remember like when I was in the hospital they gave me laxatives are like Oh your first poop might be hard so yeah like I told you with the latching thing with the cramping with the post partum contractions by the way those only lasts like three days but it's a first three days so have someone helping you especially if you have other kids if you have someone I know it you might not I didn't have many people but I dude it did have my husband home with me so he's been super helpful with the other kids to tag along with what I'm saying about the kids I wouldn't hold expectations for yourself because I did I do I my expectation Klinger and I'm learning to let go of that for my own happiness but I'm like this needs to be cleaned why isn't the refrigerators leftovers cleaned out at the laundry no like your husband got it my husband got it he's not gonna do it exactly like me but the shit's getting done so relax and take care of the baby I'm doing that so I just say that too like if you're anything like me just try to remember that uh what else oh yeah the first poop that I was talking about so one thing is the one thing the midwives told me is that oh you might feel pressure it might feel hard because you were pushing if you grab a cloth it could be a wet cloth and you just hold your perineum and then you can push but I didn't have to do that it sucked because I felt like I had to poop for the first like two days but by the third day lots of water guys I was able to poop so hopefully the water thing is what helped me yeah so don't forget lots of water might be constipated I expected way more bleeding that's another reason why I didn't so many pad circles but today is day seven and I'm almost just spotting I know like sometimes who's gonna come my pee but it's not like a heavy flow anymore so hopefully it'll stop soon we'll see but right now it's pretty light and I feel good I expected to be very emotional I thought I would be sad is what I'm trying to say I'm I don't think I'm sad but my emotions are heightened right and then after you have the baby at least the first time I thought oh you you have the baby and you're only hormonal while you're pregnant no your hormones are kind of out of whack trying to get back into place and especially if you're breastfeeding makes it makes things a little bit more complicated but I I don't think I feel SAP I definitely feel like my emotions are heightened things are super funny but it's also like I'm laughing so hard that I could cry yeah weird um and then another thing with breastfeeding is I thought that it was gonna be super easy yeah they did it before no it's a full-time job the first few weeks the first month you know baby se everyone – three hours – feet you're so imagine one two three hours and you're trying to get rest in between that time and maybe get things down to pure like me but I am taking it easy and yeah that's what I was gonna tell you guys yeah I thought I was ready to go out with the baby we ended that I end up giving the graduate a kiss and leaving today there was another graduation javi took the boys get him out running get the heebie-jeebies out and I stayed home with my daughter and I feel a lot better she's just too small to be out in big crowds my personal preference and for some reason I thought I was ready which I knew and I didn't want that I didn't want her out within the first few weeks and was like going to a doctor's appointment or whatever but he did it anyway and it wasn't the time just yet I thought the kids might have a tough time they were gonna have a tough time adjusting but they are so in love with their baby sister that they're just so happy to have her yeah they're really happy to have her yeah so those are the things that have been going on this week I would say yeah the first few days were super tough what made it more tough and in the middle of the week was that I got a breast infection I would say if you could pack a bag because I wasn't ready to go out with her I didn't have a bag packed and I was like why didn't I have a bag packed but then again I was like you know what it doesn't matter if I don't rush to the urgent care it was like Saturday it'll be okay and I didn't you know I didn't rush and I was okay packing her bag but if you were like wanting to if you're our mama that like wants to have things done things pack things ready to go have a bag packed ready like some diapers and wipes whatever you need clothes and stuff like that just to be ready to go we didn't have her backpack dirty which I guess if you're having a home birth or anything like that you might want to have that just in case of an emergency but the Lord okay I'm sorry my mistake I want to do it again yeah okay um yeah so this is what I'm saying thank you guys so much for watching I hope you like our content and if you do hit the subscribe button you can also hit the post notification bell to see when we upload new videos and I'll be uploading our home birth vlog as soon as I get a chance okay god bless you all Elleni Familia and we love you

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  1. Love how elegantly you talk about the not so pretty part of postpartum 😍😍 She is so adorable , so happy for you. She has two big brothers to protect her what a blessing ❤️ Love the videos girl!

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