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Frink Survey's uncle Nick goes back to college to melt some snowflakes and fill his plate at the all you can fuck buffet this Titan of tirades isn't content just to piss off the liberal cooks in his own world these politically incorrect essays are causing real-world feminists to shit their pants give yourself the gift of laughter and pick up burning the midnight on Amazon today a link is in the description what's up you a bunch of bass cards Terrence Bob here from redonkulous job calm and if you haven't poured it pour it now the menagerie because we have an announcement I had a choice to talking about this or the Fox ad pocalypse way all I have to say right now mr. Crowder is keep melting those snowflakes because you are a human hair dryer here's to you and yes before you start screaming at me for not moving over to bitch shoot and alt tech we have we're already there check it out links in the description but enough of that shit we have to start off this episode with a shout out to mr. James Maxwell and if you haven't subscribed to his channel please do the dude is viciously hilarious he made an episode on this topic and it got me spun up and when that happens it is on and I wonder if we could think about defending abortion as a right to stop doing gestational work did you hear that gestational work here is a dramatization of what it looked like after I saw that video normally I would find it impossible from women to be this immoral and stupid but you're talking to a guy who had a flim-flam jammed up his shim-sham my friend of the court it's been 10 years and I still can't shit right oh that's right I forgot it's women who don't have equal rights when at least that's what they want everyone to believe after Alabama passed the heartbeat law double-wing I can hear the fembot screaming and harpy frequencies from here no uterus no opinion double-dog when well I got some bad news for you ladies cuz this is bad pop gender is fluid a triple dog Wang for the purpose of this video I identify as a woman oh that ought to do it Space Ghost we're going over the 10 ways that these can't understand normal fakers will always lose in a debate about abortion yeah before we begin I have to admit back in the day when I was sporting the blue pill thinking I was for abortion up until 12 weeks and for the purposes of rape and incest but once I got the red pill and I'm on family court I saw what was behind the curtain and I said fuck that with that being said ladies I'm gonna ask it's very uncomfortable questions so you might want to lube up your fourth point of contact when is it okay for you to kill another human being just because you made a mistake I know what you're thinking pop you're in the military you're a Green Beret Airborne Ranger you've probably killed a lot of people and I probably did but the difference is they could fight back ironically these are the same women who say you should never spank your children wait bud ripping the fetus limb from limb cutting it up and pulling it out piece by piece from your vaginal turd dispenser that's okay right wrong newsflash for you ladies I know you don't want to hear this because it goes against your Fifi's but you hold all the cards in this equation you have over two dozen forms of birth control and you can put the child up for adoption or you can abandon it and walk away with absolutely no consequences whatsoever when you have all of these options and your first go-to is murder there's something wrong with your thinking meat and in your soul and how do we know it's murder feminists are flat-out admitting it check out the clip abortion is in my opinion and I recognize how controversial this is a form of killing it is a form of killing that we need to be able to defend so ladies when you say abortion is not murder sorry ladies you lose space girls design I am NOT interested in where a human life starts to exist and that brings us to the first argument that they can't understand normal thinkers use if you were drinking right now moving away from your lips or you're gonna do what I did when I first fucking saw this women aren't the only ones who have abortions I should have taken my own advice motherfucker transgender men and other non conforming folks get abortions too but no one's discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them you think because you feel like a man trapped in a woman's body somehow it magically makes you one you get your hair and your dials and pegs cut off and a couple of sleeves tattoos and then you want me to call you Jim and by the way I have to say for my corporate overlords up there that's a beautiful thing in your brain space ghosts Jack Gutierrez was a 20-year old college student in a self-described shitty relationship when they found out they were pregnant it was 2011 and Gutierrez a non-binary person who uses the pronouns they then had to pull all their money at the time to pay the $500 to get the abortion pill okay wait a moment let me get this straight we're talking about a chick who pretends to be a dude so she can have head to a sexual relations with a dude who thinks he's gay we've just entered bizarro world and now they're trying to make us believe that men need to get abortions get the fuck out of here I got some bad news for you honey dude biological science states and this is a fact you're a chick these wounds are getting gender mixed up with gender expression biologically speaking human beings are men women and on the rare occasion you get a hermaphrodite and those genetic anomalies usually they're infertile so that doesn't get passed on to future generations but feels before reals right I need to fucking drink I got a question for you would you tell a schizophrenic that the people in the microwave are real probably not and I'm gonna leave it right there you take it for what it is if there's one thing that working on redonkulous has taught me over the past six years knowledge is a curse once you take the red pill your mind gets polluted with facts and logic and no matter how much it sucks there's no going back this is the best way to sum up Aaron Clara's book curse of the high IQ click on the link in the description to buy it on Amazon because remember in an age of information ignorance is a choice with that we're coming to argument number 2 and I'm gonna say this triple-dog Wang my body my choice you see this this is a part of my body because it'll base my thinking meat get the picture but look at this a baby is not part of your body yeah this is your potty now look at this little thing here yeah yeah not your body and as a brain a separate heartbeat and most importantly separate DNA and at the end of the day as long as you don't murder it it's gonna drop out of the vaginal turd dispenser and grow up to be a human being the fact that you prevent it from happening doesn't change the fact that it was going to happen like it or not that's what happens when you bump uglies it's kind of like a crash-up Derby and you get a third car out of the deal because you exploded on rare impact and if that's not what you wanted you could have prevented it just saying you know instead of blowing the one-way yogurt directly in my warehouse why don't you pull it out you could blow it on my belly and my tits on my face but don't get it in my hair or I have this little flower tattoo on my lower back that could use some watering if you know what I mean or if you really like to deposit directly into the warehouse you have 18 forms of birth control bar haha with all the forms of birth control that you have available to you and I think you're in England National Health Service probably pays for everything and you still cannot be bothered to take it Wow you don't want to take them because they make you gain weight and somehow that justifies you being some kind of irresponsible skank I say no well that being said take your ass to patrol base and get a shirt too what that jizz off your face cuz we're moving on at number four right last time I checked the Constitution covers life liberty and the pursuit of happiness nowhere does it say an irresponsible cunt has the right to murder a child it's not murder because it's just a collective self obviously you didn't get the memo we are all clumps of cells bitch because it's just a fetus it's not a baby yet it's not murder because it's a parasite and it's feeding off be can wait if you want to go down this road we all have to ask a very specific question and that question is what exactly defines life feminists they want you to believe whatever the hell they tell you it is because they modify the dictionary definitions at will but if you think a clump of cells is not life you have one hell of an argument to pick with NASA because they are spending hundreds of billions of dollars going out to the farthest reaches of our solar system and they're looking for one goddamn living cell and why is that here's the secret my clump of cells it's a sign of life there are schools of thought on each end of this equation who just can't reconcile life it gives us a heartbeat okay life begins with brainwaves again okay so why is it we keep people on life support who don't have any brain wave function we still classify those poor individuals as alive above there are people out there who have savage heart attacks and I will be one of those do we give up on them the answer is no we don't even know their heart stopped beating they still have brain activity and they're thinking me and what do we do we go full retard we beat on their chest we shock them we give them a bunch of drugs to try to bring them back to life sometimes that shit works and sometimes unfortunately it does not I've lost some friends that way but when you take all of that into account a clump of cells is life a heartbeat is life brain waves equal life and all of this is absolutely provable beyond a shadow of a doubt it has nothing to do with feelings or opinion or perspective or my lived reality it is what it is and if you don't like it you can suck my dick and in doing so you don't have to have an abortion screen 5 we're talking about roe v– wade I think we're up to triple-dog wham wham where if feminism was a religion which it is rape would be the Old Testament and roe v wade the New Testament the only reason roe v wade won in the Supreme Court is you did it on a technicality they convinced the Supreme Court that this wasn't about murder it was about privacy when but ha ha that doesn't mean abortion is protected by the Constitution Roe whose real name is Norma thinks the whole thing is bullshit since this ruling she has become one of the leading voices and the pro-life movement I bet you didn't know that shit did you the media is not gonna tell you but I will and I'm half in the bag argument number 5 somehow we went from safe legal and rare now it went to abortion on demand for any reason up into including birth the infant would be delivered the infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mothers I gotta ask you something ladies are you fucking out of your mind he's psychopathic narcissistic bitches and how do they justify the slippery slope bullshit let's take a look at everyday feminism five problems with keep abortion rare oh shit this is gonna be like monkeys at a zoo grab a drink and take some cover we can't keep abortion rare because it isn't one in three women in the United States will have had an abortion by the time she is 45 bullshit isn't it amazing what's so-called journalists think they can get away with just because they hyperlink something guess what I clicked on it bitch and it led to nowhere but because it's so common I'm supposed to accept genocide I don't know about you but I'm exhausted from this bullshit and it's about time we took a break Blake roll the titties all right we're moving out of number six what take your hands on put up where I can see what you were looking at it's put your uh my god all right I wasn't even done yet we have to keep it legal for a rape and incest [Laughter] [Applause] okay okay I'm gonna call spade a spade and I'm gonna agree with you blood out of 750,000 abortions that take place every year less than 1% are due to rape and incest pack your bags to pick up your drink and I don't normally do this but we're gonna go to hypothetical land now let's just say we outlawed abortion tomorrow uh it's still legal for rape and incest cases you think the number of false rape accusations is high today if that law is passed you just fucking wait because when you look at the studies from the air force in Purdue University 60% of all rape accusations are false and I'm about to make a very important distinction so ladies buckle the fuck up the only way that a rape accusation can be classified as false is only if the accuser admits it otherwise there isn't enough evidence to support the claim and the police call that unfounded not the same so when we say 60% if the rape accusations are false that's because 60% of the women admitted to lying it doesn't mean police don't believe all women it just means they're fucking Liars because I don't really know how anyone could be a rapist because bending over your arguments and ramming at home is fucking tiring let's move on to number 7 this is about reproductive rights bull-fucking-shit do you honestly believe you're gonna make people think murder is a reproductive right pounce and Space Ghost is on they honestly think they can win this argument by feeding you bullshit a majority of Americans are in favor of abortion no they're not that's just how you're framing this particular argument to make you look good even Gallup and their left-leaning more than my P nice not that you needed to know that or anything they admit that 58% of Americans oppose abortion ba you want to know how many Americans actually support late term abortions you're not gonna like this number 13% do you know what this means it means that Congress has a higher approval rating than later abortion it means that these sick authentic cunts and cuts who get their rocks off by ruining this country and cock-blocking our president enjoyed double the support of radical feminists murder but more than all of that it means that you lose bitch links in the description you homicidal maniacs but I haven't even got to the best part of this argument you women are claiming that you have no reproductive rights and there's a war on women quadruple when I see your bullshit and I raise you some reason facts and logic oh wait a minute there you go men have no reproductive rights what so ever a woman can choose to abort her pregnancy if she wants and the man he can't in fact he has no stain a woman can choose to give that child to the state and the state will subsidize that decision a man can't a woman can choose not to be a parent at any time and abandon that child with zero repercussions whatsoever and guess what you know it's coming a man cannot a woman can expect your sperm donor to pay from zero to 18 years and the dude has no say in it whatsoever even if that child is proven not to be his by DNA he still has to pay and he has no say you'll want to know what subsidized housing is for women who can't pay for the children check it out you'll want to see what housing looks like for men who can't pay for the children here you go yeah yeah it's totally a war on women right and with that stomach churning revelation we're moving on in number eight leave it to the director of serial Rabbit v to be one of the first people to get a movie banned off Amazon but I guess that's what happens when you direct a movie that makes fun of the lamestream media voice over sound on tape shows us what the world of fake news really looks like and it must have hit too close to home because now the only way you can see it is on DVD yeah I'm kind of used to it by now click the link in the description to get yourself a copy and while you're at it send a box full of rubber dog shit to brights doctor's house keep your fucking laws off my body look Tucker I understand that you want to go back to a time where roe v wade was illegal where women were having back alley abortions and they were using us to have abortions which is actually what sorry I'm giving you time to make a reel to make a real argument I'm not arguing for the repeal of roe v wade I'm a very strict it's what you're essentially actually no that's not what I'm arguing and please don't be tiresome I think I'm gonna need the fireman bucket it's gonna happen oh my god oh Jesus Christ this argument is a genital wart on the cock of America let's break this down you want the government to stay out of your vagina bud oh you want that same government to pay for your abortions your birth control and your tampons and how does that happen you vote for Senators and Representatives who buy into your bullshit kind of like the people in Alabama who voted for congressmen and Senators who passed the goddamn heartbeat law I see how this game is played you're all in favor for democracy as long as it does what you want but these women who voted for the representation within Alabama they're internalizing their misogyny right shut up so basically you want women to have the right to vote as long as they agree with you and if they don't they're brainwashed accomplices of patriarchy right when listen no one on this show is saying women should not have the right to vote but maybe that's just you well that being said we're moving on to number nine when wait a minute man down I'm out of mix streaks gentlemen I'm gonna need your help to refill it and if you have it yet links in the description patreon PayPal and subscribe star I bet you dollars to donuts that this episode will be demonetized and we're not even done shooting it yet abortions not a bad thing what is that fuck is that right you want to know who else murdered millions of people have thought it was okay hmm oh that's right Nazis Space Ghost in the past year I've been called a Nazi about a dozen times and all I really want is facts logic and reason and oh yeah free speech bad I'm not the one going around trying to censor the opinions that I don't agree with I just don't watch them and you know why I take responsibility for my decisions no one else and most importantly I don't expect the government to pay for it when I fuck up and make a mistake but then again I'm not a feminist screen five if I was a feminist I'd sound kind of like this I never had an abortion but I kind of wish I had Lena Dunham you Miss Piggy faced ignoramus you actually said this and know even though I'm drinking I'm not slurring my speech I said ignore anus which means you're an asshole screen five you have access to more money resources and support than I can ever dream of and you still choose to be fact I've been trying to lose 20 pounds for the past six years and I'm poor as fuck what is your excuse or worse yet and yes gentlemen it does get worse if you want to lose every argument about abortion you just do what this chick did this woman actually took an abortion pill on camera while she was pregnant with twins and she wants your sympathy I hope I feel it's a sense of peace not only with myself and in the decision that I've made but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I've chosen not to bring into the world pound it right up your ass thank you for choosing me and I'm honored to be given this gift of life I got bad news for you honey you want some sympathy you know the answer it's in the dictionary between shit and syphilis I already know what the extension if this argument is going to be and all I really have to say to you ladies is shut the fuck up you can't ask us to have the baby and then deny us welfare and Democrats honestly think that this wins the argument for them you are wrong or than two boys fucking in the back of the church even if one of the boys identifies as a woman screen five the only thing I'm asking you to do is be a fucking adult and take responsibility for your decisions you decided to let them put it directly in the warehouse one got by the goalie now you're pregnant and after that you want to murder it no no you have a child and you want everyone else to pay for it I say no feminism has won men and women are equal so I'm going to give you the same answer I give a dude handle your shit and if you don't like it I certainly don't care and that brings us to number 10 the coup de Gras of all abortion arguments applauding and squealing with delight at the thought of ripping a child limb from limb good job New York you created all of these problems that feminism is now bitching about of course it had to be in New York or LA or Chicago or any other liberal cities where the minorities are still slaves and I made a video about that here it is check it out did you know as a black man in the United States the most dangerous place for you to be is in your mother's womb links in description don't hate me I can guarantee you that Alabama Georgia and Ohio looked at that example and said fuck that and more will follow and you want to know why less than one fifth of the country agrees with you more people have herpes and genital warts than agree with late term abortion more women take Head meds than agree with late term abortion I can guarantee you this half of those women take it head mates are doing so because they had an abortion feminism will sell you the life women don't regret abortions bullshit go up to a woman who's had an abortion and ask her how old that kid would be today if it takes her longer than 10 seconds I guess I owe you a beer you want to know why because they think about that shit 365 24/7 and they regret the fuck out of it but now that I think about it statistically speaking half of these babies that are being aborted and butchered are girls so let me get this straight feminism is all about women's rights unless you happen to be in the womb scream 5 this is why Fembots can never win an argument because facts in reality it's not on their side all they have is feelings and we both know feelings change but facts don't facts don't give a fuck damn or shit about your feelings and neither do I AB uh as long as you're gonna keep losing the arguments – Walt keep committing genocide right and I know you're absolutely gonna hate me for this but in reality I don't care Baha I have over a hundred thousand people who agree with me I don't really need you and if you haven't joined the party please hit the subscribe button and your bail soon notified of all future videos or you could just take the safest route and follow us on bitch shoot links in the description and if not that's just fine I got a nice place to put my bazooka juice it's in your mama's mouth and I have to worry about an abortion speed [Applause] when I was in Herkimer in New York there was one that was a bartender yeah you know and shit in her hit Shemp him she whatever whatever I want to call I don't care as long as they give me my booze and I don't give fuck work the register giving my booze and my chicken wings I don't care what you think you have or don't have does it even affect me at all but it she looked like a dude because she'd been taking testosterone for a while

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