10 Newborn Must Haves! {AND A BONUS!}

so as you can tell from the title this is going to be my newborn's must-haves video I'm going to give you ten newborn must-haves along with one bonus my little guy is 12 weeks today so he is officially no longer a newborn this is my third baby so I do feel like I've kind of been around the black and know some very useful things to have around when you're having a newborn so I hope this video helps you out and gives you some ideas on what half and as with all things parenting some of the stuff you might not want at all some of these things you might totally agree we just gotta do what's right for you and what works for you so hopefully these will give you some good ideas the first must-have is the book baby wise like I said this is my third baby and I wish so badly that I had this the first time around I know baby wise has quite a lot of controversy a lot of people don't like the method but what I did is I read through the book and I adjusted it to how I would want to do things and I think that's pretty much with every parenting choice you want to adjust it to your family and make it work for you so that's what I've done with baby wise we're not super super strict with it but I do use a lot of the concepts in here and it's been a lifesaver this time around so I definitely recommend baby wise now my second must-have is an Advent Suvi Pasi I like that it's not plastic touching their face this is silicone and it's all made out of silicone there's no plastic so I really like this and the little newborn likes to do newborns are born with a ferocious need to suck and you know they can't always be nursing so sometimes you just need a little Pasi and I found with all three of my kids none of them got nipple confusion so it's up to you whether or not you would want to try a Pasi in the newborn stage but I think it's really helpful and calming for the baby my next newborn must-have is pretty huge but I'm gonna show you guys this is my rock and play and if you've seen these before you'll know how awesome they are but it just like cradles the baby and I've loved having this to bring into the bathroom when I'm showering or while I'm doing dishes you can sit there and look at me it rocks when he kicks so it's kind of like he can move it himself and I've just I've really liked this having it around it's super mobile you can fold it up and bring it all around the house it has it does have straps too to make you feel more secure about leaving your baby in here but I've really liked the wrapper and so has the baby the next thing I have is either lotion or oil this is Africa oil and this is Burt's Bees lotion you can use any type of lotion or oil that you want you can use olive oil coconut oil jojoba oil almond oil apricot oil like I have you can use Burt's Bees you can use nourish organic lotion any type that you want I prefer to go more natural and avoid Johnson & Johnson stuff because there is a lot of mineral oils Petroleum's and harmful ingredients in those baby products which is a whole nother video how much it upsets me that that kind of stuff is allowed and maybe products but that's why I like to go more of a natural route with oil you have literally one ingredient and with lotion this is quite a long list of ingredients but I have them through it and I'm okay with using this on my baby but I do much prefer one ingredient with one oil and newborns have a really dry skin I mean if you think about it they're surrounded by water when they're in utero and then they come out and it's just all this air hitting them so they do get really really dry so putting lotion and oil is really good for them the first few days before your milk comes in they're not getting much fat so their skin will get even drier but once your milk comes in it'll kind of balance out a little bit and your baby skin won't be as dry the next must-have I have is zipper sleepers I can't say enough about how much I love zipper sleepers compared to button sleepers especially in those first few weeks because it's like who has time while they're in the dark in the middle of the night to snap a hundred snaps so the zipper is just an easy way to do diaper changing at night and you can save the snap sleepers for the daytime or just don't buy him at all I had a goal of this pregnancy to not have any zero to three month button sleepers but I did have quite a few of the zipper kind so that is a must must must have my next newborn must tab is a wipe warmer I got this for two dollars at a garage sale and it works wonderfully and I even use cloth wipes and I fold them just a certain way so I can pull them out one by one and a lot of people have mentioned in reviews about white formers that the wipes tend to get moldy I have not experienced that at all I think it might be because in my cloth wipe solution I use essential oils and a lot of essential oils are antimicrobial antibacterial antifungal so I think that's what's been saving me not getting moldy wipes is using those oils for my cloth wipes lotion but I love the wipe warmer for middle of the night changes especially it's a lot less shocking it doesn't disturb the baby as much my next must-have is a night light something more for you as the parent because when you're waking up in the middle of the night you're gonna have to see you to change and feed so what I like is my Himalayan salt lamp this is a Himalayan salt lamp and it doesn't affect your sleep so some lights with the colors of the lights will affect the sleeping patterns this light will not affect your sleeping patterns and it also gives off negative ions that help to reduce pollution in the air and help you sleep even better I also use an essential oil diffuser for a while that had a like there's other baby night lights that have Susi music and ocean sounds nature sounds – so whatever light you find make sure you find one that has extra benefits to get more for your money my next must-have I can't show you because my little guy has grown out but is a bassinet or a co-sleeper if you can see here we have a pack and play in our room now because he has grown out of the bassinet we never purchased a co-sleeper but once you grew out of the best net we've moved to the pack and play and if you aren't gonna have your baby room in with you obviously you probably don't need this but if you're gonna have their crib in a separate room you might want for the first few weeks the newborn stage you might want to have something in your room to put the baby safely to sleep my next must-have is diaper cream and I almost don't want to put this as a must-have I use cloth diapers and we haven't had one rash yet in 12 weeks so I'm really happy about that but I do still feel like diaper cream is important is it like a barrier so urine isn't just sitting on the skin just because they don't have a diaper ish doesn't mean they're not getting you know a little bit of pee and them so I made my own homemade diaper cream and I really like this it's made from coconut oil shea butter and a bunch of different herbs healing herbs that help heal this calendula comfrey witch hazel yarrow chamomile lavender sea salt and arrowroot powder so I made this homemade and it's safe for cloth diapers but any diaper cream you want is fine honest company has a really good diaper cream also Burt's has a okay one and homemade is definitely the best because again a lot of baby products have harmful ingredients so you want to watch out for those and try to always get something more on the natural side when you're using it on your baby and my last newborn must-have is a Boppy pillow any type of nursing pillow will be helpful especially those first few weeks when you're just learning your baby and you are just learning how to breastfeed it's really good to put around you so your baby can just lay here and nurse my midwife actually doesn't recommend it for nursing the first few weeks because she wants the baby to not just be laying there she wants him to be like you know trying to reach for the nipple so it's up to you whether or not you want to use it I did like using it because of the back pain and just adjusting for the first week I think I used it for that and then after that I just used it to sit him in this is also good for newborn photography you can put like a blanket over it and make him sit in it so I really enjoyed the you bought me pillow and I've used it for all three kids now that's all of my newborn must-haves my one bonus must-have is going to be linked below and as a post partum must-haves video because yeah you think that you just worry so much about the baby and what you need to have for the baby when it comes and sometimes you kind of forget well what will mom need and really mom you're the most important in this situation because you have to be healthy happy and strong to be able to take care of your newborn baby so definitely go check out my postpartum must-haves video so that you can get some special things for yourself too when you have your newborn because you are super important and you need to be well taken care of so that is all I have for my new ORN must-haves I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you got some ideas let me know in the comments below what you thought was a must-have for when you had your newborn I definitely want to hear what you have to say and I'm sure other moms would want to check that out too thanks so much for watching you guys and we will see you in the next video bye

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