10 Postpartum Tips for Dealing with Baby Blues

Ten postpartum tips for the brand new mom:
1. If
you tore during the birth, learn
how to
pee without that burning sensation.  2. Don’t try
Elimination Communication until you get the hang of things. 3. Whether or not you did the birth “all
natural” or with assistance, you
need to take recovery seriously. 4. Don’t get overtired. 5. Eat nutritious and comforting foods. 6. Try
not to
stress about all the things you “don’t
but should know” about taking care of
a baby. 7. Learn how to breastfeed or manage bottle
feeding BEFORE you try to multitask while doing so. 8. Realize you may be sitting on your butt
more than you’d like (to breastfeed, from soreness/surgery or just because you want
to!). Be okay with it! 9. Let your husband/partner/older children
help you when they get home from work/school. You need a break! 10. Turn off your emails and try
take a break from work and the online world if you can.

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  1. Great tips.  Kept watching to see if you were secretly nursing at the same time you were recording, ha ha LOL  Maybe next week we can take a tiny peek at the new little star of Mindizone????

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