10 WEEKS to BABY TABOR PLAN!! Pregnancy Week 28

I would, I’m going to throw
my hospital bag. Hospital bag. Wow. We’re getting there. You guys
be having our first piano lesson. [inaudible] what’s the scary noises? [inaudible] give it up. [inaudible] good morning you guys. Welcome
to the wonder family Vlog. This morning we’re listening to
classical music. Pretentious. Yes. Relaxing. Yes. It’s
actually really helped Juni um, be a little bit more
calmer in the morning. It helps kind of like put the
meltdowns, kind of puts them at bay. Um, but this morning I am making are so every
morning I make breakfast and we call it second breakfast because um, usually we have like a protein shake and
a smoothie and then that’s our second breakfast. Today I’m making this as our
first breakfast and usually
everyday we have little hash brown patties with
Friday eggs or chia kilos. This morning I am so excited because we
get to have wander eggs for breakfast, so our chickens have finally, we gave some to Kelsey’s mom last night, but we had up to here I think of eggs. So now we get to have wanderings.
I am so excited for this. This is, I think we’ve done this one other time, but we didn’t get to have our full amount
because usually I’ll have two, eight, two or three eggs. Kelsey will have two, eight or wanting to eggs and then June
is one going to cook this up for the first time. We’re going to have a full
meal of wanderings courtesy
of Rutabaga and peach and maybe squash our amazing backyard chicken. [inaudible]. Nothing better than a breakfast
from your own backyard. This is amazing. You
guys breakfast, right? You guys, you guys want to eat Tony? She needs her shoes I
think is what she said. Excellent. Okay. Excellent. [inaudible] we having our first piano lesson. You and I were just talking the other
day about how we want to say doing piano lessons. We both play piano, um,
haven’t played in a long time, but I took lessons for
years and years and years. I actually started playing
the piano when I was four, when I was four. How old are you? Oh, you’re juniper. How old are you? Like two teen two. You’re two years old. Two years old. She’s almost two and
a half there. You’re pretty dresses. So pretty, no nothing guys.
It’s a very pretty dress. I think everyone thinks it’s very pretty. I need to get some like really, really basic books and I don’t want to do, I don’t want to make it not fun and
do like, okay piano lessons every day, but just occasionally I think we could
just start to play the piano is the more she actually loves it. She comes
over here, she opens it up. She knows it’s an electric piano, so
she knows which button turns it on. She knows the volume button of course. Um, well she says over here and make some
noises. She has, what’s the scary noises? [inaudible] oh, the dark. The, the really low
ones you think doesn’t there skate? Which one’s the happy noises can push just right here. Yay. Yeah, so she’s definitely
interested in the piano, which is really fun for me
because it’s scary noises. Okay. Tabor’s clothes. I
just organize these. Um, and you said you think we have enough
newborn size? This is all new barn. Oh Wow. Yeah. That was for like a day. That’s what June needed to is that you
look at all these hats. That is so, no, I know, but it’s just so cool. He has so many good cause it’s going to
be born like in winter or right before I went to so I’m not sure what size it
says this is size 70 so it’s European. I don’t know what size that is, but I’m guessing it looks like
it looks like three months to me. Can you hear that chicken going crazy?
I can hear it. Can you guys hear it? No, but it’s so loud. It’s funny you think it says three months
maybe a little smaller. I don’t know. Anyways, baby brother, but we have to make our
plan because we’re kidding. [inaudible] yeah, I’ve made it but we
need to like schedule it out. I have, I don’t have a plan. I
have literally a list. I have a list of things we
need to do before he arrives. That’s our 10 week plan.
Sorry, 10 weeks. So 10 weeks. You’d be 38 right? Yeah.
Yeah. Everything done before. Hasn’t thought full term or no,
not anymore. Changes every year. I was trying to look. I think they like really want you
to wait until you’re like 39 weeks. Well that we would like
induce or anything. But like they try hard not
to at, I guess I’ve changed, I used to be 37 was full term, but I think it’s like 37 to 39 is
still considered a little bit early. But this is our 10 week, 10 week, 10
weeks to Tabor and weeks of Tabor. A week plan, 10 week to do lists. I call it my baby checklist. Oh
my gosh. It’s so long. I saw, I answered every day and it
was like getting so long. Most of it is things like
wash the clothes we have, well we’ve washed those clothes, but so
we have to get zero to three for sure. Like before he’s here, we have to get newborn diapers. I have to like wash and sanitize all of
the bottles and all the stuff that we have. I remember we did that for
June. I like boiled it in a big pot. We have a dishwasher so we can
just like put [inaudible]. Nice. Um, find the tummy time
baby gym area. Oh, me too. I’m going to get like sheets. We
need to finish the nursery. Yeah. A lot of this is going to happen
after we go on our vacation. Yeah. Basically it’s all gonna
happen after vacation, after vacation. Uh, once we get back
from vacation it’s gonna be like, okay, take your time, take your time,
time to like get it all done. Cause you’ll be, I dunno how many weeks,
but you’ll be getting close. Yeah. But then there’s also like
things like, I want to like, um, not vacuum but like clean
the rugs. Like the area rugs, like the living room rug. Juniper
is rock shampoo. The rugs. Yeah. I want to see him, who the rugs need to decide what I’m going
to put in my hospital bag. Hospital bag. Wow. We’re getting
there. You guys get in there. Are you guys, before we go,
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