I have been a nurse at PIH health for almost 13 years. I’m a registered nurse here at PIH Health, going on four years now. I’ve been at PIH Health for 12 years. I’ve been here for three and a half years now and I don’t imagine ever leaving. When I was a new grad nurse I interviewed at several Southern California facilities, and when I came to PIH health I felt like I walked into a home and I felt like I was a part of a family. And I say that to everyone that I know and I tell that to all of my nursing school friends, that this hospital is different because of the people that work here. We’re so well supported here, there’s such a- there’s so many great resources, and advocacy for our nurses and staff here. Every nurse really has the same mentality, we all care about our patients, we all want the best for our patients, we all put our patients first. Its patients first. Patients first from beginning to end. [Music] I think the physicians lean on us a lot, I think that they’re glad to lean on us though, I think they have confidence in us and they do ask our opinions and we make decisions as a whole team. So you’re working with every member of this disciplinary team and you’re the patient’s voice, you’re at the hub of what’s going on for this one person. We all want the same thing for our patients, we all really fight for that. The majority, and I would say it’s a very high percentage, of change that comes is driven by the nursing staff. Having the privilege to work here at PIH Health, it’s the appreciation and that’s what keeps me doing what I do. [Music] Everybody that works here we all feel the same way. The great thing about PIH Health is you always have the chance to grow. And here I am, wearing brand blue. The thing I love most about working at PIH Health is coming in every day knowing that we are all going to do our best for the patient and that I have the best team surrounding me to do that. When I hear that someone wants to apply here at PIH Health, first thing I get so excited because I absolutely love working here. I want to be here until the day I retire. I love my profession and I I love the people I work with and it really is a family. [Music]

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