1. I am so sorry love. Your baby was loved I can tell. I just birthed my baby last night and burried her. She was 10weeks when she stopped growing and was born at 12 weeks. She looked perfect. My heart is crushed. I know June is going to be really hard being her due date June 1st.

  2. I'm 10 weeks. My doctor could not find a heart last week at my appointment.. my baby is still inside me right now I'm going to go back Monday to talk about our options. I am so sad 🙁

  3. I empathize with so many of the feelings you expressed in this video. I suffered a missed/silent miscarriage at 11 weeks in August of this year and it was my first pregnancy. I just feel so torn with so many different emotions and my husband and I have started trying again, hoping for a "rainbow" and our first child.

  4. 6 weeks pregnant and I cannot stop thinking about miscarriage 🙁 my appointment with ob is not until im 12 weeks so im so stressed not being able to see whats going on inside me.

  5. Thank you for sharing – it makes perfect sense. I’m 5 weeks along and I’m possibly miscarrying I’ll know for sure tomorrow – i understand those feelings of not being able to express how you feel 🙏🏼

  6. How about keeping some things private? Don’t you guys whomvlog about all of these VERY PRIVATE issues think that perhaps This is COUPLE OR FAMILY ISSUES? It’s just so inappropriate, verging on obscene.

  7. This was beautiful to hear even though heart wrenching. I was crying along with you because I just lost my baby at 12 weeks. Did you go on to have a 3rd child as I know this was filmed some years ago? <3<3<3

  8. i had a miscarriage at 14 weeks but the baby was 10 weeks, my water broke and i had to go to the hospital because i was bleeding way too much, i passed the fetus at the hospital but i didn’t want to look or no the gender, i thought that would’ve made things harder, my husband saw the fetus though, i had to have a d&c done because the placenta was still inside

  9. I watched this video when you originally posted it. I came back because we just learned we lost our baby and I'm waiting to miscarry. It is so hard and I have those same feelings. Am I allowed to mourn? When people have lost babies further along? Idk. I'm so sorry you went through this. But I'm thankful for this video. ❤

  10. Although I wish this journey upon No one I have found comfort in hearing others stories… thanks for sharing!!!

  11. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I want to thank you for your video. If I lose my baby I will feel stronger after hearing your experience. Thank you

  12. My heart breaks hearing your story. I was 11 weeks with our 4th, when we found out at our 2nd appointment. baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks. I had no signs of my body passing baby. We found out this year the day before thanskgiving. We went for a D&C, for many reasons. I had to wait a week and still had the pregnancy symptoms. Any pregnancy at any stage is hard and your grief is allowed for however long you need it.

  13. Same thing happened to me. Please keep faith and everything will work out for you. I was recommended a product called Maca Gold capsules to help me retain a pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. The product is sold on eBay and I’m going to try it. You should do research on the product.

  14. I lost my first baby today. 8.5 weeks no heartbeats. It's so heartbreaking, I understand you and sorry about your lost. May God give to all women healthy pregnancy and babies. 😢Crying all day

  15. Oh Heidi. I'm so sorry. I miscarried my baby at 12 weeks in February. It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced emotionally. It was so SO hard. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good, but this week I'm scared! I'm trying to just trust God and remember it's all in his hands, but it's hard.

  16. A loss is a loss regardless of days and weeks .. I know that now myself losing a baby at 12 weeks. U still plan and dream. It still has meaning . To anyone out there thinking that your early loss is not as hard and can't compare to someone at 15 weeks it all the same and we are all in pain. So glad you posted this .it needs to be spoken about more xx

  17. I know how you feel. They told me wk9, but my body thought I was still pregnant, I had all my symptoms. Then week 11 horrible pain and cramps. Went to the ER, and they did a pap and said I think we see the sack, then they scrapped and got out my baby and some clots. But the best thing that the doc did was ask me if I wanted to see my baby, and I was at peace looking at my gastational sack holding my precious baby still protected inside. I said a prayer and was able to start healing. It's weird hearing a doc say that you aren't pregnant anymore when the baby is still in you, or that the baby passed cause there's no heartbeat but the baby is still in you. My baby is named boba, it was the nickname my hubby gave the baby💕❤️

  18. +while they were napping- my auntie had a still birth. She went to bed one night and she tried to check the heart beat at home with a Doppler and she was searching around and she couldn't find a heart beat and she went to the hospital and they couldn't find the heartbeat and the nurses said your baby dies. She was going to have a little girl named grace and she was born in October. She got to dress her little girl and she took some pictures and then she got her ashes and we engraved her name and birthdate on a necklace for my auntie and yeah. That is my story of my auntie's still birth and it's still hard for her to talk about it but she has a beautiful little boy named Finley.

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