11 Weeks Pregnant: Track Your Baby's Growth Here

you mommies and daddies your baby is now comparable to a plum and surely more human in appearance the most highlighted fetal development at 11 weeks is the extensive facial exploration of the baby the baby's jaw line is formed the taste buds have developed and matured and your baby now also begins to develop a sense of smell during this period your baby experiences their first taste and smell the tiny tooth buds are appearing under the baby's gums the ears are now shaped hair follicles are developing from head to toe nipples on the chest are developing and your baby can now feel his or her palm your baby's skin is beginning to thicken and his or her heart is beating 120 to 160 beats per minute at 11 weeks babies can hear sounds and familiar noises the baby is practicing stretches somersaults and spins but mothers do not feel their baby's acrobatics yet expectant mothers at 11 week are feeling pretty good since the majority of the symptoms are starting to wane mother's morning sickness starts to fade away and become nearly non-existent check back to learn more next week on consumer health digest calm you

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  1. I'm 11 weeks pregnant of my first child. Lucky i never experience any big problem so far but only nauseous symptom but not so strong which only happen when i get really tired or hungry 😊

  2. No these round ligament pains are no joke! And I'm 13 weeks now and I could feel my baby's hiccups at 11 weeks. My stomach starts twitching and it only does it when i eat spicy foods

  3. I'm 10weeks pragnangt but I'm feeling back aches n tummy aches downside please tell me is that OK????

  4. Shout out to all the future dads watching this. We gotta be as involved as our wives/significant others 🙂

  5. The baby has ears but every doctor I've talked to has said that they can 100% not hear anything until around 15 weeks.

  6. I am 12 week's pregnant n naosia is still werry strong i can't eat enything,, Can plz enyone tell me when will it stop,,

  7. LOL- I don't know what kind of majestic pregnancy this broad has had- but at 11 weeks I most certainly still feel like absolute shit most of the time- also, you CAN absolutely feel those acrobatics in there. G'Lord- the misinformation. I'm sitting here trying to show my six year old where the baby is at and what's happening and I can't even do that. :/

  8. Hey there, i had my 1st ultrasound at 8 weeks and now i am 9.5 weeks pregnant.at 8 weeks, the doctor said that she cannot listen or detect the heartbeat of the baby in the ultrasound,and the ultrasound calculated 6 weeks then.
    I’ve been asked to come after 10 weeks are completed. i’m so worried. please tell me if there is everything normal inside me?

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