10 Replies to “11DPO LIVE PREGNANCY TEST. CYCLE 6 After Miscarriage.”

  1. Your positive vibes this cycle are shining! Good luck for tomorrow. Check that rest after a couple of hours though 😉 😉 (we know we all do)
    Im yet to ovulate but feel it happening tomorrow I think. I get ovulation pains exactly how you describe them where its painful to sit down all day. One question: how do you go baby dancing when you have that horrible pain? I feel it so badly that it's all tender and a bit painful to dtd on ovulation day. But I'm glad I get it as I don't even need opk's. I just wait for the pain and that's all I need.
    Can't wait for tomorrow's vid!

  2. Like 15! Friend, why don’t you buy the 20 pack for $8 on amazon? I got all my positives EARLY with those 👌🏼 Great update, so excited for tomorrow’s video xoxo

  3. 🤞🤞 for u this cycle.. unfortunately my af made a visit thus cycle but im not letting that get me dow xx sending baby dust your way ❤

  4. I was just thinking about you this morning, hoping you were feeling pregnant 😄!! I just got my first positive opk yesterday afternoon and I was absolutely elated! 😍😆 We Baby danced 2x last night but this morning I had terrible cramping, kinda freaked me out. We decided we would wait to BD again tonight if I’m feeling better. Fingers crossed 🤞 I’m sending baby dust to you🌟✨ I’m praying you get your BFP tomorrow on 12 dpo!!

  5. I have helped a lot of people with readings lots of readings and they have to come true I can't even do my own reading it has come to anybody on this channel that needs a reading please let me know and I will talk to see if you exchange numbers to do on text messages or on phone any but I was born this way and being born this way is better than studying tarot cards but I wish you the best and I hope that you do have a baby and I think it's going to be a girl my bad a boy so I do also see a chance of maybe having twins

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