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  1. Thank you so much Amy for this video I looked for a very long time and I finally found your video I just started but I feel better about myself thank you so much

  2. just had my 4th csection about 3 months ago… doctor said i can start core exceesices now… ive always seemed to have no core strength post op…. but im at dead 0 i have nothing i cant figure out where to start as i cant seem to do much of anything… any tips on what to start with to start building something i can work with?

  3. I'm starting to workout 3 months after emergency c-section..we are powerful creations of God..if we can make life in our bodies..we can get rid of the weight also..our bodies our POWERFUL structures ladies ❀😘

  4. Hi. I had a c-section 4 months ago and want to get back into shape. Is there a set of workouts you would recommend for maximum effect? Like, are there a few that could work together? Or should I just focus on just this one for now? Thanks x

  5. Is this a workout for right after the C section or should I start with walking first? It'll be 6 weeks post partum next week and if my doctor gives me the okay, I can't wait to start working out again.

  6. I am 21 years old… I had a open myomectomy to remove intermural fibroid before 3 months…but there is still pain in the area of cs and inside too….can i do this exercise?

  7. Hi amy iliked ur vdo ..tell how many times i have to do it..how mqny set i wil do it for each excercise

  8. My baby girl is almost 4 months old and she was 11 pounds 6 oz. She was breech and my second cesarean within two years. I am a small girl and it certainly took a toll on my body. I’m so happy I found your channel! This workout was exactly what I needed, felt so good to work my abs for the first time since my delivery. Thank you so much! πŸ’œ

  9. will this still work for someone who has had a c section after almost 3 yrs i didn't dilate during my pregnancy and ended up in having a c section i want to get rid of this overlap pooch of mine i lost a total of 71 lbs last yr but still have a muffintop

  10. Hi, I can't seem to find the video for the ab separation exercises. Can you send me the link please

  11. Love this workout!
    How long should I do this workout for, before moving on to more traditional workouts?

  12. Thank you Amy. This is my first exercise a year after my section, found the thought of doing it a lot worse than actually just getting on and doing it! You made it enjoyable, thank you xx

  13. Hi Amy.. I started doing this.. How many days should I do the same workout? Is there any change after some days?

  14. Today is my second week after my c-section when do you think/recommend I should start doing these exercises?

  15. After c section I'm completed 10 months. Now can do these exercise? It's possible flat my belly stomach

  16. I did it after 4 weeks of c section. Last one was harder for me. But the rest was good. Thanks for the video and for concluding words spoken with true moms understanding:))))

  17. Is this all you do to get your body? Or do you do other work outs as well. Also how many times a day for this to be effective

  18. It's been a year since I had my baby by C-section. Still have a saggy Billy πŸ™ Can I still do this? Also I ride my bike down in my workout room for 30 minutes every morning before breakfast.

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