12 of the Strangest Things that Happen During + After Childbirth

for me a big part of my anxiety about childbirth was all the stuff I didn't know and so sure it took classes and read books but I still felt like there was a lot of information that no one was telling me and since after having a baby and attending many births I've discovered that I was kind of right there is some strange stuff that happens that not everyone is incredibly open and forward about so I thought I would share some of the strange happenings that could potentially happen during childbirth and right after childbirth that will hopefully make you feel like you have the full picture you're going in with eyes wide open and hopefully you can have a bit less anxiety or fear about the experience so I'm going to use my my cheat sheet to make sure I don't miss anything all right so the first thing time is distorted and this can go one of two ways for some women it feels like time really slows down and like two minutes goes by and what felt like 30 minutes and for so women time flies and you really get into the zone hypnosis can help with this guided meditation you know closing your eyes and visioning going within this can really help time fly and for some women they have no sense of time at all they're just fully focused on getting through each contraction and they don't even want to know what time it is so I really recommend that if you're going to be in a hospital or really any room that has a clock somewhere the room I really encourage covering it up so you're not aware of how much time has passed especially if there is some someone who has the experience of time slowing down that can be really discouraging and so go ahead and cover up that clock alright the next one you kind of get amnesia and this summer serves a purpose because childbirth can be pretty painful and the reason why we're able to have more total baby is because a lot of us somewhat forget what exactly childbirth felt like so that's kind of a good thing but even in the moment we again are so wrapped up in what's happening in second-by-second we're so present because really we have to be that again we forget a lot of the experience like for example I had no idea what the nurses who are with me it's like nine hours on and off during my birth you know I do what they look like until I looked back at the photos and videos and so that's one reason why taking you know some photos and videos can be really cool because it can spark your memory about different parts of the experience all right your modesty totally disappears some women they're like yeah I already am NOT very modest whatever but some women the women that like are in a locker room for example and don't want to see don't want to have other people see them naked they think oh no I'm it'll hold on to my modesty during childbirth I can almost guarantee you that when you were moving through those surges and you were full-on in the active labor you're not gonna care this is you naked you're not going to be aware of the fluids coming out of you a lot of women are worried about pooping during birth even if you do and not all women do but even if you do you're not gonna know and midwives nurses they are so good at immediately wiping it up throw it they don't tell you if you poop or not anybody that knows anything that's around you supporting you they're not gonna say hey you just pooped so don't worry about that and just get ready again for all modesty to fly out the window if you are going to breast feed this often carries well on into the breastfeeding year or years as you just get really used to people seeing your boobs alright next one so you feel like you dropped into an entirely new world after your baby is put in your arms and in so many ways you did you know your world your partner's world if you have one is is changed forever and I'm not trying to say that like every piece of yourself will change you're still you but you see everything around you differently and this can be a really good and beautiful thing all of these trap doors of love open within you you let this child so much or maybe you feel that sense of them I'm holding a stranger maybe I don't feel as much love as I why I was going to I mean there's so there can be so much confusion going on again it's all so new so I really recommend with this part regardless of how you're feeling to just be really gentle with yourself and to realize that you will settle into this new world it will become your new normal and to not panic and again just be really really gentle with yourself as you enter this new realm okay so get ready for your baby to be covered in vernix vernix is really good it helped to protect baby's skin nourish them and they're in the womb it has antibacterial properties so it's kind of nice actually in the looks Congress it looks like waxy cottage cheese comforting your baby's skin do not wipe it off right away if you can help it not a big deal if you do but if you just kind of rub it into baby's skin it's really great for them but don't expect this perfect little clean baby to come out of your vagina they're gonna be covered in a lot of fluids and it's okay that's the way it's supposed to happen and another thing is sometimes right when baby's coming out their coloring can be really shocking maybe they're super bright red or purple or almost blue and this can make a lot of parents panic but don't panic stay calm you've just been through a really tight passageway and so their color might be a little bit off but it will quickly settle back down too so don't panic okay so if you deliver your baby vaginally it's very likely that they're gonna have a somewhat weird shaped head when they come out especially if you spent a lot of time pushing on the top of your head the top of their head was in a pretty tight space they might have a bit of a conehead don't worry their heads not gonna be like that for the rest of their lives a little back into a nice round shape but again their head might look a little bit alien like alright the next strange thing is seeing your placenta for me this was equal parts disgusting and fascinating I mean this isn't organ that you grew essentially from scratch and it is what supported and nourished your baby the last nine months so it's really incredible so while you might think no I don't want to see the polenta just get rid of it or give it to the Midwife who's gonna encapsulate it I don't want to look at it I really encouraged taking a look at it or at least having somebody take a pictures and you can check it out later because it's really cool in a really strange and gross way next one meconium this is the term for baby's first poop or their first few poops it looks like tar and it smells like nothing so when this black sticky substance comes out of your baby's butt it's all good that's what's supposed to happen and sometimes sometimes babies have a bowel movement in the womb and this isn't necessarily an emergency situation but if the the doctor or the Midwife sees meconium coming out of you when you're in delivery bill if you're in the hospital they'll have the NICU team come in and be there and to check out baby just in case they have aspirated some of the meconium and just need a little bit of help so don't panic if that happens but you know if you're not at the birth center or your midwife isn't there yet you're not hospital go ahead and let your care care provider know if a substance that is maybe green or yellow comes out of you because this could be a sign that maybe how about movement but don't be alarmed just let somebody know all right and the next one there will be blood quite a lot of blood especially right after a baby is born and you can expect some bleeding for about 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth and one thing to look out for especially around day or so after having the baby is if you are quickly soaking through the shiet pads that you're going to be given if you're soaking through those pretty quickly definitely let your doctor know but there will be quite a bit of blood again you're gonna need those big pads and you should expect to see blood on them you will also possibly see some blood clots some that might be pretty big if it's the size of a golf ball or bigger let your doctor know and of course you know even though bleeding is normal postpartum if it worries you or you're concerned about everything always err on the side of caution and go ahead and check in with your care provider but know that you can explain expect blood okay your hair falls out yeh but don't panic when you're pregnant because of the shift in hormones you don't lose the hair that you normally lose throughout a day and so after we have another shift in hormones after baby is born that hair that would have normally been shed during the nine months when you were pregnant starts falling out and this can be pretty alarming because it sometimes comes out in clumps and your shower drain is clogged it can be really freaky but don't worry after it's done you'll just be back to your pre-pregnancy thickness okay and finally it's going to look like you have breast implants when your milk comes in this is called engorgement your boobs get really big really hard and it can be really uncomfortable but that will not happen the entire time you're breastfeeding again it happens right when your milk comes in and if it's uncomfortable you can go ahead and put a warm compress on each breast you can self express some milk sometimes an engorged breasts it's hard for the baby to latch on to so if you just kind of press on the breast around the nipple that should let out a bit of milk make the breast a little bit softer so baby can latch on and of course as they drain the rest it'll become softer this might happen a few times as your body and on your baby get into a rhythm with breastfeeding and it's really amazing your body does get to know your baby's patterns and when to produce milk it's this like magical syncing up that happens but just have patience with your body as as you work through that I think that's about it if there are other you know strange phenomenon that you experienced during childbirth or after go ahead and leave it in the comments below you

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  1. I have another one to add to the list! As my body was healing I felt very weird and sometimes sharp pains at random times throughout my abdomen. My Dr. described it as nerve pain as my organs were settling back into their usual spots, once my uterus shrunk back to normal. The first few times it was so intense I asked my husband to hold the baby. I had never felt anything like it and wasn’t sure what was happening!

  2. This video needs a million views! My baby is almost a year old and ALL of this happened especially the weird childbirth time warp. I have no clue how long I pushed, who the nurses were etc! It was just my doula and me (in my mind-my husband was there too lol). The weirdest thing for me is how I went from not a mom to a mom in a second and now I don’t remember life without my baby. Thanks for sharing. Love your birth class on Udemy.

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