12 Weeks PostPartum | C Section Recovery

so I'm going to talk about things that you do within the first 12 weeks to help tighten up not have that loose skin and yeah so I want to show you my results so far I'll show you when I Drive to the hospital you on Monday at least a 12-week mark for post-op and what that means is that now I'm 12 weeks out from having my c-section which is actually my fourth one all of my kids were born by c-section very loose clothing yet t-shirt comfortable shorts that's what I wear I don't try the pushing I don't try to be super super cute at these simple hairstyles like breaks I'll do my brows and I put on some loose I'd never wear foundation into the moisturizer just SPF so ya lose t-shirt right my binder stuff gonna take this off I find it off when you when I eat I take it off away two hours before I put it back on put that right there right here these are the high-waisted tummy control underwear they actually meant for after you have a post operation whether it was a tummy tuck c-section it so that it's not against your incision and then over top of that I have spandex shorts some more support for the tissue after you have a baby everything is still out typically and most women that I know their belly is still like out out here and your uterus is still contracting in or coming back end whatever you want to say so typically you need to wear supportive garments as such so that it supports the tissue as the tissue comes back in and my mind I feel like basically of you messages hang out that's what it's gonna it's going to encourage your skin to stay stretched out it wear support assignments so that it encourages your skin to retracts back in also make sure you're using your moisturizer on your skin so it helps you like to see stuff that and then you can come back in basically whatever so that's down underwear pink and then this is stomach currently do have some the skin for this I'm actually going to be doing our sculpted rx treatments on myself my hubby's will be doing that so if you want to see those treatments I'll definitely post some videos about it but that's what we're going to be doing I will include the links to the app binder to the underwear these spandex shorts I've had for ever I've had them since like 2014 I need to throw them away like for real but I love them I love them so much

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