12 Weeks Pregnant: What You Really Need To Know

you the biggest fetal development at twelfth week of pregnancy is reflexes when the mother taps her abdomen with a finger the baby squirms your baby is now comparable to the size of a live his or her height is two point one inches and weighs 49 ounces the basic brain structure is complete now the neurons are multiplying rapidly and the synapses are forming at speed the eyes and ears are in the right position the arms and legs are fully formed as those reflexes develop the way babies tiny hands will open and close toes will curl and that small mouth will begin to suck the thyroid is fully formed and the pancreas has begun to synthesize insulin the bone marrow is starting to produce WBC's while the pituitary gland begins when hormones muscles in the digestive tract are getting prepared the small intestines are now in place your baby's heart is beating at a pace of 160 beats per minute that is double the pace of the mother's heartbeat mother's waist grows so thick that you probably may lose clothing mothers might notice the darkening of the skin on their face and neck stay tuned for next week's video only on consumer health digest calm you

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  1. I'm 7 week pregnant but the baby womb growth is about to 6 week….plz tell me what can I do for fast growing baby growth..plz reply me…I need your suggestion to save my pregnancy…plz mam

  2. Hi am 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby and my vabys heart rate is 150bpm plz let me know it's a boy or a girl

  3. Hi. I’m around 10th week of my pregnancy. I can’t hear baby’s heartbeat on usg. Doctor go for TVS and see the heart moves.
    Why I can’t hear the heartbeat??? Should I worry???

  4. i god enakku 2 times miscarriage achu ippa tha god 3 baby ya kututhurukkaga irthu enakku kantippa ketaikkanum pls………… enakkanti ellarum God pireyar panniga frnds pls………

  5. I'm pregnent now 2nd time last time 3rd month no baby wt.I'm
    PRegnent now I'm prrgent again with 12 week or 3rd month but baby size is too small and no hearbeat doctor give me appointment 6th of august. wt.shall i do for my baby growth and heartbeat.please give me any suggestion.please

  6. Is that true that ultrasound scan harm our baby .I im 12 weeks prgnnt can scan detect my gender in 13 week. And I also wana ask that is every month scan is harm full or not. Plz help waiting for your response.

  7. at my 12 weeks pregnancy I feel dizziness,and I have the acidity problems especially in night, even unable to eat anything.feel so bad

  8. ive missed my period this month of august and i feel something n my uterus some hardening ang cramping..but wen i used a pregancy test its results is negative and now im not sure what is it i felt inside me..but i was still hoping and praying that i have conceived but the test says negative..what should i do?

  9. hi I'm 12th week pregnant my left hand & leg very painful and swelling at thigh part and my BP is 130/90 what precautions should I take

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