12DPO LIVE PREG TEST CYCLE 6 After Miscarriage

morning guys today I am 12 TPP is 11:30 it's on a Saturday we're really super busy today so I promise this is a really quick pregnancy test video so quick clear and simple pounds so fun I hope pttc is all okay at the moment doing little shout out to simply Tanika who watches my channel hello there she's going through ovulation sticks and things at the moment on an IVF journey so do join her and simply Tanika there you go I've just did that soompi has been in a screw-top can but it's been sat there for three hours whilst we went to football but I did have a screw lid so I popped it in an old empty clean tub I haven't had time to actually get around to doing this yet and it's going across now there's the control line up oh gosh no symptoms really has reported lots of cm had that loads feeling really wet I actually thought I might have been coming on this morning but so far so good so yeah twelve DPO so theoretically I should have two to three days left before AF shows so not sure what's happening control line is up but it is still really early day so I will be testing again tomorrow regardless and testing until a X shows I'm just hoping I'm not one of those people and I know there's a few of you at the moment that have thought you're pregnant done a test waited two weeks and still not had your period Lib tips for those reflexology is amazing you can get them to really work on your ovulation line that's really work to me taking vitamin C in the effervescent tablets a thousand milligrams of that once a day and a hot water bottle and your tummy that's if you're inducing a period because because people do that for holidays and special occasions so I know if you're trying to get your period started that's a really good idea but apart from reflexology in that I wouldn't really know what to do because that's the two things I did when I was trying for my um period to come on this hasn't been that long it's only been two minutes I definitely can't see a line and it's pretty negative to me it's weird because I've got quite a good feeding but there's a lot of you are saying get the first response I do want to do the first response with they're so expensive and another lady I follow Vanessa suggested Amazon and I wish started going on there but I don't have primetime deliveries that won't come tomorrow it'd be like two three days and it'd be too late by then another five or started AF or um yeah so I might go into town and get one I've got a rapid response one that you can use on the day you miss period I've got a digital one which I'd say for when I get a faint positive and I've got loads of these GPS which to be honest because of the holidays I don't spend loads and loads of money I'm just thinking it's a good idea just to use what I've got I'm going to say that's a negative because you've got to read results within three minutes but it's three minutes twenty seconds this video and I got dippin straight away so yeah I can't see a thing so I will do fresh oven and a fresh test tomorrow I won't keep it wait and it's just been the situation today how to t have a shower get straight out the door football my husband got called out so it was really really busy so literally half 11 it's the first time I've been able to do this video love to you all please like and subscribe I know it's only a short video but I'll be back tomorrow at 13 DPO it should be Sunday to do another one and please please please remember to like the video it really helps me I know I get thumbs down if you don't like the video I am sorry they are a little bit crappy on my mobile phone but it's all I can manage at the moment but yeah at the moment negative result 12d p.m. thank you

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  1. Those tests are the worst. I had exactly the same ones with the green handle. I didn't get a positive on that until 16 dpo. But anyway either way you will find out in a few days if your period doesn't return. Good luck 🀞 🀞 πŸ€ 🀞

  2. still watching your channel to follow your journey! Lots of baby dust to you fingers crossed for a positive very soon 😘

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