13-16 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE | Breakouts, Juicing, Exercise

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here my name is Amanda and I'm currently pregnant with our first child so I've been doing pregnancy updates every day for four weeks so like a chunk of four weeks and this week I'm gonna do my 13 to 16 week update so I'm currently a little bit further along right now I'm 17 weeks so by the time you're seeing this they'll probably be even further along but anyway jumping right in so week 13 I had actually gone back to New Jersey for I think it was a friend's wedding and we live in Houston so after traveling to New Jersey I actually got sick my my nephew he is like seven months or so and he was really sick he had an ear infection and had to get taken out of daycare and my sister she was sick too so that combined with flying and everything I was so sick when I got back home and I never really get sick but I guess because when you're pregnant you're a little bit more susceptible to getting sick because your immune system is a little bit weaker it was so bad I had such a bad sore throat a headache and the worst cough I'm telling you I I usually don't get coughs like if I'm safe I'll have I'll get a cold like or something like that or a sore throat but this cough I was coughing for a week it was so bad my husband couldn't sleep because I was just up all night coughing and it literally lasted a week and a half and I didn't do anything I think I took tylenol maybe one day for my headache but it was just it was terrible so next time I'm definitely stocking up on you know emergency or airborne or something like that I'm gonna travel but anyway aside from that once I felt a little bit better that um I mean Lee just felt bloated like I didn't look pregnant during week 13 it just looked like I ate a really big meal I still fit into my jeans and all of my clothes I was kind of feeling tired and sluggish because I had been sick and I didn't want to go out I was just wanting to stay on the couch and just watch TV and kind of be by myself and I think the commotion of the weekend before that kind of affected me so I had to be on the whole weekend and I didn't really get any downtime so by the time I got back to Houston I was just like done and then not sleeping in my bed and everything like that obviously affected it too but other than that I felt pretty normal I didn't have any food cravings it's just been kind of the same I had been starting to get obsessed with diet coke and I might have mentioned that in a previous video but I don't know something about the bubbles and the taste or whatever I wasn't drinking a ton of it but you know a few days maybe on the weekend I would have diet coke so week 14 I weighed 121 pounds so I have gained four pounds since I got pregnant and by week 14 I read that the baby is doubling in size every week so that would make sense I had my 14 week appointment with my OB and she said everything looked great his heart rate I announced we're having a boy in the last video so his heart rate was 150 which is totally fine and she said it's definitely a boy after looking at the ultrasound and she said that I only gained two pounds based on when they weigh and my skill says four so who even knows but she said that's fine it's great you're not really supposed to gain too much weight early on I also had a ton more energy this week and I was motivated to get a house and I ate much better I had a few salads during this week and I was really really obsessed with Honey Crisp apples and I would chop them up and put them in this like pb2 and I would put some cinnamon and some sea salt oh my god it was like I was having that so often for dessert or during the day for a snack it's so good I didn't have really any physical symptoms I didn't have any like round ligament pain or crimping or anything strange like that my sleep really improved I think because I had started it exercise him a little bit more and when I say a little bit more I mean like three times a week as opposed to zero and only like 30 minute workouts I haven't been doing anything crazy because I was trying to just ease back in I said my pants fit but this week they started getting a little snug so I went on Amazon and I bought one of those like pants expanders it velcros between your two belt loops and you know you just put him on your jeans and you can leave the top button unbuttoned and so I was wearing that so that I could I still didn't have to buy maternity clothes but it was so funny and I was on sent me an email after I bought that was probably like ten other pants expander options so I kind of I was laughing at it was kind of funny but my husband was like maybe all our maybe I'll buy one of those I was like okay you can gain the pregnancy way too it's fine so anyway but I actually did that week I bought my first pair of maternity legging I think I had just gone to Target and gotten them I think the brand was Ingrid and Isabel and they're really cute I still didn't have a belly so you could fold them over which was really great so I could still wear them because all of my leggings were just too tight and uncomfortable like the top seam part was just digging in and I didn't like that but I loved them they were really cute and I liked that brand so I'll probably buy another pair of those and another thing for this week is that my love for coffee came back so previously I just hadn't felt like drinking coffee at all if I wanted something I would have tea but I don't know I guess moving along more into you know later into your pregnancy your senses and tastes that you used to have might come back so now I'm perfect well that guy was preferring hot coffee and instead of an iced coffee and I had been obsessed with iced coffee for a while but I was just making it at home and I really enjoyed it and I only had one cup a day or I was drinking decaf so week 15 I weighed 122 pounds so I gained another pound over the last week for five pounds total per my scale and at the beginning of this week I wasn't feeling great I was tired again and I wasn't really motivated so I was like I really need to change something I want to get back in the game so I started always we bought a juicer and I started making green juice at home and the reason I did this was because my OB said that any kind of juice like fresh greeting raw raw green juice that you buy at a store or a juicer E or something like that could have Listeria in it which could affect you know the baby so your best option if you want to drink green juice I'm prior to being pregnant I would drink like four green juices a week so this is a huge thing that I have been missing out on and I was really upset so I started making at home using all organic vegetables and the thing you have to remember my OB said is to if you're going to juice make sure you clean everything really well and if you get like the the veggie spray at Whole Foods or something to clean it that's the best and then you need to drink your juice within I believe 24 hours because after that point it could get Listeria or whatever that bacteria is so you don't want that but I felt immediately after drinking my juice I was like oh my gosh this is just giving me life and I you know I felt healthy AF so that was exciting I started having a little bit of lower back pain during week 15 and I kind of felt like when I woke up in the mornings that I was getting sick my throat was scratchy and kind of dry and I don't know if that was because it was starting to get cold but also when I would blow my nose it would kind of be like a little bloody sometimes and I read that that is normal or people have experienced that when they're pregnant I don't remember why but anyway it wasn't anything intense that I was you know worried about it but that was that and then by the end of week 15 I was just feeling amazing I felt back to myself you know I just felt really good I was motivated I wanted to get out of the house I went out for girls night which you know getting out of the house when you're pregnant if you are pregnant you know it's sometimes it's tough but I felt so awesome that week and just really back to my normal self so moving on to week 16 I was up to a hundred and three pounds so I'm literally gaining a pound a week at this point and I think I read that that's normal so that you know that's fine I was a hundred and 1617 before I got pregnant so I think is pretty pretty normal anyways that week I was breaking out like crazy and I think it was because my body was detoxing from drinking all of the green juice the week before and that's what happens to me there was this one point in time I think it was around 2013 where I went on a completely raw diet I was eating literally no cooked food and my body was I did it cold turkey so my body was completely in shock and I started breaking out like crazy literally my face was just like lick pimple every everywhere under the skin uh oh my gosh it was the worst so anyway I'm assuming that because I hadn't been eating that healthier drinking green juice and then I kind of shocked my system my body was starting to detox otherwise I felt really great I didn't have any cravings I was working out regularly like three times a week doing 30 ish minute workouts doing hit workouts and some strength stuff just at home workouts not going to the gym or anything like that because I prefer that I was starting to feel this stretching pressure feeling in my lower abdomen and I'm assuming that was just because my nurse was sorry that was a FedEx truck my uterus was expanding so that was that and then let's see I didn't have any constipation I haven't had any throughout my entire pregnancy thus far and I had been having a lot of cm cervical mucus over the past few weeks I think probably I don't know if I mentioned it in a previous video but probably starting around week 10 or 11 it was just increased and it's still happening I've been drinking a ton a ton of water every single day and going to the bathroom a lot and that's really it I felt kind of congested like I said in the morning but overall I'm really loving this period in my pregnancy I feel great I feel act normal not craving the junk food the chick-fil-a while I still go to chick-fil-a like once a week but I'm not craving the junk food that I had then I'm not eating ramen anymore pop-tarts anymore I'm not eating fluff anymore I'm trying to add more fruits and vegetables in and eat salads and things like that oh and in case you're wondering I've been eating a ton of eggs mostly hard-boiled eggs or I'll make an egg and put it on an English muffin or something but my OB said that she's pregnant too and she's I think she's due in February but she said that she's eating like five times a day and it's really good for brain development and especially if you're having a boy she said that it'll help reduce the risk of having an autistic child especially if it's a boy so I've been eating a lot of eggs and that's why cuz I love it I have been even eating five but I've been eating anywhere from two three sometimes four every single day so that is pretty much it that wrecked a week 16 I'm 17 weeks now I figured I've been just clips pictures of my belly progression to all my vlogs but I figured this week I am well last week move right now I'm 17 weeks so anyway you're getting a little bit of a early bump pic or video but I'll show you my stomach right now so this is me you just know this year this is just like normal I'm wearing joggers right now but this is the bump so I just like what my stomach relaxed beside from the front and there yeah there you go baby and the other side thank you so much for watching and joining me on my pregnancy journey if you're experiencing any of the same symptoms or if you're if you're not if you're having anything crazy leave it below in the comments and be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe thank you guys so much again for watching love you and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. Hey love!
    Just found your channel and I am so excited for you!! I am almost 15 weeks with baby number 2! So fun to find other mamas to share the journey with! Also, you are STUNNING!!✨

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