13 DPO LIVE PREGNANCY TEST. Cycle 6 after Miscarriage

morning guys today some day I'm 13 DCO and ice to come to the first response because the roads of you were saying that was cheeky runs of crap who don't sometimes detector 16 dpi well I'm thinking to myself if I am pregnant if it doesn't show you today I can come out I felt a little bit tummy crampy yesterday morning and thought is this stretchy or is this was actually a stretch genus or whether it was need coming on or what the UK is all the picture up Tess nothing on there right one two three I'm gonna get all ten second day I don't know I really think I remember the chance this month but I don't feel that no sore nipples loads of cm still tired yes first yes but that's it really but I will go through my to reread in another video and I've got a bit more time and obviously if it's pregnancy then I can really microscope all my symptoms and won't go through them but yeah I mean in my heart heart so I think we've got such a good chance of being pregnant control lines up so we give that some time I'm gonna carry on testing obviously today f shows but as we know 28 days I'll beat you on tomorrow 29 days the day after but we have had a few irregularity that way what would one mid cycle bleed and my 20 day ovulation and things like that remember if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do so because I'll be doing lots of videos but there is a 2pk again and we got her back to the drawing board or whether it's live pregnancy tests there'll be loads of tests when we chit-chatted pregnancy symptoms if I'm pregnant there'd be lots of other things I can do and just get this tree growing and there's loads of women how they were TTC channels that might be able to help you if you're trying for your first baby or if you're going through symptoms that you don't think are normal but you don't think it's really big enough for a GP s– appointment just join the family click on subscribe like at the end of this video and ping on notifications because it really helps me blows and it gets that tree growing but yet today I'm just gonna let you know whether it's a positive or negative and I'll be back tomorrow and I will keep you updated regardless until air shows all right these lead the results in three minutes aren't they I can't see anything just about to come out the shower my two older ones are getting dressed we've got football training again today it's so full of my football all the time so it really is a quick five-minute video to tell you what's happening so yeah as you know I've done cheaply strips up to now I started testing on twelve DPO this time around I'm sorry eleven DPO so we've had negative negative and this one probably is going to be negative but the earliest are shown is ten DPO and I miscarried in December had no symptoms then other than slightly liquid boobs this time around not many symptoms but I just think because of baby dancing the day before the static and the day off the static we've got a good chance that it being the smiley static on the clear blue purple at Bart's digital why it's been definitely going out for three minutes because this videos falling it's ten and I feel I would see something now I really do I think I think that would be something there if I was it's really good daylight in here as well our family bathroom if you can see anything let me know but I'm gonna say that's a BS end after so that's definitely nothing if you can see a line let me know input I don't think that's a line so I'm gonna say 13 dpo negative from I'm still two days early to test on my so I'll keep you updated but the first response and definitely negative I might test later on this afternoon yeah luck to you all baby dusty or and please comment down below if you'll pay

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  1. I can't see anything. I honestly think next month will be a better one for you.. Especially with the weird bleed then super early ovulation. I reckon next month will be it. Normal ovulation etc and nice big fat positive in the end.

  2. Hey I'm 13DPO and didn't even look for this video. WOW! So tired of being disappointed, can't even bring myself to test. Blah. Good luck getting your BFP.

  3. I pray that you get your BFP very soon! Keep your energy high because you will fall pregnant and have a beautiful baby πŸ’—

  4. Love your channel and videos.

    Totally agree with you about trying to be a close knit community and i try to find a new smallet youtube channel to subscribe to whenever i can (not trying to say you are small)

    Babydust and love sent your way xx

  5. Hello lovely, I've been following you for years and love your videos!!
    Enjoy your Sunday with your family and forget about it for today and test again in the morning 😊
    Good luck my lovely – enjoy the rest of your weekend and I look forward to watching your next update soon!! Xxxx

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