13 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the Growth of Your Baby

13th week pregnancy welcome expectant mothers your sweet baby is now comparable to the size of a peach but less than a finger the head is only one-fourth the size of the body the baby has started rooting in the mother's womb and has tiny fingertips she or he can probably put the tiny thumb in the mouth bones become prominent the placenta which weighs just an ounce is expanding that nourishes your baby the soft hair on your baby's body is making its appearance the genitals are taking on their gender characteristics the muscles of the chest wall are starting to develop the amniotic fluid that the baby swallows passes out of the body as urine your baby now has vocal cords the lips and nose are completely formed the pancreas as well as the gall bladder of the baby is fully formed the baby girl has over 2 million eggs in the ovaries when she's born it drops to a million only and by the time she reaches puberty her eggs will only be around 200,000 her mother's during the 13th week symptoms may not disappear completely but at least they're not as notorious as the first trimesters morning sickness may be entirely gone and this will be replaced by food cravings and because the uterus continually expands moms-to-be continue to feel the troubles of heartburn and indigestion stay tuned for next week's video only on consumer health digest calm take care of yourself you

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  1. I'm 13weeks now… For the past few days I'm not able to sleep properly… Side-wise sleeping is disturbed often… And I get too much of irritating moods without reasons… Is this normal by this time?

  2. I’m 13 week pregnant and I’m spotting brown it’s been 6 days is this normal plz do anyone here has same situation as me. Tell me

  3. I watched this with my first pregnancy,and I finally found this channel again this time I'm subscribing! Lol im 13 weeks with my second.

  4. is that normal to have brown colour spottings in 13week..plz reply me…past two days i found spotting. .doctor gave me injection but still its continuing

  5. Hi moms and dads that are going to be new parents congratulations and I want to give you guys a great tip something that can save your baby's life I hope you take this serious and I hope you do your own research and instead of getting scared getting formed and be prepared please check out the vaxxed channel on YouTube go with an open mind listen to interview after interview after interview and do your own study open your mind and look at other sources of information but please start at the vaxxed channel

    In a nutshell what I'm going to share with you you will learn on your own vaccinations are being pushed on us and there's a lot of information that we are not aware of but the information is there did you know that the vaccinations have the following ingredients adjuvants and chemicals please pay attention

    Heavy metal toxins such as aluminum Mercury chemicals which allow heavy metal toxins to penetrate the brain chemicals like polysorbate 80 did you know that vaccinations contain blood and DNA from other human beings aborted fetal tissue and animals monkeys cows pigs did you know this I repeat one more time to not take Mike or for it do your own research let the following sink in your head for a little bit when the baby is born right away they give three toxins to the body of a healthy newborn the first one being the vitamin K shot now it sounds good vitamin K but number one it has aluminum heavy metal toxins it has very dangerous chemicals it has animal or foreign DNA it has 200 times the amount of vitamin C recommended for a newborn but they try to sell you with the vitamin K so it's a vitamin it's good how can that be wrong check out the ingredients please they put antibiotic drops in the eyes again the preservative chemicals in the traps are toxins and then worst of all is a hepatitis B vaccine immediately upon verse that give you the hepatitis B vaccine for your baby injected into your baby this vaccine also has heavy metal toxins dangerous chemicals of foreign DNA of aborted fetal tissue and animal DNA how hepatitis C is only transmitted through sexual intercourse or intravenous drug use something that your baby is not going to be associated with an anyway and the mom has probably already been tested and found the negatives to Hepatitis B so there's really absolutely no reason why you're healthy precious newborn should be injected with any of these toxins and that's just the first day of birth by the time the baby is 5 your baby will have received close to 60 vaccinations sometimes in multiple doses of 7 or 8 or 9 vacci es at a Time.

  6. 13 weeks in 2 days now 12 weeks 5 days and I feel way better 🙂 Already barely tired and morning sickness almost gone. Started to get really hungry tho!!!

  7. hi.. m also 13 week pregnant.i m suffering from fever n cough for last 1 week..is this harmful for my baby?? nd how we know the baby is growing well without altrasound??

  8. I'm pregnant too but my enemy does not leave me alone..they are trying to destroy my pregnancy…I have no1 in world..I'm all alone but I have lots of enemies

  9. It's my second pregnancy how soon am I gonna show I still don't show yet I'm 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant

  10. This Thursday I'll be 13 weeks pregnant last week I felt fluttered I still feel on and off. If you don't see no bleeding does that mean your baby is ok in the womb.

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