13,000-strong petition opposes liberalisation of abortion laws

my family we're in Wellington and we are at the steps of Parliament and we're about to receive the petition I've got Gina Sunderland from the March for Life New Zealand with me and about Kate Cormac from voice for life and we've got 13,000 signatures in thousands of you have signed this petition thank you we're going to give it to the politicians shortly and we're going to ask them to to vote for life – it's a human right the unborn child has a human right to be born and so we're going to present this petition if they take it out of the Crimes Act the unborn child has no legal protection at all and I tell you what taking the life of an unborn child is never able to be labeled as healthcare it's don't let anyone call it healthcare we've got to protect the unborn so let's go and present the petition to Parliament so the petition has been presented can I just thank the thousands of you the families that signed this petition we need to send a clear message to Parliament that the unborn child is human rights and so what now well apparently people in that building behind me still a hell bent on taking abortion out of the crimes act that means removing all legal protection from the unborn child it means treating an unborn child is no different to tonsils or taking out an appendix just a health process killing the unborn child can never be a health process can it so what from now please stay in contact with us go to family first NZ go to choose life dot NZD sign up for our newsletters let's stay in touch because we need to fight this bill we need to fight it for the unborn because we love both we love the unborn child and we love the pregnant mother

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