13th Floor "Abortion" Burgundy

I'm gonna tell you a story of a girl was lost and lonely it will be truthful so if you dare not feel the stab of the sort that I bear please cover your ears she opened her eyes every morning but on this day I wondered if it was truly reality pregnancy sent all her dreams down the drain all the promises of happiness left broken she could not be another statistic and must defend her family name in the beginning she had only desire in sensuality but now must deal with the growing actuality she wandered in darkness her pitiful cries were left without comfort yet creeping out of the obscurity surrounding her artificial light show through her eyes stung his freedom appeared to be in her midst but those burdened tears streaming down her cheeks relief was whispered free of worry free of shame no child equals no pain she was deceived into believing that executing the life within her was the only way and self-justification she has seen a hero until that final choice is made until her child is slain skipping school she waited at the bus stop to take a ride to that lurid place her father even saw her on his drive to work he urged her into the car being happily ignorant and the silence her heart screamed dad please ask where my jaws shot in a brace he dropped her off without the slightest clue and left him there having no idea what her plan was to do she met the father of her child there and they waited for hours for what was thought just a consultation he came just to pay his half the bill and to mention how many despised her a real doctrinaire she walked down the halls with no pictures no paintings just a pale white nothing she was choking on insecurities as the ultrasound was taken for the first time she saw the miracle there and could no longer deny that there are now two hearts beating within her a moment of hesitation before she called the gift of curse before the black consumed her her legs shook with pain in every ways death and paled her eyes closed tight she wished for her own annihilation but her heartbeat remains incomplete damnation yes her heartbeat remained drumming loudly as she plunged into oblivion she drank the bitter liquid from countless bottles to wash away the blood maybe but it was only drowning her in her own suffering to avoid the word that was sure to destroy her proportion no life in her womb not in her soul but her heart still beat with that empty empty thump thump Cajun self hate former friends surrounded her and morphed into the walls of her Bastille accusations were made without words please stop looking at me she screamed they ripped it away they made me dilate murderer murderer is head through clenched teeth and taunting smiles she hid away her enemies pursued hugging her chest she embraced the sword that stabbed covering her head she wept as Oliver Constitution was scratched away by her accusers any screech for mercy was soon subdued she was left desolate leaving only bitterness to fill and shame to covered battered skin her scars showed healing but there was only embedded ache haba my god my father please save me from my sin I took the grave not knowing I'd fallen yes that little girl was me and as the grief devoured me I knew my reality that I did not deserve to draw breath this is what was blood-covered my already filthy hands and I despised them god I screamed would you help me and how could you possibly listen to a murderer like me his wrath should be upon me an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth I should die for killing life that there was a man who heard my cry he the epitome of perfection came to me he touched my hands taking the blood and filth upon himself and I the murderer shouted and hate crucify him crucify him but now I see oh I see that Jesus Christ became a murderer on the cross for me as I realized what he's done the pain engrossed me how could you I said love you replied this is grace that you took my place four years ago near this very day you erased my wickedness and took my child to a safe place my sin put him on the cross and he took it upon himself to save an enemy for his death I am reconciled he rose again and placing his hand on my head I looked up and he called me friend Jesus Christ he is my connecting rod God the Father took him who knew no sin to be sin so that in him we might become the righteousness of God

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  1. This is powerful. This young Christian gets it. She, thank you Lord, gets you. She gets what you did and continue to do for her and for all of humanity.

  2. Oh Gosh. I am a male and this poem made me tear up, my body covered in goosebumps. This is soo heartfelt and true

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