1. “Who tf do you think you are telling people that im pregnant “ says while growing 😭😂

  2. Her mom:”This isn’t for you this is for the baby”
    Me:😂😂😂I’m ded XD

  3. I’m 13 and have no interest in boys,girls nothing
    -no boyfriend/girlfriend
    -not even a crush

    yea …..- –

  4. Since you didn’t start taking prenatals during the beginning of the pregnancy did it affect you or the baby in anyway?

  5. everyone in the comments talking ab how old they are and how they haven’t done all these things,, NOBODY GIVES A FUCK MAN SHUT UP do you want a cookie? shove it up your ass

  6. some of y’alls really acting like teen pregnancy is a new thing ,,,,, it’s always been a thing 😭 contraceptives are never 100% effective. it’s normal for teens to start experimenting and having sex, I’m not condoning it but I’m also not so closed minded as to think that it never happens or it’s preventable.

  7. I watch this video at least 6 times a year, I will never get sick of the way she tells this story 😩

  8. Your story is exactly like mine! I was six months and had just started my third trimester when i went to go take my first test. I was in denial up until then . i hid it from my family and from the rest of the world for 9 months. The delivery of my son was posted the day he was born. As well as everything else you have mentioned! The only difference is i was 17 years old.

  9. holy shit it took me about five minutes but i finally figured out the sound she edited in at 9:57 it's the valentino white bag mom !!! lmao off topic, i know, but totally worth this comment

  10. I'm over here rolling away with the edits they cracked me up, especially the ones with "when was your last last period" haha… But what had me replaying was when you said the baby name.. was it Olanie, cause I'm not sure lool cause if so then that's my name also prob spelled different tho… but you go girl…. keep staying strong #XOXO

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