14 Weeks Pregnant: How Big is Your Baby this Week?

14th week pregnancy welcome expectant mothers at 14 weeks your baby is as big as a big lemon the biggest fetal development during the 14th week is the ability of the fetus to exhibit facial expressions baby's height is 3.5 inches and it weighs 1.5 ounces your baby's posture is improving his neck is becoming more distinct and head more upright baby's firms and legs are growing to the length that is proportional to the rest of the body as your baby's brain cells are growing and working he or she can use his or her facial muscles in making expressions the baby came from squint and react to external stimulus if you peek inside the womb you might see the baby sucking his thumb at this period a downy ultrafine hair called lanugo begins to develop that covers the fetus to keep him cozy and warm once your baby accumulates some insulating fat most of them the new go will shed your baby's brain develops into two distinct halves the left and right hemisphere furthermore the liver is starting to excrete file while the spleen commences in the production of red blood cells overall the baby's flexible and active at 14 weeks but mother's may not yet feel as punches and kicks stay tuned for next week's video only on consumer health digest comm till then take care of yourself you

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  1. Hyy i want to ask one question..is it possible to find out gender at 12 weeks 4 days scan? Is my doctor know what is inside me?

  2. What? I'm 14 weeks. I can't believe my baby is so big. omg My stomach is still small I can't even imagine my baby is that size inside of me right now. Wow

  3. Mam I am now in 14th week pregnancy
    My baby is well developed but skull is not developed what to do pls any suggestions

  4. I was with you until 30 seconds in, until the 'music' drowned out your voice. In my opinion, it's much better to avoid music if you want someone to listen to what you're saying. Thanks anyway.

  5. 14 weeks 1 day! 42 years old and after 1 miscarriage, looks like this baby girlโ€™s gonna make it.

  6. im 14 weeks 2 days now.my stomach beats like heartbeat. is it my heartbeat or my littile princess?pls give ur suggestion.

  7. ohh my lovely channel thanks again for a helpfull video ,its my 2nd pragnancy & like my 1st pragnancy i watch again all pragnancy video week by week,i m 14 week 4 dys but i dont feel my baby movement but i feel my baby heart beat,but in my 1st baby boy i feel kicks everything at 12 weeks is it safe:?.help me and best wish 4 ur channel

  8. I'm 14w pregnant. No flutters and kicks yet. .sometimes I feel heart burn sensation…
    Morning sickness has subsided totally., now I am kitchen friendly and able to cook delicious food for my husband ๐Ÿ˜‚… As of first trimester he use to cook due to my resistance to foody smell๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ˜–โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  9. I'm 14 weeks 6 day today 4 days ago I had ultrasound I saw the baby heart beat it was so cute. Im more energetic I eat well one thing I'm concern is I'm still skinny I'm only 105 pound and I'm 4 month. I dislike gaining weight because in my previous pregnancy I was fat I gain a lots of weight. And I had gestational diabetes too this time I hope I won't get it

  10. 14 weeks you cant feel the kicks really I carry twins and sometimes it feels like they are performing an acrobatic stunt even on my ultrasound the nurse would say uuuuhh…!! did you feel that ha ha ha …. but one thing that has me confused is why do they both like hanging around my right side it kind of hurt a little.? they don't do that all the time when they do it's only for a day or a few hours.

  11. Mother is second God.My wife is going through second pregnancy and i see how hard it is for a lady during pregnancy.

  12. I want to know 25 weeks old baby in womb example size of thning becs its my second pregnancy I m.much aware now this time as compare to first time thatswhy I want to get rid all confusion about baby size week by week

  13. Hello… Im 13 weeks pregnant n its a frst child bt stll cnt feel any movement n ma stomach is flat too stll…. Is it alrth.?

  14. but I'm in my 14 weeks and I feel my baby's little movments while lying straight is this possible i really feel my baby's movements

  15. I can't find any literature saying that red blood cells are produced by the spleen. I don't think this video is medically accurate :/

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