I will say before I show y'all the belly shot that I have ate today so this is just baby I also wanted to talk about my weight gain I'm kind of fed up with being treated certain way by certain people I don't have to put up with this hey y'all and welcome back to our Channel today is my 14 weeks pregnancy update video I just want to start by saying thank you guys so much for clicking on this video and following our channel it is pretty early in the morning I really wanted to record this video earlier to try to get better lighting I don't know if it's gonna work or not y'all let me know and I am so hungry my stomach is literally growling so my baby bump is just gonna be a baby bump it's not gonna be a food baby in baby baby so I might not look like I'm having twins but I really wanted to do this video for y'all because my son right now is still asleep and I have this time right now to do a video so I really wanted to do it for y'all and sorry if I'm looking weird it's just like there's like dust fine but I'm really exciting things coming for our channel I'm really hoping to start doing vlogs way more than I do so if y'all would like me to do more vlogs let me know in the comments below because it's something that I really in tempted to do mainly because I want to stay more connected with y'all and I feel like only doing three videos a week I'm not really as connected there is a lot that happens day-to-day that I don't really get to tell y'all because I don't make enough videos and there's a lot of comments that I wish that I could respond to on video that I don't really get to because I don't record enough so I'm wondering if I recorded more and I did more vlog styling more and obviously still pregnancy update videos and things like that would that be better let me know in the comments below because that's something I'm really seriously considering but anyways let's get on to this pregnancy update video so I am 14 weeks well I just fit I am 14 weeks pregnant and oh my gosh I'm just thinking about it I am 14 weeks pregnant and I wanted to share with you all some of the things that's been going on this week as far as my symptoms and how I've been feeling and everything that's been going on this week baby is the size of an avocado and is 3 inches long as far as symptoms go I have noticed that my lips are dry to the point that they're bleeding and I've never had that problem before I've never had dry lips so much to the point where they're bleeding I actually had to get like chapstick because it's it's uncomfortable my face I feel like now I'm gonna jinx myself when I say this but I my mother ran so pissed but I feel like my skin is more clear than it usually is I'm not having breakouts it could be that I'm not like touching my face all the time anymore it could be that my breakouts were hormonal but I literally am not using any of my acne treatment because it does have some like the Sally a kit I don't know how to say it acid in it that is not recommended during pregnancy I'm pretty sure so I had to stop using the Marad acne treatment system to treat my acne because I usually have a lot probably on takes myself now but oh I just wanted to share that with y'all I've also had a lot of headaches this week which I think it's more so not necessarily to do with pregnancy but to do the fact that I haven't been drinking as much soda I did get to wear it whenever I would drink like Dr Pepper I would burp all day long and I didn't like that very much so I had to definitely cut that out once I drank some coke I haven't had a headache sense so I think that's what was wrong but I know that headaches third pregnancy is very common as well due to many things I think because of like the extra blood flow and extra pressure on your stomach so it's definitely not uncommon but it did kind of scare me a little bit I've also got to where I get this way when I'm pregnant but number one I get to where I'm really Edie and I want to be around my husband all the time which is different I usually don't want to be around people very much I mean I want to obviously Berendt be around my husband but just in general I tend to be a loner on the same token I also have got to where I'm kind of fed up with being treated certain way by certain people definitely not my close family but there's some people that is in my life that kind of treat me like I'm the black sheep which I don't know why and I'm kind of tired of that I get treated like I'm on the bottom of the barrel and not really important I just get fed up and I'm just like I don't have to put up with this that's what's been going on – I just kind of feel fed up with people and also needy for people I've also been craving celery which is very weird because I normally don't want it very much like I went out and bought celery to eat and I just like it's so good I don't know if I'm lacking something or what but I've definitely ate a lot of celery this week I also ate a lot of ice cream and cookies it's it's kind of bad like in one day I literally ate three the ice cream cookie sandwiches are so good I literally cannot stay away from them I'm definitely making a note to never buy them again because I have just went through them in like a few days I mean I do think that I should indulge in some things but I don't want to like raise my blood sugar or cause any things like that with the pregnancy so I'm trying to well I mean honestly no I'm not trying to watch out but I probably should I've also wanted to eat Lucky Charms cereal which is definitely I've never even had Lucky Charms in my life that I remember for some reason when I went to the grocery store I seen it and I just had to have it and I ate it like every day and it's so good I really have no clue I also wanted to talk about my weight gain I just feel like that should be something that is openly talked about and I'm definitely not worried to talk about my weight I'm pretty open about it I started this pregnancy at about 120 give or take I would say just 120 on average and I have now 14 weeks pregnant and I weigh 127 sometimes it's 126 sometimes it's 128 it's kind of depending on what at 8 but I would say average or is around maybe 127 so I've gained about 7 pounds so far which I would say it's not bad at all I think that's pretty average I know some people may gain a little bit more some people may not gain at all I know some people personally who have lost weight even my mom when she was pregnant she was so sick that she actually dropped down really skinny and I've never had that problem when I'm pregnant because I have never been really sick but Jackson I really wasn't sick at all like I said before with his pregnancy I didn't have morning sickness at all with this baby I did have all day morning sickness but I really fought it and it wasn't so intense that I would just throw up everywhere I would literally have five minutes in my pocket at all times so if I ever felt it coming I would just hurry up and like I literally was like eating 24/7 and eighty minutes as well and that's what really helped me so that does contribute to some weight gain I just want to talk about that with y'all I don't think that I'm way off the charts I will say with my son at this point I don't know how much weight had a gain at this point but I know at 17 weeks I weighed a hundred and seventeen pounds so I was about 10 pounds lighter than I am now but with his pregnancy I started out at 108 I think so I definitely was a lot smaller starting out I don't know I guess I should do the math on that I really don't know like the difference so let's do the math really fast so if I weigh 108 with him starting out and then I gain to 117 that would be so I gained about 9 pounds in the first 17 weeks and I've already gained 7 pounds with this baby in 14 weeks so it's right it's honestly like almost exactly what I gained with him I remember with him in the first trimester I gained about 5 pounds and that was about the same this time as well so I guess I I don't know I guess I just eat about the same with each pregnancy I don't know let's move on what's going on in my personal life this week was okay so Father's Day was just recently and I went over to my grandparents house and my dad cooked on the grill and he makes some of the best chicken teriyaki and I love the weenies and everything is so good I always love when he cooks cuz it's honestly really good I also have been trying to clean a lot more and get caught up on the clothes because it is easy for it to get behind and I also wanted to mention that I'm definitely not having any morning sickness whatsoever anymore thank gosh it was a very bad for the first 12 weeks and definitely has went away I also have a doctor's appointment very very soon that I'll be sharing with y'all so if you haven't yet we would absolutely love for you to subscribe to our Channel because I'm going to be sharing everything with y'all and I have already shared so much with y'all as far as trying to conceive in our life so I would definitely love for you to consider subscribing and also follow us on instagram at Morgan family underscore whitey because on there I do ask a lot of questions for y'all to ask me questions and it was so hard to say I've never seen that right I really do appreciate all the support and I love y'all so tremendously much it's honestly like I have like this whole family and it's just amazing to me so thank y'all so much for all the support and I guess I want to show y'all the belly shot now I will say before I show y'all the belly shot that I have ate today so this is just baby I guess I'm gonna go now because I do have to cook breakfast and give the day started I'm so tired oh but I love y'all so much I guess I'll see y'all in our next video bye


  1. Just found your channel and subscribed….what's your due date? Mine is dec 23….I like to follow people that's on the same track as me… feel like ur close! 😊

  2. Ignore people's negative energy.. I don't care what they say you're beautiful, & definitely glowing!! & yess daily vlogs would be wonderful hope you take care, & I love you, & your beautiful family ❤❤

  3. I love whatever video you do . I enjoy them and your handsome boy on there. I have always wanted a boy but God bless me with two girls that I love very much. I know you will be happy with whatever God bless you two with. If you ask me any you look beautiful.

  4. Man, 127lbs. I’d die to weigh that, my metabolism basically died and I’m now almost 160 😭 I’m only 5ft 2. Before I get pregnant I have to drop at least 20lbs because I don’t want to be 200lbs by the time I deliver. Last time I was 125 was when I was 20. That was only 4 years ago almost. I’ve gained 35lbs in almost 4 years. Blah. Loved the pregnancy update!

  5. Yes I love ❤️ you do more vlog and pregnant 🤰 update beautiful pregnant woman 🤰🏼🧡👪

  6. Please ignore negative people and there opinions hon u dont need it. I've gained 21lbs and I'm 24+2.
    I think u look lovely. I love ure updates.

  7. Just found out I’m pregnant a week ago!! I’m almost 6 weeks and have my first doctors appointment the first! Any tips?

  8. Whoever is putting you at the bottom of the barrel, cut them out! You're a beautiful person and dont deserve that.😁❤

  9. U seem sweet let haters hate my name is Paige this is my husband email but I have to kids an u seem happy I wouldn't worry about it

  10. I say when it comes to daily vlogs do what makes you comfortable. I would just vlog as much as you want and not call it daily vlogs so less pressure.

  11. You look great girl! I think you and I are due literally around the same time! Have you told us when your due date is?

  12. Wow!! Its flying by… hope your feeling your best?
    I hope you enjoy being pregnant as much as I? Xx

  13. Awe – you look like you're feeling better – I noticed you were congested last couple vlogs. You are pregnant – vlog when you;re up to it. Enjoy this pregnancy! I'm happy you're out of the first trimester! Make sure you're drinking water ALL DAY LONG (I know it's hard, but chapped lips are a sign of dehydration). For skin care – with my recent pregnancy, I did a lot of like oatmeal face masks – like oatmeal mixed with yogurt just to be safe for baby. With your burping, you can drink sparkling water and then you get your water intake. Wash your celery really good – IDK girl, I craved that too – with ranch and peanut butter but wash your veggies so you don't get listeria. I'm sure you know all this stuff… I feel motherly of you LOL. You're such a sweet girl and I just love you!

    I'm glad you're not worrying about your weight – plenty of time to worry about that later. I gained 60 (SIXTY) with my first pregnancy 10 years ago but only 35 with my now 3 month old and I lost it both times (well, I still have 5 lbs to go but still). You look really healthy – you look great! And started out at 108 – they will allow you to gain a little more than recommended.

  14. I only gained 10 pounds with my daughter and she came out perfectly healthy and I was 146 when I had her. With my son I gained 31 pounds so every pregnancy is different

  15. Yes, daily vlogs!! So sweet you wanna involve us and connect with us! Also, you’re such a beautiful person inside and out 💜

  16. Glad things are going great. Think that's definitely a girl bump. Can't wait to find out. When is the reveal?? Blessings for you and your family 😊

  17. You have a baby coming and I’m dealing with 4 kitty’s they are so cute and little but keep me and my Husband up by jumping and playing . Thank u for being u and my friend . ❤️❤️
    Have a great 👍 day sweet person .

  18. Also I was 135 when I had my son lol I didn’t really gain much my doctor kept telling me you need to eat and I was eating everything in the house but I also was very sick I have acid reflux and it was so much worse when I was pregnant I was sick every day of my pregnancy😔 hoping my next will be easier on me!

  19. You’re glowing! I’m so happy to hear everything is going well. You look beautiful, you’re such an amazing woman. Your little belly makes me miss being pregnant ❤️

  20. Thanks for updating us!! I love hearing about your pregnancy. Love you Heather glad your doing okay❤️

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