14 Weeks Pregnant

hi guys I'm back for a 14 week update and the baby is a size of a lemon and that's really strange the baby's getting really big and growing in there and science been so long since made update I was gonna wait until I went to the doctor but I decided I'd go ahead and make an update and then I'll do a new update after my doctor visit and I have notes from last last week so I'll go over that for you sorry my hair is bothering me um 12 weeks um cravings um I love olives I'm sess with olives I was obsessed with it also with sherry limp lime aids the beginning of my pregnancy now I no longer want those I no longer want to go to McDonald's and eat like I don't want their hamburgers I don't want anything do it their food because last time I had it it was like gross and I had like really about indigestion it was just like not fine so um plums blackberries goldfish are my I love those now I'm very into fruit and Mike's mostly sour stuff I went to stuff that's like sour um and then on February 5th um I went to work it was on a Friday um we had a morning meeting where we normally don't gets really hot in this area that I was at and we're we're having a meeting because my boss wanted to use a bore she needed a bulletin board to show which is showing us and stuff and um I passed out I started getting really lightheaded dizzy when I gonna tell is about to pass out but there was like and nobody knew I was pregnant there so I couldn't say hey I'm probably not about to pass out you know or anything like that I admit I felt like I couldn't even speak or anything you know um I did family till work after I came back from that um but when I went I went to the ER because they were they didn't like my blood pressure they not my blood pressure my oxygen level and then they also tested my blood to see if I was like what that was to test my blood sugar sorry I kind of lost my worries for a second about everything after that they determined that I was slightly maybe slightly dehydrated but not enough to tell in my bloodwork that I was dehydrated but enough to tell that by this other test they did what they did like a tilt test which is basically you like down they test your blood pressure and I'm your oxygen level and then you sit up and they do the same test again and then you stand up and from that they tell told that I'm slightly dehydrated not enough to really do anything but they went ahead and gave me a bag of fluid so had to wait for that and think that the very end I was like another of them just do that as a precaution because I am pregnant and they know I'm pregnant that that's going on you know but I did that I missed three days of work because of it because um I guess cuz I hit my head so hard I had a huge huge bump here that my boss said you could see sticking out like I apparently when I felt before I felt I hit the back of my head on the back of the wall because I think I locked my knees when I was standing there cuz they're staying there for a while so then I had my head there and I hit my head also when I fell and hit the ground and apparently I fell and hit the ground really hard but babies okay they checked the heartbeat with those the first time I got to hear the heartbeat um the heartbeat was very strong yeah I was very excited to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time even though this case that I was there was not the greatest but that's what happened there and everything's good and I have I had like a little episode where I could tell like I was sleeping tiny like dizzy or lightheaded so I always like sit down and drink like a bunch of water and I haven't at work the other day are like oh maybe a week ago I was like thirteen weeks I was around my 13 weeks um I've got really like kind of like feel like I just pass out like I started moving around a little bit and then once I got to my register I started drinking a lot of water and that helped so I guess I was maybe a little bit dehydrated that time then I'm really good with drinking water but I guess like being pregnant I just need a drink more than I'm used to and so I've been doing that a lot better now cuz I felt any of that lately so and then um for 13 weeks cravings are all of palms blackberries goldfish strawberry dip okay there I meant I explained this job right now it's like this strawberry like cream cheese strawberry dip I got it out my old workout and I love it it's so good my mom got me that for Valentine's Day and then I had to get another one because I was like obsessed and then also ranch dip and chips was another craving of mine that I liked and then also and I think up to 13 weeks in four days or five days something like that I started filling letters was I sure if that was what I was feeling at first I was like double guessing myself like did I actually feel that or is it just in my head no I definitely felt it because you can actually see the baby like very faintly on the outside of my stomach you can see it and I can also feel it now more and I am 14 weeks by the way this week and I feel it so much stronger and it's like very I love it it's so I love you in all the film of evening move and know that everything is okay and my mom saw the baby move on the outside at 13 weeks in five days so my mom saw it it took her a little bit cuz she didn't see it the first day I saw it and then um she saw it and just like oh my gosh is what you're really excited I have a doctor appointment on the 26th this week so this Friday I have a doctor's appointment so I probably won't upload until Friday or Saturday next week too um but I will be doing one next week to tell you about the baby and how the sonogram went and everything and what the doctor said ow I also have made a baby checklist to make sure I get everything I need and everything like I've been told like there's things I don't need and I know that so I'm not gonna get things I don't need especially since I don't have a huge lot of room and okay so by my cravings and just my mom instinct I think I'm having a boy I don't care if it's a boy or a girl I really just want a happy healthy baby but I think it's a boy but we will see shortly if you'd like I would I would totally like it if y'all would leave in the comments below and let me know what you think I'm having because I think that would be really fun to see what you guys think sorry what you guys think if I wasn't having a boy or a girl and now I also have baby byes which I will show you let me get them out of my drawer all right so this is my first baby die and I'm getting stuff that I'm gonna need later on and it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl I got these they're back play text my mom used something similar like this when I was a baby and she really liked them cuz they um they're more natural for more natural breastfeeding they're like easy for the maybe to be switched from breastfeeding and bottle BM bottle-fed because when I go back to work someone they won't have to be but I'm hoping maybe I can still I can pump and be known to give them um breast milk so but this is what it looks like let me take this out um the nipples pretty normal so you can see it's supposed to be anymore I like that your nipple and the cap goes on here I'm not going to take this out but this is with the this is the seal cuz what it's supposed to do is you're supposed to be able to push it I can't really show it that's good this must be able to push this out in all the air out and it goes on the bottom like this may affect the right way it would help so you put them in like this now of course there's only gonna be one and then you put the lid on and then you can press all the air out like this which is really good because you actually want to be able to press all of that out because you really don't want your baby getting air that they don't need and just so y'all know this is an 8 ounce bottle and this also I haven't figured out how it does this but it clicks out so it's like you can have it straight or you can have it curved which most likely I'll have it straight and there it comes with three bottles which I decide I can go ahead and start buying some of this stuff like stuff done it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl because it is this and then um my other things and it goes with the bottles that I got is the liner's that I showed you this comes with a hundred and so I'm really excited about this because I really like these bottles and I've heard really great reviews from other moms and stuff and so I'm really excited to get that and then the next thing I got was thank you there you go is I got these now they have a little thing goes like this it's like the regular pacifier and this one's the same way they um the little this part right here is glow-in-the-dark which is pretty cool cuz that way if you lose it on the sheets or something or in their bed you can easily find it for them I just say oh now I got this that Toys R Us and I got the bottles at Target um but I really like this thanks event by Phillips mm but I really like these and I like that it comes in this little container to keep it all safe and secure um I do have um something I plan on getting even before I know if it's a Blair girl which I might be doing I don't know it just depends on how things work out I plan on maybe getting um my head and getting the car seat because the car seat I want I know what I want and also I know a swing I want and both of them are gender-neutral cuz I just like that I'm not big on blues or Pink's or boy or girl cuz like oh I would rather that stuff be gender-neutral most of Swing I like I really liked it and I've heard great reviews on it and stuff I'm just like really searching everything I know about that when I get it I'll show you what it looks like and everything I'll probably do like a big baby haul for that stuff once I buy everything and get it set up because since I have some limited space I plan on leaving everything in boxes for a while until new my mom's switch rooms and then I'll start studying everything out closer to the baby comes then I guess it's time for me to show you guys my belly I'm no longer wearing pants because I'm wearing these because I cannot fit really in time hands anymore here's what the shirt on and then hairs with the shirt up and as you notice I did take my belly ring out because the skin in between my bellybutton firm where it's Pierce that was starting to stretch and hurt I did how about pregnancy wanted and my mom cuz I told her like when I moved it was hurting again just like why don't you just take it out and like just stick it through or wear it every now and then like I mean you feel like it's gonna close up or something to keep it I was like yeah I can do that and then if I get too big where it's like really stretched out that I can't do that then I'll just let it close up and he'll be that awesome my mom got me it's called mother's friend she used it when she was pregnant and this is what it looks like it just smells like baby lotion to me and it's like pink inside um I really like it it's for it's called mother's friend it's for body skin clean for the tight dry skin of pregnancy so it's that supposed to help um I dunno um I do rub it I know this may be a little too much information but I do rubber on my boobs to help of stretching and stuff and my stomach and on my thighs cuz that's my mom was like you really want to get there too because does stuff start stretching and so that's what I've been doing and then if I – anything else stretching then I will like started using it other places to you but for now that's what I'm doing um I noticed when I get out of the shower and I like start rubbing my stomach the baby starts the baby mostly stays on this side of my stomach on right here on this side of my stomach if you look I don't know if you can tell but you can kind of know I guess on if you can tell but right here there's a bulge like the baby stays like right here I might notice my stomach's getting tighter too and I can still wear my pants but I choose not to because um I have to have to town with a rubber band now because they just don't fit anymore like I can button them but it's like really uncomfortable it went way too much I do have I did order so much or any pants for my work and they're supposed to be getting here this should be here by Monday I ordered on my last date sometime so hopefully those come in really soon because I'm tired of wearing pants that don't fit my work pants the might that I wear to work throw more they're little they give a little more so they they fit me better they're like loose and stuff so I don't have to worry about them not saying but my denim pants don't fit so I'm waiting for the denim ones and there I got the ones that have the belly band um but I've been wearing pants like you saw me wearing today cuz I got another pair that like them well these I got a hat I didn't have so I bought these because they're on clearance at work and then I had another pair that I liked and so these are really close to them and they really comfortable around the house and stuff so I guess I had a little ton o weight gain I have gained I weighed we're gonna sit any doctor and everything please not my doctor um what's the office and they check my iron my irons good um but also my my weight gain is where it should be so they're saying I weigh orginal weight is like 105 and then I'm like Wayne 108 right now um and so my weight gain is good for how far along I am which is really good that means I'm right on track for my weight gain and that is great and I guess I will see you guys in my next video which will be either Friday or Saturday Oh next week so sorry this video was up late um I wasn't feeling very good yesterday need to do it I will talk to you guys in my next video bye guys

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  1. Do you plan to exercise during pregnancy? Will be excellent to eat 1200 calories every day during second trimester then 1800 third trimester.

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