15 and Pregnant | Miscarriage

what is up guys so today's video is going to be somewhat of a very serious topic I have never talked about this before on any of my channels in my Instagram lives you know any of that cuz I am so scared to tell the story so please be nice in the comment I know I'm going to get a I mean I get hate on like all my videos anyway but I'm just gonna try and be vulnerable I'm gonna try and keep this like semi light-hearted um but as you can tell by the title this video yeah I've gone through some shit ok if you guys are new I do have a family and blogging channel where I blog with all of my family I'll have a link or I card up here and linked up below so you guys can go and check that out but I'm gonna go ahead and get right on into this story time alright guys sorry if my camera is adjusting I had to delete some footage because I was running out of storage so it's like going back it's like white cuz it it's adjusting to the light I definitely didn't even plan on making this video I actually just made another video I just felt like I needed to come on here and just explain everything explain literally why my life is the way it is right now it literally comes down to this moment so um here we go I don't know why I feel like crying because honestly I've never really dealt with this like I didn't really deal with the pain and I'll explain all of that um a lot of you guys were asking explaining why Laci wasn't such a surprise like to explain more in detail about that so that's what I'm coming on here to talk about okay usually my videos are a lot more lighthearted and funny if I'm gonna dry but it is kind of like more serious so anyways let's just go ahead and get into it so if you guys aren't familiar with me my name is Elle and I got pregnant when I was 16 years old I had my daughter a month I turned 17 and her name is Lacey Marie this channel is all about like my story times about that and just like getting to know me on like a personal level I have a family blog and channel you guys can check out as well have it linked like I said earlier I met her dad when I was 15 years old and I met him at a 4th of July gathering I've kind of talked briefly about this I met him at a fourth of July gathering basically long story short we ended up dating and getting together now he was the second guy I've ever been with and I was his first so you know we weren't really that educated and honestly we were just so in love with each other knowing that I also grew up in a house where sex wasn't really talked about it was liked a bit like no one talked about it I remember like my brothers always sneaking girls in and like me like listening and hearing them uh-huh mainly one brother but if you guys know me in real life y'all know who I'm talking about um I was always like interested and it's really weird because even from like a young age I was like sexually molested where I'm talk about that but from a young age I've always known about it but I never had like really experienced that until around this time so Graham was the second person that I had ever been with and we knew about sex we knew about sex education we learned about it in school but it was never like it wasn't something that was like easy to talk about like with anyone for both of us it was kind of like a new thing new and exciting and so that's what ended up happening is if we had sex and we had a lot of it we were little rabbits um and that blossomed into something very fast like very quickly I think we had been dating for like two months or something we started talking in July and the end up started dating in October and like two months later is when I started in pounds back so I don't know a while by the way if your family please click out of this this is TMI but this is this is what this channel is all about so and I feel like it's great to tell my story because if there's other kids going through this or like other teen moms or anything I feel like it's great to connect with someone and just share a piece of that and just let you guys know that you're not alone so sorry I'm like so itchy I think I'm like getting nervous about this basically long story short we ended up having sex and oh my god I have butterflies ah what you guys don't know I don't know why I'm about to start crying oh my god I don't my family doesn't know I think I'm maybe I've told a few people like my friends but I actually had a miscarriage before I had Lacey we have been using protected sex we were using condoms and then I somehow got pregnant obviously when you have sex you have a baby and you think by now I know how babies won't nowadays but last one was unexpected too but anyways so we were using condoms we were using protected sex and I did get pregnant um and I got pregnant like pregnant pregnant and that was like the first reaction and the first like shock like holy shit I'm freaking pregnant I was shocked I was freaking out you'd think that I would have learned my lesson but um I got pregnant and I remember I took a digital and it said pregnant on it I was for sure pregnant and I was scared shitless and that was pretty much that I remember I wanted to wait I wanted to wait until I was further along to tell my mom so that's what I did I didn't tell her I just kind of kept it to myself and graham and we were the only people who knew a few weeks later I still not told my mom I was way too worried I was scared and but I was also starting to get scared because I was like losing my symptoms so I was starting to not be as tired as much I was starting to not be as nauseous as much I was starting to not feel pregnant like I already didn't feel pregnant I was just like so in shock but I remember that feeling of just like something's gonna go wrong and I just kept going on about it my period was supposed to come it I missed it so I knew that I was for sure pregnant that's when I took the test and I just kind of let things go on and I want to say a couple days later honestly it was so long ago I don't really remember but a few like a week or two went by and I'm bleeding and it's a lot like a lot of blood and I just knew that like I was not burning anymore I didn't have the baby anymore and at that point me and Graham were starting to get excited we're like oh my gosh we're gonna have a baby together like we made this baby it's me and you and like we are actually in love and yeah is this gonna be really freaking hard but we're gonna do it and we're gonna do it together honestly at that time I didn't feel anything which is really I feel like it's really sad I don't know if it's just because how young I was I don't know if I would feel that same way today if I were to like have another miscarriage but I didn't feel anything I didn't feel like a mom I didn't feel like I was like in so much pain over this child I just knew that I was longing for that again I wanted that connection again okay sorry again I had to move the camera once again and interesting I think what I left off was I just wanted that feeling again um I wanted to feel like I was going to be a mom and wanted this big happy family that picture was in my mind already that's when we started using unprotected sex that's why I say I am so stupid not because obviously I have a child now I'm so happy she's here and I love her with all my heart but that was just a very stupid decision on my part to just go about it so irresponsibly and like kind of intentionally try and have a baby that young which is very common for young teenagers I don't promote it if you are not financially stable and if you are not you know in a very healthy relationship a marriage whatever you go by that you know you feel okay to have one but there are a lot of people I'm so lucky grande has still stayed with me through all of this because I can imagine doing it alone especially that long and doing all that I did going to high school going figuring out all of like Lacey's like life choices and doing that all alone I have no idea how I do that's all props to all of you single momma's single teen momma's that are doing it alone I literally like crazy like girl you're doing the damn thing so I just want to say that because I couldn't imagine doing it alone it's insane that that was my mind process now obviously wolf wolf wasn't planned but he wasn't not planned I was kind of like ant whatever happens but I was still like shocked as hell because that was like oh my god I don't know I don't know why I'm so shocked every single time like it was kind of like an ant whatever oopsie okay whatever but I was very very much ready for him I was also a teenagers man I was but at that point I had been married and I got married when I was 17 so if you guys want a story time on that let me know I can do one of those yeah I wasn't legal to get married but it's a long story so let me know if you guys want me to make a story about that yeah I had a miscarriage I just remember there was so much blood there was so much blood and I didn't ever bring it up to my mom like my mom doesn't know she's still to this point doesn't know but I did bring it up to my doctor because I was so worried that like I've heard horror stories of like you not passing the baby fully and like there's stuff inside of you and I was pregnant with Lacey so I was like freaking out um that like something was gonna happen to her I asked a doctor and I told them that like I did had a miscarriage and I it was like like I have miscarried they said that it was an early miscarriage or it could have been a chemical pregnancy and I just didn't lose the baby until after like it had been in me awhile and then I passed it after it had been in me for a while um but I don't remember seeing like a plop of tissue um so that's good because I do think that would have like scarred me for life I just remember there being lots of clots and a lot of blood anyways yeah that's the story on why Lacey wasn't that much of a surprise we were having unprotected sex and it's not like we were necessarily like oh yeah like let's get a baby but I just kind of wanted it to happen but I wanted it to happen on its own and not like so like forced but like I did want it I wanted to get pregnant um and we were having unprotected sex and I'm pretty sure like he still pulled out but there was probably an oopsie once or twice and I so I got pregnant so anyways that is my story on having a miscarriage at 15 whoo I've never thought I would share that story ever please be nice in the comments I know I am very stupid like you don't have to tell me that but I can at least say that I'm very successful where I'm at now and it's not like anyone ever provided for for her for me anyways that's my story this was so not expected that's why it looked look like this right now but anyways make sure you subscribe and I will talk to you guys another day all right bye guys

31 Replies to “15 and Pregnant | Miscarriage”

  1. Lacey being a rainbow baby makes soooo much sense now, she’s soooo full of life and is so vibrant. You’re an awesome mom Elle. ♥️

  2. I'm so sorry for your miscarriage. Thanks for sharing this story with us . some moms don't like to talk about this sensitive subject but now god sent you a rainbow baby

  3. I had a miscarriage just a couple of months ago and it really is just unexplainable. I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. 🖤

  4. I got pregnant at 15 and had my daughter at 15 as well I’m 18 now and have had 2 miscarriages cause after I gave birth my reproductive system just can’t handle a baby anymore

  5. I don’t think you are stupid, you made stupid decisions. So sorry to hear about your loss. Please do a video on your wedding

  6. You had a miscarriage then planned a baby? Then had another baby as a teen?? Then another baby when you were separated Very irresponsible

  7. i’m currently 16 and pregnant with my first and it’s a boy! i’m doing it alone, the father is aggressive and left😕 but yeah you’re right doing it along isn’t easy, but i’m happier that way.

  8. You are so brave for sharing your story! I am living for these story times though, your life is so interesting and I want to know more! Love you Elle, keep being you 💘

  9. You are brave for sharing your story ! Thanks for sharing! It’s a topic that’s not really spoken about.

  10. I have a 2 year old 1 year old and a baby girl on the way! I feel you I’m 22 I’m so sorry that happened to you😕

  11. Wow im sorry to hear about the miscarriage but basically you planned to have a child that young. Lacey was planned then if you were that irresponsible.

  12. I’m a couple years older than you and can’t imagine having my shit together as well as you do. You are a BOSS mom and do such an amazing job of balancing motherhood, your career, and trying to be a role model to your audience. You’re killing it and I look up to you. Thank you for sharing these stories with us ❤️

  13. I think your the best, who ever says your stupid for your decisions is an asshole… Your a great mom and dont ever let anyone get you down… love ya

  14. Can we just applaud this girl for stepping out of her comfort zone? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It takes courage to get on social media and tell such personal stories. You are awesome! ❤️

  15. I have a 2.5 year old and a 15 month old and just had my first miscarriage. Thank you so much for addressing that this is common! It’s so hard to go through no matter what age.

  16. It doesn't matter how old you where hun. You are an amazing mother and i understand the feeling. You have a beautiful family. It dont matter what others say.
    Story time on marriage.

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