15 Minute Total Body Workout using one DUMBBELL WORKOUT | 18 weeks pregnant

hey guys Nadia here with a quick 15-minute workout this workout consists of only using a dumbbell so if you have a dumbbell we are good to go you cannot adjust and use a barbell with this workout this video does include a warm-up if you need an additional warm-up just pause and click the link below for an awesome longer warmup video but first be sure to subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up follow me on instagram to our facebook support group and here we go so we're going to do 10 minute and rap and then 5 minute alright I'm gonna start with a warm-up so let's start with one more per summer will show some neck rotations nice and easy whereas what's at the other side all right we're gonna lose some arm circles are going to start with some big circles to the front just to warm those shoulders up nice big circles so we're going to try not to do any jumping in this warmup so we're going to do no jumping let's go to the back big circles big circles so you want to rotate this we'll go all the way around all the way around alright so we're going to go into squat so you're going to give you a nice deep squat open up your hips bring it all the way down as you go down I want you to push those hip flexors open if you can go all the way down if you can't that's fine whatever your range of motion is that's good keep going nice big deep squats all right you last one all right coming up we're going to do walk out tonight so you're going to walk out into a plank hold it for a few seconds walk back up walk out do this again bring it back up walk it out bring it back walk it out last one bring it back all right so here you go then if you need to hold on to something you go over when I swing those legs open up your hips swing to the front swing it to the back maybe those switch sides same thing please swing in all right next up here we go so what you're not someone I want to put on your lip tuck it in bring it back down if you can't pull in hold again whatever your is if you could just lift it we'll try to get that knee up there full stretch it up all right that's one on each side so give me one more on the right one more on the left good job alright see ya few seconds 35 seconds and rest get your dumbbells remember super water eat yourself ready we're gonna start all right so here we go first move is going to be push-ups I'm going to be on the ground we're gonna do the same side all the time for the SmartStart gonna throw with my left side 1 2 3 4 and you're gonna come on up even for rows 1 2 3 4 and you're gonna go straight and stiff leg deadlift one single leg 2 3 4 alright here we go we're gonna clean it so you're gonna bring it up one two three four keep it up top we're going to go down to swap four one two three four you're going and oppressing one two three four switch sides now you're back on the floor push-ups two three four come on up and row one two three four stiff like that lift the leg three four clean it one two three four and squat one two three four and push press one two three four good job switch sides now remember this and wrap your breast when you want to if you need to take a break catch your breath in few minutes do you second I should say and then keep going all right so you you're pacing yourself for your rest time all right he was a Oh three four Oh su-34 Swiss watch what mean what two three four keep it here three four push one two three four all right 20 classes make sure this game is good and I want to keep this thing wait the whole time names I next guy all right push-ups for one for and Row one let's take a leg one two three boy I'm going up and clean one two three four keep it there one two three four push one two three four sides push-ups what three four come on up any well one three four single leg deadlift one great or clean one two three four hold it dear squat one two three four push one two three four remember what's that as many rounds as possible you're pacing yourself so if you are still going wait if you not need to stop and catch your breath wine all right here's a sweet nice well push it one soup me oh and rub one three four and six legs one two three 4minute what so three four flooded one two three pull and push it though one two three four two sides push-ups one so three four and Rho 1 2 3 4 lift leg 1 two three four clean oh one mama two three four keep it there squat one two three four and push first one two three four we're gonna switch night about one minute let's see if we do both sides all right you need four push-ups one two three four well one two three four single exit slip one two three boy hey what do three what's one two three four what projects one two three four 15 seconds we got 27 ha push-ups 1 3 or what su-34 that time we're not finished make it 1 2 3 4 clean 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 last one push grunts one two three four all right one minute what a break we're gonna come back and do a big 5-minute hit still dumbbell let's set it up ready single on that one I want to use my 20-plus years old unit section oh no can do puts on 40 seconds work 20 seconds arrest so we're going to do 20 seconds by each side I'll let you know when it's lit we go that's one switch you did all right so we're gonna lunch reverse option wolf legs and then goblet squash try your step back oh this life that back and there's one keep that chest up core tight he's helping his uncle all right here we go up in a curl one arm up so if you're using a heavy dumbbell you can grab it by the both sides and just do one form that same time so chimes both arms at the same time if it's too heavy and you just don't have a lighter one close alright get up gonna go now I'm gonna swing and it pops right room like upright stiff gonna love me right back number doubled up alright last one we're gonna do things so we're going to time good job 15 minutes I'd say about 20 if you found a woman just to get moving later Hunan video if you want you can replay this workout to give you a whole 30 minutes of this way all right I'm going to leave the link for awesome cool not video for you guys to watch play that back you should have stretched through water great job way to get up

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  1. Girl, You make working out look good. This was a great total body workout. 💖💖💖💖💖💖 xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Boi Nardia! U r so on point with this one dumbell workout because i only have one 🙂 thanks for this hun…on another note… if yuh look good wan more time wid yuh 18 mth belly me bax me self! Its a good look girl! We thank God even now for a healthy delivery!

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