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hi yogi nice welcome back to my yoga for women series I'm Sara Beth and today let's do a yoga routine specifically for your menstrual flow will start this routine on the back in soup the baddha konasana bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall open place your hands on your lower belly gently close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out through the nose imagine that your breath is a fluid and as you inhale visualize this fluid filling the whole body circulating underneath your hands and washing into the tight and achy spaces when you exhale imagine all that gunk pain in tension leaving the body with your broth so you're renewing and cleansing body and mind keep this visualization and deep breath going throughout the rest of practice now pull your knees together above your hips reach your arms out like a tee and slowly lower your knees to the left turn your chin to the right twist to rinse the spine and use your deep breath to massage your internal organs pull your chin and knees back to Center and switch sides knees lower to the right and your chin to the left this is your time of renewal your body is cycling so should your mind with each exhale within each posture let go of last month's stale energy make room for the new pull your knees back to Center and extend your heels up to the ceiling four legs up the wall without a wall roll out your ankles flex and point your toes even pull your shins in a little closer if the hamstring stretch feels good now you can stay here or move into plow pose by lifting your hips and send your toes to touch the ground behind you your hands can go to your lower back or long down by the mat this is an inversion and if you're not comfortable or if something doesn't feel right and just skip it and take legs up the wall instead now more than ever is the time to honor your body's needs wherever you are work with your deepest and most expansive breath to fire up your circulation those in plow take your hands to your lower back and slowly lower until your hips come down to the mat grab your ankles and pull them in close to your hips while spreading your knees open then just rock side to side or in circles or any other movement to massage your lower back while opening your inner thighs next is happy baby grab the inner arches of your feet and spread your ankles open if your lower back is flat on the mat try rocking if it feels good otherwise staying completely still is nice too release the feet and pull your knees together into your chest to rock and roll the length of your spine go up to a seated position for baddha konasana butterfly legs give space between your heels and hips Rock side to side or move your hips out from underneath you try to tilt your pelvis forward then with your hands on your ankles inhale to press your heart towards your toes and exhale fold like you're trying to get your forehead to your heat let your head hang heavy and feel your deep breath flow up and down your spine slowly rise pull your knees together and place your right ankle next to your left hip place your left ankle next to your right knee so you're sitting in a pretzel position with your left knee up if both hips won't ground evenly then straighten out your right leg to modify now place your left hand behind you the heel of your hand near your hips and hook your right elbow outside of your left knee inhale to sit up tall and exhale twist to the left work on twisting through your entire spine from your low back through the crown of your head keep your heart lifting and place your open hand on your heart as you breathe deep into all the places that will expand you come back to Center unravel elects and switch sides left ankle outside of your right hip right ankle outside of your left knee right hand plants behind you in the left elbow hooks outside of your right knee modify if you did on the other side now with each inhale grow tall so as you exhale you can twist a little deeper left hand to your heart hips grounding evenly deepen your breath and continue twisting to the right even through your chin you come back to Center and then get on your hands and knees for a tabletop pose just a couple cat cows here or any movement that feels better now take your right knee to your right wrist for half pigeon pose make sure that your weight is distributed evenly between your hips and try not to shift over to one side lower your chest and head down and do your best to relax your whole body from head to toe and to modify try a figure four on your box focus on creating a deep breath as you let go of the tension in your hips and lower back walk your hands back up and shift your weight to the right as you swing your left leg around and come back to tabletop to switch sides bring your left knee forward to touch your left wrist shimmy and shift around until you find a similar variation that you took on the other side and when you're ready completely surrender and soften the body for a long hold walk your hands back up shift your weight to the left and swing your right leg around to lie down on your back once on your back pull your right knee into your chest and extend your left leg long forget about crunching your knee in as tight as you can and instead just try to find a subtle stretch in your lower back reach your right arm 90 degrees from your side and turn your chin to the right as you pull your knee across the body for a supine spinal twist no need to force anything big here just breathe to rinse and massage come back to Center and pull both musing to rock out small circles on your lower back now extend your right leg long and pull your left knee reach your left arm out by your side turn your chin to the left and slowly pull your knee across the body breathe deep using your fluid visualization to cleanse body and mind come back to Center and pull both knees in for wing pose wiggle around to bring length to your lower back and then hold still for a little bit to stretch the low back compress the belly and breathe now you can stay here for another minute or rest in shavasana or even legs up the wall thank you for joining me today yoginis if you enjoyed practice please click the like button and leave me a comment with your thoughts when you're through check out my yoga for women playlist with videos like yoga for cramps and yoga for PMS have a good day

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  2. thank you for a soothing session… i feel so much better! looking forward to using yoga on my ttc journey🥰

  3. This helps while I'm in the stretches, but once I come out of them, it hurts just as bad as before what do it do

  4. Hey, just out of curiosity. Does it really do good for your body, getting into positions where the blood flows the opposite way?

  5. Needed this today. Should be towards the end of a my cycle but with a clot and TTC for months unsuccessfully, this brought much needed issues to the surface that I needed to rinse away. ❤️✝️🧘🏽‍♀️

  6. This was perfect for my first day moon!! Thank you for this and I’m feeling so refreshed namaste 🙏😋

  7. I sat whole day plus with pre period cramp. This feel much better. I skip my cardio workout because of my period and this help me stretching better.

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