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so you are 15 weeks pregnant congratulations as always now I don't know about you but I always love getting to more rounded numbers like 10 15 20 weeks it was just a lot more exciting somehow so let me know if you are the same but enough of me rambling on let's take a look at how your little baby is doing this week so textbooks say that your baby is now about 4 inches long which is about 10 centimeters and what we the same size as an apple or an orange so you take your pick depending on your fruit bowl baby is also weighing in at two and a half ounces now which is just over 70 grams as well and that is a lot bigger than last week baby's lights are now longer than is arms and everything is looking a little bit more proportionate and a bit more baby like another development is that baby tastebuds are forming and while is nothing to taste in the womb just yet they're getting ready for all of that lovely milk later on when they're born now there are two lovely changes that come with week 15 and the first is that your baby can now send light so if you shine a torch on your belly like the one on your phone then baby will be able to sense that one probably squirm away and while you can't feel any is that going on inside you when you do it it's almost like a small way of communicating with the resident and I'm nothing you actually can communicate with them this week well sort of because an amazing development for week 15 is that your baby is now able to hear you yep so make sure you get chatting away you can Rumble like I did you can make them books you can sing them songs you can play them your favorite music but either way it's a lovely experience easier to do on your own or with your partner I some really vivid memories of liner and theme where the heart talked to his baby inside my tummy and I welled up every single time if those pesky pregnancy hormones for you we've talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling and what is being 15 weeks pregnant really like well here at channel 1 we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from some expectant moms just like you well for most women this is around the time that you start to feel that little bit better and it may happen earlier or it may happen later but either way if you get your sparkle back eventually well some of it at least our best advice would be to try and enjoy this time as much as possible because it's often described as the best part of your pregnancy especially when that little bump of your staff to pop so let's take a look at those 15 week from Hays mine and some other moms pregnant bellies after steamed weeks I think I definitely popped around this point this is my 15 week belly and I don't know about you I think I have seriously grown a bump has properly bumping out now pumping out popping out either I am trying to embrace that I'm trying whether here is my belt or 15-week I think I definitely popped magic earlier in this pregnant within in my last pregnancy and but I do love having a bug just makes it all so real and lovely so if any of you partners know in the comments down below and just remember that the size of your belly isn't always an indication of the size of your baby so try not to worry if you don't feel like you look pregnant yet it will soon change if you are feeling a little bit piteous and one thing that's really good to think about is what you're eating now I think we've all heard of that phrase eating for two and I might have been a little bit guilty of that when I got my appetite but what I didn't realize in terms of how many additional calories that you need per day when you're present is that you don't need any additional calories per day in the first trimester you only need 340 calories per day extra in the second trimester and only an extra 450 calories per day in the third trimester so when you actually think about it that's really not that much at all and it's worth keeping in mind you can see it healthy actually can so what else can you expect well on channel mum we have tons of logs for every stage of pregnancy including the way that you're at right now so let's see what some expectant moms have to say about being 15 weeks pregnant the symptoms are by done a lot I'm not complaining good clear I'm not complaining at all since I last saw you I have kind of taken like a turn for the worse really it really really queasy really tired I still felt a little bit tired sometimes I think I felt the baby news I know it's really early but I went and had my eyelashes done the other night and the bed that you lay on is so flat when we were chatting away to do my lashes I thought I felt like a little flutter in my stomach don't get okay our enemies the moment the sweetspot not like a boss with you around morning sickness is starting to get more manageable I'm still feeling sick and I'm still being sick but it's definitely better and manageable than it was in the first trimester do stretch max L appeared yet I am getting better finally I am getting better at applying the body butter every night I think now I have more a little bit more bump it's more ever mindful more that I need to do it general alladia has gone oh I see I'm signing the quite tired and sick one like today I've got quite lightheaded this morning when I got up so now it is time to look at the good the bad and the ugly of being a 15-week present a good you're likely to have more good days and bad days now and soon you might even develop a glow these days I call my highlighter the bad you're pretty bored waiting for your book to pop come on belly where are you and the ugly the cravings pit and your other half probably doesn't find it appropriate to go buying pickles at 3 in the morning shame we hope that you've enjoyed our textbook verses the truth of being at 15 at weeks present as always we would absolutely love to hear how you imposter doing so make sure you leave a comment down below and let us know how it's going for you if you'd like something to watch after this then why not check out all these vlogs from other moms who are 50 weeks pregnant right now on channel mob we'll leave the link down below for you as always so that's all from right here at channel home and we will see you again next week

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  1. I am about 4 months and i look like i am in my 6 months.. well i am chubby before i got pregnant so i know my belly wll be bigger

  2. I was eating for two evwn before getting pregnant, but never put on weight. I am eating for two now at 15 weeks, no belly, no extra weight. My metabolism is way too fast.

  3. Definitely starting to pop at 15 weeks!! Mostly feeling better, no more head in toilet daily. I'm tired still! And I have definitely felt flutters, and I can feel her moving through my tummy from the outside.

  4. I’m 15 weeks and 5 days and hardly showing my stomach still flat…… can’t wait to see my bump popping up😍😍, I haven’t been sick or anything since my pregnancy just a lot of cravings🤣🤣🤣 got a ultrasound soon wish me luck in seeing my little one for the second time on a screen so adorable ❤️❤️❤️ good luck y’all 💝

  5. Love these videos, they have really helped me along the way. I am 15 weeks pregnant and feeling better, less nausea in general and more energy has come. I certainly have a bump now and cannot close my jeans, so have invested in stretchy waist band culotte trousers which are really comfortable and wearing a lot of dresses at the moment.

  6. 15 weeks and I think my bump is getting there, baby boy due December 22 2019 a little Christmas Gift for me

  7. I'm 15 weeks and 1 days, first trimester was really easy. The second feels no different, nausea is still here, tired and pain. New one is my feet swelling

  8. I’m 15 weeks tomorrow. Due on the 10th of dec 2019. Ive got food preferences atm and no cravings yet.
    Congrats to all ladies xx

  9. I LOVE you and your videos!! Watch them every week. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow 💜 so ready to start talking to my baby girl .

  10. I'm 15 weeks as well. My belly is so small feel like I look fat rather than pregnant. I'm constantly hungry I usually eat a small meal every few hours. Im less and less tired as time goes on. I'm feeling rather good today. I'm having a hard time sleeping but I'm trying to figure it out.

  11. I'm 15 weeks today and i started noticing my breast milk was coming out when i was in the shower and I'm so excited i started to cry this is an amazing experience and i hope other mothers are doing well.

  12. im 15 weeks but still don't have bump mine is just look like flabs … im expecting to have bump around 20-22weeks… i can still enjoy wearing my pants 😁

  13. I’ve only gained 10 pounds so far
    Barely even showing
    No one know I’m pregnant
    Can’t wait for the bump

  14. I’m 15 weeks pregnant with 🌈 baby @ 36 yrs old!!! I’m so happy and thankful to the Lord for giving this gift 💝

  15. 15 weeks today. I think I feel a little flutters not so sure lol. Definitely feel much better. I'm due 11/5/19 also hoping for a Girl 🌸

  16. Tomorrow I’ll be 15 weeks:)!!!!!! I’m so excited. And yes I have a bump now. And it’s my rainbow baby and I get to find out gender of my baby may 18🥰💙💖

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