#154 Can molecular hydrogen help regulate period / menstrual cycle or hormones ?? Interesting story

hello everybody and welcome to uprising 144 K I'm hydrating man so guys I have an interesting story for you guys today there was a lady she was probably in her early 30s and she had had a lot of problems with her period she had had basically her period for like two to three weeks out of the month hormonal you know hormone levels going crazy could not regulate it she tried a ton of stuff she went all plant-based diet you know vegan she's not over way she would exercise she was trying all sorts of different supplements she was trying she was trying everything a lot of healers just all sorts of crazy stuff and when I met her through a mutual friend I had mentioned her I said you know I'm not sure but I think hydrogen might be something interesting worth trying and she said oh yeah I've already been doing it and I was like oh really what you know what exactly how are you making it basically or what type of device are you using and how are you exactly consuming it and she said well I'm using a king and machine and I told her that's definitely not the way to do it and I did ask her – have you had any results she said no so then I basically suggested to her exactly how to make it exactly how to use it and after roughly between four to five months she said she finally got the proper results her hormones were finally regulated her periods were finally regular for the first time and I believe over ten years she had just had major problems with this for a super long time I was super fascinated by the results because you know I didn't know if it was gonna work or not for sure of course and this is why we kind of see what works and what doesn't and I share this kind of info with you guys I found this particular story super fascinating super interesting it did appear to really work really well for her she's been on hydrogen ever since and things are really really going great and she's really really happy about it so I just wanted to share this with you guys because this is somebody who is really into healing really into natural modalities had tried all sorts of things with no results and then all of a sudden something like hydrogen actually worked and and it's interesting because she did try something it's called a king and machine for people who don't know out there but you know directly ionizes water it turns the water alkaline it's actually not the way to properly use hydrogen and that's what she was doing and it still wasn't working which kind of knocked me I thought maybe she'd have some results because there is a little hydrogen in those machines but it actually they'd stopped making hydrogen within roughly about a month of when you start using them and then they require a lot of maintenance they're just not specifically made for hydrogen that's just not what they are they're not specific hydrogen generators so anyway guys I hope you guys found this you know interesting story helpful and interesting if you liked the video give the video a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification button as I do have other great videos for you guys coming up and that's it guys thanks for watching I'll see you guys next time on the next video

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