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so you are sixteen weeks pregnant ignite another week done and you're actually in Malawi closer to your next big milestone of 20 weeks Oh a textbook say that your baby is not measuring at around eleven point five centimeters long which is about four and a half inches and roughly the same size as an avocado and in terms of weight your baby is now weighing a three point five ounces which is a whole ounce more than last week and is roughly the same weight as a treat bag asleep speaking of weight your baby will double in weight over the next few weeks and we'll be adding inches to him or her length so if you've been waiting for that belly to get bigger I'd get ready for a Brewster baby's fat and neck muscles are getting much stronger now and maybe is able to straighten out his or her head more baby's nervous system is also making connections with all the heads or hip muscles so you may find that they start moving with a little more purpose and one lovely fact about this week is that your little features is getting more and more human by the day and actually has little eyebrows and eyelashes I wonder if baby looks like you and one lovely fact about this week is that baby is getting more and more human by the day and he or she actually had little eyebrows and eyelashes now I want a baby looks like you either way on the topic of looks let take a look at how baby is looking at 16 weeks with some real scam footage so we talked about baby but what about you how are you feeling of what is being 16 weeks pregnant really like well here at on a moment we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from some expectant moms you know so by now most women have a definite bump and some will be smaller and some will be bigger but they are all perfect and completely normal your uterus is now between your pubic bone and your navel and I'm guessing you might have even started to feel it there have you been doing anything at differently since you've got a bump whether that moving differently or sleeping differently the one thing that really clicked with me with it I need to get in the car and instead of just shoving my seatbelt on I would have to reposition it under my bump and over my bum and it was then I realized that I had truly popped here I'll have some other women pregnant bellies looked after 16 weeks well my little bump lon and I definitely thought about now is no mistaking it at all and it's quite no and quite empty at the moment I'm not like I had anything to eat or anything like that but definitely that I can't hold it in so what else can you expect well here at channel mum we have tons of blogs for every week of pregnancy from other models you wrote the same stages you are right now so let's take a look and see what they had to say about being 16 weeks present I'm 16 weeks but brick full run can feel a lot more like myself now I've been having like this really I don't want to call it Bryson Hicks but really strong but it up let me where I'm tightening getting super tired and no headaches the three cameras have some wonderful stuff and I'll be against just maybe one or two 33:10 episodes that we I'm feeling and feeling good like my hair is growing really long literally you can see associate collapse and I forgot so do get back grand anyways normal pregnant I forgot how about it is when you're pregnant like Howard you're also just going to call my commit my husband is a good idea have early gender scan and we're going tomorrow evening New York fighters Clinton little baby is a girl started to think about baby names and just kind of like imagine what our lives would be like with a little boy and a little girl think I felt the baby move sometimes I feel so comfortable going I wouldn't say bigger kick yes but a bit like this better place you're something you're like when your tummy gurgles a little bit I can feel at the odd times a little bit of movement which is long I have felt quite a lot of it to school with that something odd I don't know I'm not a hundred percent sure what they are I think that it could actually be baby now but I'm so waiting for they're stronger before I go away now before I go let's take a look at the good the bad and the ugly of being 16 weeks pregnant for good now this is probably a little bit here my and it's definitely going to make me blush but let's be honest after weeks of wanting absolutely nothing to do with your other heart you may actually feel like you're in the mood for sex again now this doesn't happen to everybody granted but go for it at least you don't have to hold you to marry the bad and this is a really bad one after weeks of waiting for that to me to grow you have just realized that you can no longer sleep on your front and be ibly on the sex side of things if your other half the scope you might start worrying that is going to help baby in the face if you get cheeky with it you won't don't worry so we hope you enjoyed our textbook versus the truth about being 16 weeks pregnant as always we'd love to hear how you're doing it's a pleasure to share your journey with you so let us know how you doing in the comment below and if you'd like something to watch after this and why not check out all the other vlogs from other mums who are 16 weeks pregnant over on channel mum we'll leave the link down below for you so we will see you and baby next week

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  1. 16 weeks 3 days I get these headache that feel like pressure headache but I’m now starting to feel pregnant 🤰🏻

  2. I really dont know if but i be having like cramps im not sure if they are but i feels like that .. can someone tell me what’s going on

  3. Lovely video! Im 16 weeks pregnant but im plus size and seeing those bumps on skinny mamas make sense as they all had flat stomachs to begin with…. some different shapes and sizes would be great to see. I haven't poped yet…hope i do

  4. 16+1 weeks pregnant had a hospital trip so dehydration from none stop puking. I have had a headache for 9 days in a row, hip pain, extremely tried and more hungry. I'm definitely feeling my baby move and so can other people.

  5. Yes that’s exactly explains why I feel like that cuz I have been feeling different from where my pubic bone is it feels like so much space in there like I feel it wen I sit down get up or wen I lay down my experience with this pregnancy has been the best and has felt the best knowing I’m expecting my first baby 👶

  6. 16 weeks today ! How exciting and on Friday we have an ultrasound hopefully to find out sex and then Saturday the gender reveal party 🎉 thank you lord for allowing me to have my rainbow baby 💖💙🙏

  7. Yes I cannot comfortably sleep on my tummy now coz the bump is deffinately there and I feel that im squashing something when I do.

  8. To other mums in the comments who want to pop or can’t feel baby yet. Every pregnancy is different. I know you can feel sick of hearing this but with my first child I was already feeling movements and had a belly. This is baby number 2 and I have a flat tummy and can’t feel a thing! Don’t worry! It’s normal! Funny how it works! 😁😁

  9. 16 weeks tomorrow, i am impatient to start showing😫 lol
    I have had a miscarriage 2 years ago at 15 weeks.. and i did not have a bump yet. So with this pregnancy i am excited to start showing. I cant waait!

  10. 16 weeks tomorrow showing my bump from about 13 weeks this is my third baby finding out the gender this week so exited.

  11. 16 weeks and 2 days !
    Feel good !
    Sleep sucks I toss and turn a lot
    When sitting or about to stand it’s beginning to feel like a challenge lol
    Clothes are definitely not mine anymore speaking about my jeans haha 😭😂
    Feel movement here and there but not much
    Belly is definitely showing !
    Breast have definitely grown and got dark
    No headaches (knock on wood)
    Random little cravings
    Mood swings !!!!!!! lol
    I’m having a BOY!

  12. 16 weeks pregnant today! Not much to say this week. I feel good. Time is going by WAAAY too fast. My bump is giant, as it has been. I'm very petite, and sometimes my abs seem to move strangely on their own. They just jut out of one side for a second? My husband has seen it too. I don't know if it's because my muscles are stretched out so much, or if someone is really wiggling in there. Moving is difficult, getting out of the bath is a real challenge. I feel wobbly at all times. I get twinges when I bend or lift or twist. I sleep weird. I wake up every morning STARVING, I'm typically a skip-breakfast kind of person… That's really about it. I feel great. I have gotten back a bit of my spirit. I was really feeling de-motivated for quite a while there. Glad that's sorted. 🙂

  13. Will be 16 weeks next week my allergies are really bad and the headaches omg its alot sometimes and im still tired i take two steps and want to sleep .some days im really hungry other days i cant eat i feel really shitty sometimes but what i can say it i am much better than my first trimester. Your videos help me alot thank you

  14. Damn idk if I'm just a 🍯 head but… Did she say🤔??? 3.5 oz now your baby weights a little more than a treat bag 👜of tweeds????? 🤣

  15. After 3 miscarriages at 5, 7 and 7 weeks , I'm finally 16 weeks today and felt the FIRST KICKS 5 hours ago!! I've got a bump and really showing! Got all my energy back now 😍What an AMAZING feeling to grow another human inside me! I pray that all mums who want this blessing to receive one! ❤❤

  16. Am 16 weeks and I cant keep anything down, think I may have the bug again. Am this is my third after 12 years , and this one is hard on me, but cant to see my little man. Just wish I wasnt so exhausted and nauseous all the time

  17. I will be 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I noticed my bump for the firs time at 14 weeks and 5 days. I am still feeling super tired and sick. I am still nauseous all day and can't live one day without anti nausea pills. I tried to stop the pills a few days ago and threw up 3 times that day. Since yesterday, I have been having terrible heart burn. I can't sleep well. No matter which side I sleep on, it is not comfortable.

  18. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I have no baby bump. This is my first child so I heard it's normal. I've had nosebleeds and I'm not able to sleep on my back because it's too much pressure on my stomach. Constipation is still real. I feel tired still and I've been feeling flutters (since 14 weeks). I'm still peeing like crazy.

  19. Finally someone told these retarded guys they can't "poke" the baby's head during intercourse 😂😂😂

  20. This is my 3rd pregnancy lost my 2nd in a mc and I still get swings of nausea, some days I'm full of energy, others I'm not. I've also been struggling with headaches everyday that make me pass out. Definitely having round ligament pain and I toss and turn all night long can not stay asleep bc I can't get comfortable or it's bc I have to pee. Anybody else struggling with these symptoms?

  21. 16 weeks and still have morning sickness and throw up every couple of days when I happen to burp or finished eating. Everything taste different to me. And I’m not really showing, just a tiny bit but it looks like my normal gut.

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