16 Weird Relationship Milestones

(Yawning) (Upbeat Music) (Passing gas) – All right. Uh, what’s your password? – It’s logjammin1800. – Let me just get one. It’s just one. – Oh, now you’re going Maverick. – Now I’m just shaping. – Are you plucking my forehead? – You have a hair there. – Ow. (Snoring) – Hey, Kelsey, did I forget my keys? Thank you. – Your mom’s calling me. – Answer it. – Well, what does she want? – I don’t … I don’t know. – What do I do? – Answer the phone. – Hi, Julie. Do you have any sweatpants I can borrow? – These are my favorite
pair of sweatpants. – Thank you. – Be good to them. – Love you, too. Bye. What? What’d I miss? – Nothing much. – What? – Did you do something different? – No, why? – You look cute. – Let me get those nose hairs. – No, I don’t have any nose hairs. – You have nose hairs. – Prove it. – Eh. Aah. – Fine. – We’re agreed. – It’s settled then. – We’re not getting a dog. – No dog. – Hold on, you have something. – Oh. Oh, sorry. Did you get it? – No, it’s like really in there. – God. These smell funny. – You’re brushing him the wrong way. – I’m sorry. We won’t get a dog. – It’s going to die in 12
years, eight if we’re lucky. – Eight if we’re lucky. What …

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  1. Putting the seat down is a common problem😧 wow I thought she was making that problem from nothing…..
    And the make up thing is real but girls dont want to believe it.

  2. One thing about me I would never fart in front of anyone. Even when I’m alone and fart I fell less good about myself so I make sure I don’t eat food that make me fart.

  3. That backing plinky plonk music reminds me of that twat lily Allen , but the vid is a bit pretentious, it shows millennials to be capable of a long term relationship. .. some can , a minority , the rest of these shallow young fuckwits would leave at the first fart

  4. Wait until you have a baby, that certainly ups the ante! When my daughter was born she couldn't feed for 3 days so to bring in my milk we both expressed my colostrum until my milk came in.

    So grateful we did that together, with the baby blues and all the drama I really needed someone in my corner to help me do it 24/7, he is a legend and I love him so much for helping in my darkest time when I was already so upset that our daughter was struggling 🥺❤

  5. I am not a fan of the comfortable enough to go to the bathroom in front of each other. It’s a death knell for sexiness, unless that’s some kind of fetish for one of the parties.

  6. Omg I died when she tweezed his nose hairs my bf cries too 😂😂😂😂 and with eyebrows I told him fine I’m not touching you live your life then he goes thanks babe 😎

  7. I used to have money, happiness, free time, enough sleep, clothes , video games, and a clean house, now I just got a …..REALTIONSHIP

  8. He’s cuddling a scatter cushion .
    Doesn’t he know those things multiple like a rabbits and spread like the plague.

    He’ll come home one day and surprise it’s not the Master Bedroom any more.

  9. Oh man I just realized my bf and I hit quite a few of these… 😯 getting a little long-term there for someone who's afraid of commitment 😂

  10. I'll put the toilet seat down for her but if she leaves it down for me I pick on the seat . Relationships are a two way road . American women are redicilious with the toilet seat thing

  11. Ok so I’ve done literally everything in front of my husband (we’re newly wedded) except for shitting 😂 I still can’t bring myself to do that

  12. "what did I miss?"
    "Nothing much.. **looks at her**"
    "Did you do something different?"
    "No, why? ;-;"
    "You look cute.."

  13. These are so relatable omg lul
    N that snoring one oh boiii hahaha but he is used to it he even kinda likes it by now ❤❤❤

  14. My marriage's milestones in this order:

    Did all the cutesy dates and wearing hoodie type things
    Visited house
    Met family
    He farted laying next to me and said "oop theres that darn duck"
    Popping pimples
    I farted on him while sitting on his back to massage him then farted more from laughing so hard
    He got me a bunny
    He got drunk and cried and had our first fight
    Him walking in to shower while I pee
    We got our first apartment together
    Got me a dog
    Got me a cat
    Started hugging me while he struggles to poops bc that makes me wifey..?
    Got engaged
    Started trying for a baby
    Got into debt together
    Got a car and a truck
    Moved out into another house
    Suffered job changes and losses
    Got married
    Got pregnant
    Waiting on baby❤

  15. Tell me why I live with my bf & we been together for a while & we don’t fart around each other 💀😂😂😂

  16. American relationships are so cliche. A nice beta training video. All the betas here give this comment a like, lol.

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