17-20 weeks pregnancy update | BABY #1 | Feeling him kick!

hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Amanda and I'm 31 years old and currently pregnant with our first child a little baby boy who's due in the beginning of May so I've been doing my pregnancy updates in increments of four weeks so this week I'm going to be doing my 17 to 20 week update and when you're seeing this I'm going to be a little bit further along than 20 weeks but hopefully I'll be caught up after my 24 week update so anyway moving right along into this at 17 weeks I definitely felt like I had so much energy the second trimester for me has been just amazing compared to the first I feel like myself again I have energy and working out normally and I I just feel good in general so one one thing going along with workouts I've been doing modified hit workouts about four times a week so during week 17 I actually worked out four times which is amazing because I don't think I had done that at all throughout my pregnancy so that was a good goal that I achieved but when I was doing my workouts I had been feeling this like pressure on my bladder not just during my workouts but in general but when I was doing any sort of cardio where I had to jump like a jumping jack or like a jump squat or something like that I literally felt like I was gonna pee myself just because the pressure on my bladder was so like and the force of jumping so I you know that was that was a little interesting I was Emily is starting to crave healthier foods so salad and fruits and vegetables instead of junk food and fast food so that was really great I was feeling a little bit of pressure in my lower abdomen and I think I mentioned that in my previous update but that hasn't gone away and I think it's pretty normal I was also getting up a bunch of times during the night to go to the bathroom and during week 17 I had a visit with my OB they didn't do an ultrasound but she took the heart rate and the heart rate was 146 and everything else was fine I got my blood drawn in that appointment too but I cannot remember what it was for so I just had a note down that I did get my blood drawn for that week 19 nothing monumental week 18 I definitely felt really good and I also started to feel like my stomach was growing and my clothes did not fit anymore so I actually went out and I bought a few like three or four pairs of maternity jeans because I can't fit into any of my pants I can't fit into any of my leggings or workout clothes or anything like that because I had gained some weight during that week I also was obsessed with eating chicken parm and I don't know why I had I had done that I ate chicken parm for days for dinner that week and because I'm lazy and I'm not a good cook I would go to Whole Foods and get the pre-prepared chicken cutlets and then just use like the rouse tomato sauce and mozzarella they get myself at home so I was obsessed with that I was also really obsessed with oatmeal so I would make oatmeal with almond milk and peanut butter and chia seeds almost every morning for breakfast and it was great because that would tide me over throughout pretty much the entire morning until lunch so Kevin be really full so week 19 was really really exciting for me so I I felt like I was showing for the first time I had gained a significant amount of weight so from the weak from the period before I had gained four pounds so I was 127 pounds during week 19 and a total weight gain of 10 pounds and I don't know that doesn't sound like too much but I was just really feeling like my thighs and my butt and my hips were getting huge and I think I had actually especially in my hips I think I had expanded like four inches in my hips and I'm not I'm not a very I'm kind of a petite person I'm five I'm only five one and I before being pregnant I really didn't have many curves and I didn't have hips so I really started to feel like I was pregnant finally and I also was getting really really full every time I would eat so I think because my stomach was the baby was expanding and taking up more room and pushing on my stomach and stuff like that I I felt like I couldn't eat a ton of food and if I would eat a lot I literally felt like I was gonna throw up I felt so just like oh my gosh huge and it was so bad so then I started eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of your typical breakfast lunch and dinner which really really out but the best thing about week 19 was that I felt the baby kick and if any of you are first-time moms you know how incredibly special that first little kick is I mean for me it just made everything super real like and and like I was I don't know not interacting with the baby but but interacting with the baby and so it was out late at night it was like around 11:30 at night and my husband and I were in bed and I just felt a little nudge and and I felt like a movement and so I woke up and I hit my husband I was like oh my gosh I think that the baby just kicked and so he's like oh I wouldn't feel too so he puts his hand on my stomach where I have felt it and he felt it too he felt a little kick and it was just it was so incredible it was such a happy moment and for my husband to be able to experience it to just it made my entire day week life everything and and it was great because I thought that I might have been feeling stuff early on like before 19 weeks like you know a little butterfly feeling but I couldn't tell if it was actually the baby or if it was gas or if it was just you know my stomach gurgling and what was also interesting that when I went for my OB appointment in week 17 she told me that I had an anterior placenta so if you don't know what that is it's like your placenta is in front of the baby so it's like your you know your stomach and then the placenta and then the baby so usually when you have that you she told me that I would probably wouldn't be able to feel kicks or movements until I was around you know 23 weeks so you know knowing that I anything that I might have felt between 17 and 18 weeks I was just like oh it's probably nothing because of this anterior placenta there's like a cushion between me and the baby but then I started feeling him move and I was absolutely sure week 19 and so that was that was just so exciting and that was the highlight of this four-week period for me but other than that I I also had like increased vaginal discharge and sorry if this is TMI it had been happening for a few weeks and it still continued now but I talked to my OB and she said it's perfectly fine and it's normal and it's actually a good sign because it's protecting the baby from any you know infections or anything that's coming in so just wanted to mention that so moving on to 20 weeks at this point I was 128 pounds so I gained another pounds 11 pounds up since I got pregnant I had started to not sleep so well and I think it was because I'm I was starting to get a little bit bigger and I sometimes like to lay on my back I sleep and I know that that's not good as the baby gets bigger you should sleep on your side I was trying to make a concentrated effort to not lay on my back so maybe that's why I was like kind of paranoid in my own head and maybe that was affecting my sleep but other than that I was still feeling really good overall I was craving English muffins and and I love English muffins I've always loved English muffins I know that they're not the healthiest but if you get the multigrain or the whole-wheat ones I think it's fine so I would just have an English muffin with peanut butter or butter or something for breakfast and also I have noticed that my skin it was really really good I really felt that pregnancy glow that people talk about that I I hadn't felt up until this point and maybe it had to do with the fact that I felt like I was starting to show a little bit and I had a little baby bug so I don't know that week specifically I just I really felt like I was embracing pregnancy in a different way compared to before and it could be you know the kicking and everything so it was awesome and this week I wrote down in my notes that I just felt the weight starting to pile on and I felt like there were days where my face just was so puffy and it just looked really fat and I don't know if I was retaining water or it was actually you know weight gain that is being distributed to my face but that and then just to get my hips and my thighs and my butt or just feeling so huge and another thing my calves were massive and they still are I don't did did any of you have the same thing because I have huge calves but like when I work out and you know I'm short so sometimes it might my calf sir you know they look ok they're you know not huge but I could not I tried to put a pair of boots on like you know boots that go over your cast I couldn't fit them up I could not zip up my boots and I had always had a little bit of room they were never like super smug or anything I couldn't get boots on and then I tried every single pair of boots that I have and none of them fit so that's interesting but I'm fine with it it's actually been really nice in Texas so not cold or anything so I've just been wearing you know slides and like booties and stuff like that so it's fine but I haven't really had much discomfort other than that one thing is that I have been getting out of breath really easily and I don't know if you can tell from this video or not but when I'm on a conference call or something for work and I or I'm doing a presentation or something I just get so out of breath and I literally have to stop and take a deep breath and just wait for a second and also just getting out of breath when I'm doing something as simple as Isis would bring our floors or vacuuming literally feels like I've run a marathon and I'm panting while I'm doing it and then after so I don't know I guess this is normal but it's interesting and it didn't start happening until about week 20 so there's that and aside those things I just had still kept on feeling the baby move and wait 20 after after week 19 where I knew it was for sure he was moving around week 20 I felt it all the time and he usually moves at night so during the day I wouldn't really feel anything maybe if I ate something sweet I would he would start moving her on and I'd feel a little kick but the most active time for him is at night so you know between 9:30 and 11:30 at night I always feel little little kicks little jabs little movements and it's just so sweet so anyway I'm really really loving my second trimester I love being pregnant so far especially now that I feel like I have a little bit of a baby bump so that's really it for these four weeks and next week I will upload my next video and I think we'll be all caught up with where I currently am my pregnancy and what you guys are seeing since the beginning once we're really staggered but anyway let me know how you guys are all doing can you relate to any of the symptoms that I'm feeling did you have a good second trimester because it is world's world's better and than the first have to say as a first-time pregnant person over here anyways I hope you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and make sure that you subscribe if you want to join me through this journey into motherhood and I will see you guys in the next vlog love you bye you

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  1. You are doing such a great job Amanda! I miss you so much and especially seeing all the daily changes you are going through. You’re going to be a terrific mom!

  2. Hey beautiful, huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 👶🏻🍼 I hope it’s a wonderful journey for you. I’m currently 13 weeks and looking for mummy friends to connect with on YouTube. 💕 wanna support each other?

  3. I'm 11wks I can't wait to feel the baby 💕💕 I'm finally feeling like myself again I had bad nausea for like 3 wks I thought it would never end😂😂

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