17 & PREGNANT STORY – How I found out

안녕하세요 제 이름은 나미입니다! Hi everyone, it’s Nami. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how I found out that I was
pregnant the first time and what my symptoms were. I did do a birth story
of how my first child Galahad was born, which
I will put right here for you guys to click through, and that story basically started from the day that we were giving birth and so today I wanted to talk about the pregnancy part of that. Galahad is now three and a half years old and so at that time I was in
my first year of university. I was studying human
services, social work. And I did skip a year of high school as a lot of you may already know. I was 17. I had no symptoms at all. At the time, my period was irregular. Sometimes I would have 25 day cycles, and then some cycles
would be 60 days long. So, it was completely irregular. It had been about 50 days
and I was not worried because I was just like,
“My period’s irregular. “I feel fine.” But then Michael, he goes,
“Nami, are you pregnant? like, “Where’s your period?” He was really worried. And, at the time, I wasn’t even worried because in a way, I kind of felt okay if I was to be pregnant just because at that time
I was really insecure and unstable and my family
life was really dysfunctional. I felt secure and safe with Michael and I felt like I would
be even more secure and safe if I had his child, which completely does not apply. You should never feel
that way about anyone. However, I think I’m very
blessed with the person that Michael is and the way
that he stayed responsible and stayed with me all through everything.
(80% of teen mom partners leave) My mother also had me
with her second husband and she actually believed that if she had a child with him that he
would change his bad habits, that he would stop drinking, that he would stop smoking, that he would stop going out and playing and using up all the money. However, it got worse
after she got pregnant. I did hear from a worker
that the first signs of abuse show during the first pregnancy and so after she was pregnant with me he started to become very abusive and definitely, for sure,
if you have a child, that is not going to change the man. The child is not going to
automatically radicalize and open his eyes to all of
the bad things that he’s doing, and it definitely won’t make
your man want to stay with you. In a way, depending on
where they are in their life and their maturity, it might even want to make them run away even more. So that was wrong in my thinking that it would become more stable or that I would become more
happy if I had his child. However, it did play out that way because of the man that he is. A lot of you say that I’m blessed with him and I honestly believe so because he does have his faults as well,
but at the same time I think he is very responsible and he takes care of me very well, and I’m so thankful for him in my life. Going back to the story,
I wasn’t that worried. I wasn’t that scared if I was pregnant. But I decided to take a test anyways to make sure and confirm. So I bought three tests
from the Dollar Store, the one time use ones
that you just discard, and I remember that my urine
was a little bit cloudy. It did, TMI, it did smell a
little different than usual, so those are some signs
that you could be pregnant. I took the first test on a morning and then the second test two days later and then the third test
two days after that. I head that that’s the most effective way to know if you’re pregnant or not. I did the test at my parent’s house because I was living on dorm at the time and I was home for the
weekend or something and it came out positive,
like, immediately, right when I dropped the
dropper onto the stick. It was immediate positive reaction and I was like, “Okay then.” Right after I got my results,
I texted my friend Krystiana because she’s one of my closest friends and the closest friend at that time. I told her that it came up positive and she was with Michael at school and she told him and he was
like, “What does that mean?” ’cause he didn’t know what that meant. I don’t know how he was
feeling when she told him, “That means that she’s
pregnant,” but I told them that I’m going to wait another two days to take the test again just to confirm. I waited another two
days, I took the test, it came up positive immediately again, and then I waited another
two days and then just did it for the sake of doing the third one because already you know
for sure that I’m pregnant. If you hear Galahad
playing in the background, I hope you don’t mind. I’m sure if you’re here on this video you know that there’s a child. He’s in this room and he’s
just playing on his road mat. After all three tests were positive, we went to a clinic and asked them to do a test just to confirm-confirm, and they did confirm
that we were pregnant. I remember the lady at the clinic, and I don’t know if she was a nurse or she was just working there. She asked what our plans are and what we’re thinking of doing, and Michael said that we’re going to take responsibility of the child and we’re going to have the child and we’re planning to get
married in three months. (child talking) I remember the lady being like really extremely happy and glad in a way. We actually were planning to get married in my first or second year of university and we’re speaking with both sides of our family about the marriage. My mother said that she would support us if we decide to get married. This was the summer before the late fall when we did get pregnant, but my father said he would prefer if we finished school first, but would be okay if we were really were pushing to get married. Mind you, my mother and
my father saw Michael almost every day for about three years and so they really knew
what kind of person he was. I guess he kind of grew
on them in a sense. However, Michael’s parents were living two hours away from us
and Michael’s mother would only see me occasionally and whenever she saw me was
in my home with my mother and my mom and I have a lot of conflict because of our personalities,
they just clash, and we raise our voices a lot and get annoyed at each other a lot. That’s basically all my
mother-in-law was seeing of me and I understand why she
felt the way that she did towards me at the time because
of what she was seeing of me. So when Michael went up to talk to them the summer before we got
pregnant about getting married, they were very hesitant and told Michael to wait at least another three years just so that we could finish school and wait for his older
sister who’s four years older to get married first. His side of the family
is very big on family and that’s something
that I am so grateful for now that I’m part of their family, but at the time it was really hard for me because I wasn’t part of their family and in a way I felt a lot of hostility. Not to say it was
objectively coming from them, but I subjectively was perceiving that. They told him to wait three years, let his sister get married
first, and we’ll see after that. However, as I mentioned, I
was very emotionally unstable. I was very controlling and very not well. Very suicidal and I was not well. Just because I was so scared
that he would leave me, I was always questioning him about things because I wanted to be
the most important person in his life and that came
out very controlling. At that time I was an ESFJ and I did read in a bio that after experiencing
some sort of trauma, ESFJ’s tend to be quite controlling and so that’s what I was. I just grew up with a lot of abandonment, a lot of isolation and
alienation and ostracization in my childhood and so I guess that really shaped my fear of being abandoned. Towards Michael, I would
always be that way, and so I think that’s
one of the reasons why I wanted to get married earlier, was so that I wouldn’t have this fear gnawing at me every day. Also Michael and I, from the
beginning of when we met, we kind of saw each other
as very good friends and someone that we could
really spend a lot of time with and basically spend the
rest of our lives with. -Mommy? -Yes Going back to the story,
I remember the lady, she was really happy and kind of glad that we were not choosing
to get rid of the child. -Hm? Where’s my sciiiiiisoooorrssss Your scissors? Here it is. – Somebody can’t just put my scissors up there Somebody have to just put my scissors right there! Yes. Be careful of the cord, here. I guess that kind of
showed how many people do come in and decide to choose abortion, which I’m not going to say anything about. Of course that’s their decision but for us, that’s
something that we didn’t want to think about at all, and we did want to take
responsibility and follow through. They did confirm that
I was around six weeks or something like that. We were planning to get
married two months later from that point, so I would be three months pregnant on our wedding day. During that time I didn’t
feel any symptoms at all. Usually there’s a lot of morning sickness, dizziness, nausea. For me, I just felt hungry all the time and I would eat like crazy, which is so uncharacteristic of me. I got very sensitive to smells so I couldn’t stand the smell
of onions or garlic or farts. -I just, like strong smells, I just couldn’t-
-Mommy? Yes? I think that’s the only
thing that changed for me. However, on my second pregnancy, it was completely different. The symptoms and everything like that was just very different, so I will be making a video talking about how I found out I was
pregnant the second time -and what the symptoms were.
-Huh!? Whaaaaaaat !!!! It’s okay, just do it patiently. Do it slowly. You’re cutting to fast. Do it slowly. And we did also make a video
on how we told our parents, so if you want to see that
video, it’s right here. I’ll put it right here. You can check that out and see in detail more what it was like. That’s basically how I found out that I was pregnant the first time. I think that everything turned out very- the best way that it could have been. I mean, if we never had the children, I think we probably wouldn’t
have stayed together because I was just such an angry person. Going back to how his
family thought of me, after the wedding day they
completely were so welcome to me and that was the first
time- I’m gonna cry. That was the first time
that I ever experienced, like, that was the first
time that I finally knew what the word “family” meant. Oh, I’m gonna cry. They were just so welcoming
to me, so warm, so loving, and because I grew up
with only just my mom and she was a single mom so
I was always with babysitters and we were moving a lot so I never really had steady friends. I kind of grew up by myself. When they were so loving to me
and so warm and so different than how they were towards
me when I was dating Michael, I think I just felt so healthy
and healed in a small way. Of course, my healing
process was definitely longer and more complex than that, but I think that did help in
the changing of my character. I remember the day after we
got married I changed so much. I was so patient, and not angry, and nice, and not fighting or yelling
at Michael or hitting him. I think every year it gets better for us. I am definitely grateful
and glad for everything that has unfolded and the way
that things have unfolded. I think it could not
have been any other way and I honestly believe that
everything was in control and in a way was God’s gift to me. Anyone can say it was an
accident, which it was, or that it was
irresponsible, which it was, or that it was sinful, which it was. But I believe, honestly,
that everything unfolded and God allowed for things
to happen so that in the end, things would be a lot better than if they were a different way. Just because that kind of event
didn’t happen in our lives, it doesn’t mean that our
lives would have been perfect. There would have been
a lot more other things that we wouldn’t have had
to deal with if it had turned out the way that
things did turn out, instead. It’s kind of like, if you
imagine parallel dimensions. Any path that you take will have its disadvantages
and advantages. Everything is an equivalent exchange, however I think things
played out a lot better like this in terms of my
sanity and our happiness. I think the most important part is to continually try to grow. Continually be wanting to learn and change and become a better person
than you were last week. Before I continue on
rambling and rambling, I am going to end this video because I did address the
purpose of this video. I did want to mention that
I’m definitely not saying that the amount of happiness
that I have come to grow in isn’t from having a child, but having Galahad
allowed my life to change so that I could be surrounded
by good relationships, a healthy and stable
relationship with my husband, a good relationship with my family, with my church family, faith
family, and also friends. I think that those components
are the most important components to be able to
experience happiness in your life. I will link a study that
was done on happiness that I read that I found really helpful in the description box as well. So I hope you guys enjoyed and learned a little bit more about, you know, how I found out I was
pregnant with Galahad. Again, I will have all the links of the other videos
down in the description, including how Galahad was born and how we told our parents we
were pregnant the first time. I will be making a video
about how I found out I was pregnant the second time with Ziek. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated. I do post on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, so check me out on those if those are platforms that you use. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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