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  1. These tips are gold! I had an ER c section in 2017 and have to have another one this summer so this was a great refresher. Thank you!

  2. I feel so bad for all of the women here talking about their emergency c-sections because I was there too. I felt the incisions then felt them putting their hands in me and nothing was numb. I was screaming until they put the gas over my face and knocked me out. I missed the first few hours of my daughter's life and the whole experience was a nightmare. I'm having another c-section in September and this time WILL be different. Definitely educate yourself <3

  3. I’m not exactly sure, but are you able to choose to have stitches that dissolve? While still having the regular appointments that should follow after all of this

  4. I became dehydrated after my 1st c-section. i went home 🙁 i couldn't keep water down and tmi my 1st # 2 took an hr to come out and was huge and bloody took a week to finally poo 😭😭

  5. Whhaaaat! It's normal to poop 6 days later? I did not take softeners and I was ok the day after. I would freak out a bit if I went a week without going #2

  6. One thing that SO helped me with my gas after the c-section was drinking warm apple juice! I couldn't get out of the bed because of the pain and could BARELY tighten up my stomach to push any gas out (as you can imagine it would require more force trying to get gas out while laying on your back) so my nurse actually suggested warm apple juice and I'm telling you not long after drinking that the gas was literally just slipping out of me, without much effort required lol just a tip for anyone going into a c-section!

  7. I can relate to this! First baby, I went into labor on my own, I did not progress after 3 cm in 16 hours. I never watched the c section vlogs and skipped over that part in a labor book….In the end emergency c section! It is hard not to blame myself that I could not have a natural birth. It also was hard for me to accept after a lot of my family never had a c section.
    When we were told a c section, my husband was crying, he was scared and I tried to stay calm.
    I will def have to ask for a mirror next time!

    Great video! Very relatable!!

  8. So informative. This is going to be my first baby, & all I thought of was to give birth naturally, but in the end of my second trimester I was diagnosed with placenta previa and now I have been booked in for a c-section delivery next month, my doctor said there might be complications though it’s in very rare case, I’m so nervous atm, I kept on watching YouTube videos on natural birth, but coming to know now that I’ll have a c-section, I’m trying to gain courage for the day of my delivery of my little bub. Thanks for sharing😘

  9. Yeah, I didn't have to get stool softeners. They gave me a surplus there and I barely had to take any and had like 35 leftover

  10. Thank you so much for this video!!! I had a c section 1/12/17 and just like you I had not prepared myself for the possibility of a c section. Every pregnant woman should watch this, I feel like many women have a negative or fearful view on c sections…your insight was informative and, most importantly, helpful!

  11. I am an RN on a maternity unit and these are such GREAT tips! These are absolutely things we tell our mamas post c section! Great video, mama! 💕

  12. With closing you up did they use regular stitches or dissolvable ones? If regular ones did it hurt to have them removed?

  13. Thank you, Alexsis, for your positive advice on how to deal w/ a c- section. My daughter is having a scheduled c- section this morning due to possible complications for my granddaughter. Your video is helping my daughter tremendously, because she was very emotional upon finding out (just yesterday) that she would not be able to have the natural childbirth she had been planning for. You’ve truly been a blessing to my family today. Loved the beautiful pic of you, baby, & hubby in the OR! Now my daughter & son in law can make this the most positive experience possible 🤗😘

  14. Well I can give birth in the natural way but there's no way a whole baby is gonna kill my vagina so I'm gonna go for c-section too

  15. When they cut, and basically stretch you, does it burn?

    or do pain mess basically numb you at the time you are giving birth?

    I'm genuinely curious because I fear when this time comes.

  16. I’m 37 weeks tomorrow April 9th and found out today I have preeclampsia so I’m going in tomorrow to be induced so hoping I’ll be able to deliver naturally but might have to have a cesarean.

  17. Omg I’m so glad I came across this video because I’ll be having my second c section and this one is planned unlike my first which was due to having a very narrow pelvis.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m having my first csection in 5 weeks and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve had to vaginal births before but this is my first set of twins and I didn’t know what to expect for a csection. Thank you for sharing !

  19. I have a tip for getting out of bed after surgery. roll to your side and use your arms to push yourself into a sitting position

  20. Thanks for sharing. I was terrified of having a cesarean with my last. I did manage to avoid it, but it's nice to gather tips and tricks from other moms about this so I can pass it along to others!

  21. I had such a hard time emotionally after my C-section. My mom, sister, mother-in-law and father-in-law were already in the room and they were already passing the baby around. I only held my baby for 2 min. before he was getting passed around and I had waaaay too many visitors and I remember sobbing a lot because I was so tired and I wasn’t able to rest because people were coming in and out all the time wether it was doctors, nurses, family and friends. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN NEXT TIME! Haha I won’t have any visitors until I’m in my hospital room. The couple hours I’m in the recovery room is going to be focused on recovering, skin to skin, breastfeeding and being with my hubby and I’m not going to let friends or extended family visit. Just immediate family and my husbands co-workers and or boss are for sure NOT going to visit in the hospital. I was scared to tell people no for coming and visiting and I regret it.

  22. From 3 csections experience, get a handicapped "bed assist bar" to help you sit up when you get home! Hospital beds adjust nicely to get up and down, but then you get home and realize how far it is from flat to sitting up, even just rolling over, it helps to leverage. Also, if you have any history of being irregular, their normal stool softener is *not enough*, drink fluids like there's no tomorrow, maybe even order prune juice for firat meals, trust me that you'd rather go overboard in the opposite direction than realize too late that it wasn't enough. Try not to lament too much that it didn't go as planned. Focus on bonding with baby and praise God for modern medicine that gave you your precious healthy little one!

  23. Thank you for all that tips..im almost 35 wks with my second one..9 yrs apart🤪 but since the baby is not turning around as she suppose to and huge too as normal per my OB..most likely that I will end up having CS😬😕

  24. Thank you so much, it was so helpful listening to you…I now know what to expect in a month from now😙

  25. Another tip. Make sure tvey are using the Alexis O retractor. Its less pain and its been showed to heal faster. My last 2 C-sections thats what my ob surgeon used. Do your research. My last baby i just used ibprofen after my anesthesia wore off. It was my 3rd c section and fourth baby.

  26. This video is sooo much more helpful than others. I've been seeing so many videos saying "the truth about c sections" or "what to prepare for when having a c sections" and mainly these women just wine and talk about how horrible it is and it's basiclly like they WANT TO scare and discourage you. This is actually helpful no winning, no scaring just honest tips and everything. Thank you so much for this video. Im 5w pregnant and yes i know its a long long way til due date but my mother has had difficulties with my brother and i and she was only able to have c sections cause of her body and i know not all daughters follow their moms in having babies but im dead set thinking ill have a c section cause were so similar in body type ect. But hoping i can have a vaginal birth but still keeping in mind it's very high likely ill have a c section cause of my background. 🙂 love these tips and definently gonna use em when i give birth 🙂

  27. The worse part of the c section was the damn catheter being taken out im not even playing that shit hurt so bad i almost kicked my nurse

  28. I hate the gas…. I am abt to have another baby, and I swear it felt like my stomach was going to implode from the pain. I swore off certain foods/drinks because of the pain.

  29. I think another good point to make, its rare but there's a chance where a woman may have to be put to sleep. I had to be put to sleep because the drugs wasn't working and I cried so hard hearing that

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