17 Weeks pregnant baby # 2 | IVF Pregnancy { Streeeetch marks , aches and pains }

this week baby is the size of an onion welcome to pregnancy week 17 hi everyone Merry Christmas welcome to pregnancy week 17 if you're watching this it's probably Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day depends how organized I am and getting this edited and uploaded hopefully I'm going to be organized because I've got a crap that's about to say like shitload crapload doesn't really matter either way it's bad I've got lots to those so I'm gonna try and edit this and get it up as soon as possible but I'd love to hear what you guys are doing for your Christmas Day for us the oranges we are going to be having breakfast here as usual we always have like a barbecue breakfast because we live in the southern hemisphere so it's summer here last Christmas it was 30 degrees it was sweltering hot Roman was running around and just nothing but a nappy it was crazy this time around I am pregnant currently the weather is meant to be raining I think just checking on my phone Wednesday it was meant to be cloudy in 28 oh wow okay so it's gonna be another humid hot muggy Christmas day for us here in New Zealand oh no hang on for some reason my friends in Brisbane I was like wow 28 I don't think it's gonna be there for us oh I wish I hadn't shaped it's actually going to be raining and 19 degrees wow it's a bit different to Brisbane if you guys are from Brisbane out there you don't have a really nice hot muggy Christmas congratulations to um although I'm kind of happy that it's not going to be too hot here because I'm pregnant and I'm hot already and it's it's not too bad we're in like the low twenties so um here's my mic which I need to cook down somewhere there we go yes so being pregnant I'm like super hot which is one of my symptoms so I'm glad that Christmas Day isn't actually a bit hot thank goodness diddly we know what you gonna be doing because we're havin breakfast here I mean lunch at my dad's and then dinner at my auntie's thankfully Martin's family's like not that big he's got his mom his stepdad and his brother and that's about it that he actually hangs out with you know a lot he does have some aunties and uncles but he barely sees him so yeah it we spend the whole day together and has firmly come up to my family for dinner and it makes everything a whole lot easier having everyone there and one go so that's really great so my symptoms for being 17 weeks pregnant oh I cannot sleep one I'm sweltering hot too my back aches like crazy I'm not even kidding you I cannot sleep with my back straight I have to be all curled up into a little ball and my spines got to be curved for it to stop aching it just aches like crazy and the third one is sore hips so I'm definitely sleeping with my pregnancy slash divorce pillow every single night and there is not helping with the heat I'm just like ah I'm so hot gotta check the pillow out no my hips I got to put the pillow back and they're just not getting a great sleep at all but terminally grateful that I'm pregnant and it's all gonna end eventually when the baby is born then my nights just gonna be broken by the sound of a newborn cries so new sometime this week is that my old stretch marks from Romans pregnancy I feel kind of weird that you can't see my gestures you just see my face I hope you like my I finally got my disk going completely off topic finally got my disc and this is my computer screen saver it is baby number twos folder Romans folder I I can't put is my screensaver because um I have some very graphic booth photos and his folder and you can't kind of with I've tried but you can't really select folders you got to sleep Romans got his own folder Roman and then in it it's got 3d ultrasound one month or two months or three month old his birth probably and you can only select the folder Roman I can't seem to select folders inside that folder so I think it's a bit risky to have his folder up is my screensaver considering there's some very very graphic photos that I'm sure visitors do not want to see although our computer is in our view dream now rather than and our dining room which we're which is where it originally was now we're in my room Roman is having a sleep we've had very mucked up days because of you know Christmas and everything so he's having a nap which means I've been kicked out of his room to film elsewhere so I thought hey this film where maybe dream I've got a decent now I've got a nice sure that you can't see because the cameras too high but yes so I'm very much in love with my new setup here it's private it's comfortable can you see much here it's kind of kind of lizard I don't think it's really there I'm pretty sure it's not really there I would have paid a lot more for it it was really there but you'll see it all in my house tour which is finally going to happen in the next couple of weeks because um I was pretty much just waiting for my desk so that my dining room was clear my look my belly's not like that anymore I'm gonna get distracted by that I don't have to it's Christmas it's silly season I'm allowed to be silly let's be silly together like we forgot what tangent I was going off on about the house to the house tour is coming I promise it's going to be within the next few weeks because my house is complete now aside from just a few decorations and the bathrooms because our bathrooms the walls are like stuck blank white well they don't like the cream but they're like there's nothing on them no pictures no Dacor no nothing so we're gonna do the whole beachy theme for both bathrooms I think what I'd love to do my bathroom is like a pink like hot pink and black but there's a whole nother story anyway so let's get back to the actual pregnancy vlog because that's what we're here for so I was talking about stretch marks I'm sure before I went off on a tangent so anyway in Romans pregnancy I got stretch marks only a couple I mind you like nothing to complain about at all I got like three miserable little stretch marks and now they are expanding again and becoming more reader extending I wonder if I can show you with all of my gear and stuff I think it's gonna be too low okay okay this is not gonna work okay see this stretch right here it wasn't read it's time to go read at the top here so that makes me think that it's starting to extend oh gosh no this is far too hard anyway it's starting to extend excuse me fixing myself up and gets longer so um so I'm thinking I may get some more excessive stretch marks this pregnancy purely because I'm getting bigger yeah my skin is probably not as stretchy as the last pregnancy I don't know but if I get stretch marks hey I don't really care I'm using the body balm every day day and night hoping that how it was maybe it would be worse if I wasn't using it maybe it makes no difference I don't know my stomach is definitely a chi itchy itchy so it must be growing but I'm not too worried about those stretch marks if it's gonna happen hey I've carried my babies and the only way I'm getting these beautiful stretch marks is from being pregnant or from being overweight which is how I got the ones on my sides but it's a great reason to have stretch marks but our skin is less than three weeks away now and I'm so excited it is on the 9th of January and our gender-reveal party is on the 11th of January and I'm just so freaking excited so freaking excited I just cannot wait but I've also got lots of butterflies just so many butterflies in my stomach just like is that a boy is it a girl is that what we thought it was originally do I have to put a bulk lot of stuff that I've brought on trade me because it's the wrong gender I don't know because I keep lying okay by occupying okay no but I just keep buying for the jinda that we think it is because there's just so many sales there are so many sales as Christmas it's New Year I I can't help myself things are 50% off some things are 60 70 % off I have to get them and if it happens to be the wrong gender then just look out for a really big bulk lot of nursery day come on trade me there's pretty much for my pregnancy because to be honest this pregnancy is so done easy that there's like nothing happening in it I finally did the gender predictions they're old wives tales and so that vlog will be up to I may even do it to Rick Lee after this vlog because you know Christmas and there I may not have time so I may just upload them one after the other but yeah I finally got that up and the results were unsurprising to me they were unsurprising I don't believe in old wives tales but they were just a bit of fun something to do me and my friend did the flatmate tag so it's all ready to hurry up and be edited as well um yes sir Oh a lot going on here and Martin Martin Roman and I are going on holiday on the 30th the 31st and coming home the first to tell her I don't know if you know we're topo is in New Zealand but it's this huge lake that used to once upon a time be a volcanoes or something some massive giant volcano which would be absolutely terrifying if it was still here and blow up present-day apparently when it did blow up how many years millions of years ago I don't know but apparently it was so huge that the smoke was seen from like China or something like that I can't remember I need to do my history but anyway present-day it is a giant lake and it's lovely to swim in and it's nice to go boating on and go fishing and it's just an awesome holiday spot so we're taking Roman camping like real camping – the crazy bush like as in no power so real camping attempt and tell part and I crazy going can't be over two-year-old I think sir we're going to give it a go anyway my only concern is the fact that we had directly next to the lake it's like motor camp like motor camp like Komodo can't Blake right to this so it concerns me that I'm going to be so close to water with a two-year-old so literally we have to be on our game and look at Roman watch Roman 24/7 I'm not worried at night because he's going to be in his Porter cot so there is no way in hell I'm going to be putting him on a mattress and attempt that he can most likely unzip and go wandering it's just not where's that he's in a cot at home still so emails or be in a porter cot in the tent and he knows his Porter caught so he's probably more likely to have a good sleep there it's gonna be a very interesting experience and I hope he enjoys that I hope we enjoy it and we're gonna see in the new year to 2014 together which is just wonderful I was pregnant going into 2011 as well but I was very early I think was only like eight weeks or something like that so this time I'm going to be seeing in the new year it's tuning 19 18 or 19 weeks I think which is fabulous like parts of this year has been horrendously hard and parts this year has been exceptionally special and amazing and I am going to get emotional I cannot wait to see what 2014 is going to bring us obviously it's going to bring us a baby it's gonna make Roman a big brother it's gonna be make me a mother of two Martin a father of two possibly have a daughter possibly have a brother for Roman a son for us there are so many endless possibilities for 2014 you know we've brought a house which was settled in so this year could be nice and cruzi there would be nice but well you know we'll see what happens if you guys have news resolutions listen below I'm keen to hear what Rick resolutions are mine always used to be that I wanted to be pregnant that was always my news resolution this year well coming into the new year I am not making any new year's resolutions I think it's a year for me to just go with the flow Roman will be starting kindy my baby's growing up and will be giving birth to a baby will have a newborn in the house you know things are probably not going to be so smooth so 2014 is going to be a year of experimentation and just taking it as it comes pretty much and I'm really excited to see in the new year with you guys you guys are going to be with us the whole way finding out the gender and the whole pregnancy the booth and then you know following our journey of having another baby in the family which is super exciting the only thing I can possibly think of my dogs are going nuts as usual I'm gonna end this now anyway because I'm just about running out of my time you're all like to see daily vlogs well I'm going to be vlogging daily you won't see it till I get back home because I wanted my computer but I will be vlogging daily out holiday and help out Christmas Day and you know I've also decided because it seemed to be quite popular of people I thought it's a good idea is vlogging every day till birth and my last like a trimester possibly so every day of my last trimester every day of the last 4 weeks the last month of pregnancy we'll see how it goes but I I will be getting there and you will be seeing bits of Our Lives over the current the coming holidays anyway I'm really excited so I'm gonna in that the guys I know there wasn't a lot of pregnancy stuff going on but this pregnancy is just treating me so well and I'm super excited about that so I will see you all next week when Christmas has already been it'll probably be nearly New Year's and I wish you all a very very Merry Christmas in an awesome new year and I hope 2014 is gonna treat you amazingly just like it's going to be for me alright thanks guys for watching

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  1. 4ha ha i wanted hot pink and black in my bathroom with black bathroom accessories with dIamantes… Matt said no πŸ™

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