Hey guys and welcome to my channel today I’m going to share with you my seventeen week pregnancy update and if you are new to my channel, I’m Myka Nice to meet you. So in today’s video we are gonna tell the truth. We’re gonna get down to the nitty Gritty, we’re gonna talk about weight gain Which I don’t know if I publicly want to share it but I’m gonna do it anyways And we’re just gonna tell it all definitely grab some popcorn grab a coffee grab a soda pop Whatever kind of drinks you do sit down and let’s dive into this and if you too are pregnant Let me know in the comments below how many weeks are you and if you want to answer some of these questions along with me Do it. I would love to hear some of your answers. I follow a list of questions every single pregnancy update I also have them in the description box below So if you want to follow along but let’s go ahead and dive right in first question. How far along are you? I am 17 weeks and two days right now Next question the total weight gain, how much weight have you gained I have gained 17 pounds I feel like that’s a lot. You can let me know if you’re comfortable how much you have gained? But I’m only 17 weeks and I’ve gained seventeen pounds To me that it seems a bit much because a lot of my doctors have encouraged 25 pound weight gain But I will admit in previous pregnancies I’ve gained up to 65 pounds in a pregnancy before I know what do you guys doing when you’re In those situations where your doctor tells you, I would like you to gain about 25 pounds Like that’s really the healthy range that I want you in and you’re already So close to the goal and you’re not even halfway through your pregnancy, what do you do? Let me know in the comments below. Next question maternity clothes. Yes I am wearing maternity clothes or I will rock some really good leggings some days I’m like I am NOT putting pants on for the life of me. I don’t even want to put on pants at all Let alone maternity pants. So on those days are definitely legging days. any stretch marks? I don’t have any stretch marks thus far, but I will admit that my skin has been So incredibly itchy and I haven’t been putting on any creams any butters or any oils and so I feel like I’m kind of Rolling the dice in gambling right now. How am I sleeping? I’m sleeping pretty good But I will tell you that I noticed that I am so thirsty at the end of the day like I’m almost dehydrated I can’t get enough water in me. I’ll drink like two huge pitchers of water at nighttime So in the middle of the night thus forth in the middle of the night I am going to the restroom quite a bit and also since my belly has gotten so big already It’s getting a little bit harder to get out of the bed And I’m trying to be a little bit careful with my abdominal muscles so I don’t Have that abdominal condition happen to me abdominal rectus or Desrectus. I’m not even sure how to pronounce it And I also want to say I’ve gotten so many comments saying wow your belly is so big Already and I don’t find that rather nice actually So if you’re just about to comment that to me skip that comment because I feel like that’s kind of a mean comment. Yes I do know that my belly is really big and a lot of people at 17 weeks Maybe they don’t even have anything but I do I have a big old belly and I love it and I love the baby Inside and I’m excited and this is also my fourth pregnancy. So maybe that has something to do with it, but regardless I Find that comment to be rather rude has anyone else had people comment that to you like oh your belly is really big for So many weeks or my cousin Julie her.. she is the same amount of weeks and her tummy is still flat and I’m just like That’s not very nice. That’s just not nice Best moment this week. So the best moment that we had this week was um, We ended up doing a genetics test. Our OB/GYN asked us at the beginning of our visits with her And I said no I said I’m not doing a genetics test. I said we don’t plan on terminating for any abnormalities So it just doesn’t it doesn’t we don’t need to do it. And so she said I Understand that you’re not gonna terminate um but she said we like to do that just because if there is a neurological a blood condition, a heart condition or something of those sorts right when the baby is born it gives us a better Preparation… sorry, those are my dogs… it gives us a little bit better ability to prep for the proper care So anyways, I took a couple weeks to think about it and it’s just a blood test. It doesn’t actually affect the baby It’s not amniotic anything like that. Um took it and we got good news that everything came back Fantastic, but she told me there’s rarely ever a False negative but there’s more commonly a false positive. It’s super super sensitive So if there’s… aka layman’s terms if there is something wrong, it’ll almost always Always always pick it up if there’s nothing wrong It’s gonna tell the truth you didn’t understand that because I didn’t understand that… next question. Am I missing anything? I will tell you the truth I am missing like going down sleds and water slides because these last couple weeks I’ve had opportunities to do both and and I haven’t been able to and I kind of just sit there and which is nice too But I missed that a little bit. Am I having any movement? Oh my goodness This little baby is moving around like crazy. It’s sitting on my bladder Jumping around and doing all kinds of things So yes at first it just felt like I started to have a little bit more acid reflux and then it started to become more frequent that it became a little bit stronger and then it became a little bit more intense and then You just know which I knew in the beginning even though it felt like acid reflux. I knew Because I don’t, one I don’t have acid reflux, and two My tummy doesn’t just bubble and feel like little bounces at first because a lot of times people say it feels like flurries but for me, it just feels like bubbles it it’s Really hard to describe. It’s not something easy to describe to somebody else. Alright food cravings this one Surprised me quite a bit if you know me, I am plant-based I try my best to eat very plant-based and pretty much a vegan diet and my biggest craving is fish right now like it is so intense I literally walk down the aisle of Trader Joe’s and I see cans of tuna fish and I drool I’m not joking you tuna fish tuna and fish and salt are my cravings Those are my cravings, I can’t even help it anyways. Okay next question Anything that makes you queasy or sick? honestly in the morning if I brush my teeth That’s gonna make me super super sick. I wouldn’t say anything Makes me super queasy Sometimes I take my vitamins in the morning That’ll make me queasy But nothing like it’s not like in the beginning where I would just think of things and get sick to my stomach or see things And get sick to my stomach. It’s not necessarily that bad anymore It’s a lot more doled down and I’ve noticed that now that I’m not nauseous. I’m moving around. I’m excited to get stuff done I’m out of the house. I’m running errands my husband was like, wow, I haven’t seen you like this busy and so long and I’m like, I love it So that’s been really encouraging the nausea is still there. I would say out of all the days I notice it, maybe three days out of seven every single week. So it’s like dwindling down which is fantastic Any gender guesses? so we know the gender and we should be sharing it with you in just a couple weeks But yes, we do know the gender Labor signs? No, I’m having no labor signs. Thank goodness symptoms? okay this is Totally totally TMI So if you don’t like TMI, and you’re gonna be offended or you’re sensitive and you’re gonna unsubscribe just because it’s TMI This is a pregnancy update. I’m gonna share with you what other pregnant woman would want to know so skip ahead a minute Um and don’t get offended. It’s not a big deal anyways Now for the symptom. the symptom, biggest symptom I’m having, is the world’s most sensitive nipples. Like are you kidding me? My boobs have gotten a lot bigger. I know you can’t talk cuz I wear like a little tight sports all the time But they have gotten a lot bigger and not in the attractive way at all like seriously more of like the Just triangular situation and my nipples are so sensitive like if you accidentally rub up against them or if I It’s worse than it’s ever been and I never in any my pregnancies had nipple sensitivity ever and also I’ve noticed that they’ve gotten a little bit darker. So Just say I’m super pregnant and I’m not I’ve never had my nipples get this dark this soon It’s definitely one of my biggest symptoms that I’m having right now. Next is my bellybutton in or out it is still in Wedding band on or off is actually falling off quite a bit, which is really weird because I’m gaining weight everywhere But my wedding ring I can’t keep on for the life of me. It just slides right off. It’s really weird How is your mood doing? Are you happy or you moody? I have been really happy and peppy I would say that I’m more tired than ever before but I’m really really in a good disposition which is kind of nice because a Couple weeks back. I was super moody. So this has just been a nice refresher and just a really nice week for me What are you looking forward to the most? so our baby is due July 4th And I am just looking forward to summer snuggles with a newborn baby on my chest I am looking forward to like Nursing again like I’m looking forward to a brand new born like I am just excited for that I’m just praying that we don’t have any emergency Situations and that we don’t have to be in the NICU or anything like that. We do get it. Take our baby home Those are things that I’m just praying really hard for for a strong health I had a girlfriend that had a baby and he had a esophageal atresia and he was in the NICU for I want to say three or four months, was their first baby ever They couldn’t bring him home. So like he stayed at the NICU all the time, and I just couldn’t imagine how incredibly hard that would be like you just birth your baby and you don’t get a bring them home and Snuggle and you miss all the newborn stages. Like I just couldn’t imagine how hard that would be. belly shot! Okay, I will do my belly shot And then I’m also thinking about in my next pregnancy update to do like a pregnancy haul as well and like share with you everything that I got or what I’m getting for, baby I will say that I am doing a more minimal approach with this baby since it’s my fourth I kind of know what I need and what I don’t need So if you guys also want to see what you actually need for a new baby video. I will do that one as well So let’s go ahead and do the belly shot. Okay. So here is the belly with the shirt on. This is not a maternity shirt So you can see it Look how big the belly is It’s so funny how the shape of the belly like look here is the belly from the side and from the front From the other side 17 weeks And we got a good old belly. If you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up let me know if you have any questions for me in the comments below and let me know how your pregnancy is going in the Comments below as well. I hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll see you in my next baby video. Bye guys


  1. I have 4 littles and one on the way! My due date is July 11th we are close! And like you I am showing already too (: loving the baby bump. 💕

  2. Im 30 weeks & 6 days now. & I can relate. Both of my pregnancies I gained more than 25 lbs. This time around my ob said she to try not to gain anymore. But she that's kinda hard because I make big babies. Which baby of yours did you gain 50-60 lbs?! I'm getting so excited but also my anxiety is so bad. I'm scared for the birth too.

  3. I’m 17 weeks too. Due July 5.

    I’m overweight but I am -4 lbs for weight gain so far.

    I still have my stretch marks from my twin pregnancy and they’ve turned dark red. But after two losses and infertility I’m thankful for every stretch mark.

    My belly is so big. I feel like I’m more like 6 or 7 months pregnant lol. I don’t even care. I love my belly and feeling our little guy kick and move all around it. The genetic test was important to us because of our losses. Some babies can get fetal surgery while in the womb like my sons therapists son with spina bifida so I’d want to give my baby every chance at the most normal life possible.

  4. Girl, you are looking so flawless in this pregnancy!! I love your updates, they let me know how you are doing, and I love that you are open about that!! Every belly grows at its own rate, and I think your belly is perfect at whatever size, whatever time it is!! You inspire me!! Keep doing YouTube, you make me want to be organized, and you are doing a great job with handling your family, AND channel at the same time!!

  5. My son (my first and only so far) was in the NICU for 3 months… you are right it was incredibly tough but we got through it and it makes me that much more excited and hopeful for the next baby and a full term pregnancy.

    You look great and at the end of the day HEALTHY BABY is the GOAL!!!

  6. 1) am getting a manicure your nails are too cute..😊
    2) i am 23 weeks and people ask me if i am having twins lol😂😂 but it gets annoying at times.
    3) are our babies talking because i am also craving tuna ALOT and salt!!!!😋

  7. When I was pregnant with my son, I actually lost weight throughout my pregnancy. I went in to be induced at the same weight I was at my very first appointment at 4 weeks pregnant.

  8. With my genetic testing they did at 10 weeks everything came out good nothing wrong with baby i had low risk on everything but when i went back for a normal ultrasound check at 12 weeks they did find swelling on back meaning could be a birth defect i was very confused when my blood results came out too low risk. My doctor did say he sees it a lot could all go away or the issue can get worse . i am going back in less than two weeks too see how everything is going

  9. Oh, I am so sorry that comments about your belly have been disheartening! If your beautiful bump is any extra evident it is only because you have such a petite frame. You are lovely and your pregnancy has you glowing!

  10. Yes, i was pregnant at the same time as my co worker and she was further along by 4 months and the pther co workers kept pointing out how my belly was almost bigger and i wasn't that far along…thanks ladies lol. You are beautiful Myka enjoy your blessing 🙌❤

  11. I think your belly is beautiful! I think a bigger, rounded belly is a good thing? Like your baby is growing and is healthy. Suppose it’s just how you take it and how they word it. It’s a really round belly and it looks like you’ve got most of the weight in the belly, which I would say is a good thing! ❤️ Absolutely gorgeous

  12. I’m 37 weeks and 5 days! my total Weight gain is 15 kilos, I ware my husbands clothes 😂, no stretch marks thank goodness!,I have pregnancy insomnia :(,my best moment this week is Scheduling my c-section! 2 more weeks yayy !! , I’m missing sslleepp , lots of movement!!💕 food cravings is Cardamom 😶, i feel sick when i get up and when i take my iron pills 💊, i’m having a baby girl! no labor symptoms

  13. I am 18 weeks and 5 day, my belly is really big I’m only 5ft tal and everyone Always asks if I’m having twins really upsets me. I don’t know what I’m having yet I’ll know the 4th. I’m due Jun 28th. I’m extremely tired and have no energy. I have a lot of pain in my upper abdomen but unfortunately I have that belly muscle thin you were talking About it’s pretty bad. And I have an hernia 🙁 this baby was a surprise for sure. I have a hard time with pregnancy. I just hope I don’t get bed rest again :(. Praying for you and your family.

  14. Yeah, those comments really aren't nice at all. You're a mom, you're becoming a mom to another little blessing, you should just be proud of your body and what it's able to do- ignore those negative comments! ❤ …p.s. if you haven't gotten gender check yet, you may be having a boy, or twins- and that is what those other ppl aren't taking into consideration

  15. I’m about 20.5 weeks along with my first. I started to show really early on but so did my sister. I’ve lost 3 previous before this one decided to stick around so I’m loving all the belly comments I’m getting from my patients at work and family 🙂

  16. You look beautiful… Mine is not Do to pregnancy, but I get mean comment of how big I have gotten since I have been going through harsh chemotherapy and on prednisone,and all the other meds for my SLE LUPUS. I am in the hospital a lot. I hope I win the iPad so can watch u-tube on a bigger screen. You have a beautiful family and your husband to put out a cook book . His food looks so good…

  17. When I was pregnant with my first baby I actually had someone say to me that I was very small, was everything ok?! It filled my mind with worries and doubt about if I was measuring correctly. I know better now that if I feel good and doctor visits go well, then comments should just be ignored. Pregnancy PSA; let’s keep comments for pregnant ladies to a simple, “ you look so happy!” Suits everyone! 😉 also, just to mention, my ‘small’ pregnant belly was actually part of a 50lbs weight gain! Everyone carries differently and beautifully!! ❤️

  18. Myka you are so beautiful!!!!! I gained sooo much weight with my daughter! You look amazing. I love these updates. Thank you for sharing

  19. I think you look small and beautiful! Yes be very cautious with the way you do things so you don't get Diastasis recti.

  20. This is so cool! My first time watching pregnancy update videos on your channel Mykka! 😊 Ah, like yesterday I was expecting my 4th baby and now she is 6 years old-what! The time just flows by! Anyway you look absolutely amazing, you’re glowing! Please enjoy that lovely 2nd trimester energy lol.
    So I definitely gained good amount of weight in each pregnancy. The last two times I gained close to or over 40 pounds I hate to say. I was super blessed to not get stretch marks. It tends to be more of a genetic thing from what I gather. There is one thing I would suggest to you though if you havent. Earth Mama Angel Baby Belly Butter. I think I had it in a peach or floral scent. It smelled.so.heavenly! Like you wouldn’t believe! Also the consistency is amazing, this cream is the bomb dot com.. I did rub my belly with it at night not even to prevent stretch marks but because I loved it. Might’ve helped too 😉 xo 💕💕

  21. You are finding out the sex of the baby, not the gender. Gender is self identified, where as finding out the sex means finding out which sex organs the baby has.

  22. I mean I’ve only had one baby and when my son was around 30 weeks people would ask me if I had twins in there. At the time it bothered me, but after having him and he’s two now. I think it was my hormones because I’m happy now that I had a big ole belly! It shows I carried a beautiful baby boy.

  23. I gained 50 pounds, but I didn’t gain any till nearly 9 months pregnant. It was scary when it just piled on all at once. Lol

  24. I don’t think you should feel uncomfortable when someone says you look “big” I’ve never taken that comment in a bad way. I loved getting compliments on my belly!💜💜 just remember ppl are just saying you’re actually getting bigger & not “fat” lol i suck at explaining😂

  25. I’m 9 weeks and I’ve gained 8lbs. Which feels like a ton to me…but I was eating very low carb before that so I feel like that’s why.

  26. I’m 21 weeks, I’ve gained about 15 pounds so far ( but I’ve had Hyperemesis this pregnancy.. I lost 15 pounds in the first trimester, but I think I’ve gained it back since I hit the second trimester), I just started wearing maternity clothes, my belly has exploded the last few weeks too 😳… I’m having my first girl after having three boys. I did genetic testing as well, not because I was ever planning on terminating, but just because I would want to prepare myself and our family if baby would have any conditions that would need extra care ❤️. Baby is moving a TON!! My cravings are tacos, bananas, peach yogurt, cheese burgers, and dark chocolate chips. My major symptom this week is nasal congestion. It’s horrible! I’m a little moody right now, not bad, I just get a little extra irritated about things. I’m so excited about having another baby. I’ve lost two pregnancies ( one miscarriage, one still birth at 17 weeks) and I need this baby so badly. My heart needs her. I want to see her and hold her. I can’t wait to smell her head and kiss her face!!

  27. You are so beautiful – unbelievable! And you can be really proud of your belly! I'm so exited for the next weeks updates and i would love to see your baby-haul ♡ thank you for sharing your experience with everything round about kids ♡

  28. You look adorable!! I had a rainbow baby in July and I prayed so hard he would be healthy. He came healthy as could be but inhaled meconium and ended up in the nicu for 5 days haha. I'm so excited for your family to grow!!

  29. I've just found out I'm pregnant again with my 3rd. I am anything between 7.5 weeks and 14 weeks but they can't fit me in for an ultrasound until I'm nearly 20 weeks so it will be really innacurate with my dates 🙁

  30. I think you look lovely and very healthy. I loved being pregnant, it was the most amazing experience of my life. I think you are having a boy

  31. Myka is natural for your belly to be bigger earlier as your body knows what it’s doing and does it faster as you have done it before , so I was told anyway . Please don’t worry about any of that you look amazing 🌸💕

  32. I'm guessing right now it's a boy!! Also my first baby was in the NICU for a week after I delivered and because I had complications as well I didn't get to see him at all for 2 days it's very hard but u quickly move on and he is 4 now and it's all just a memory he is happy and healthy so no matter what happens just know gods got this!

  33. I don't want to offend anyone but I would like to note that when my mom was pregnant with all three of her kids, she gained almost 100 lb… and she is a pretty small human. So don't worry about lots of weight gain, it's only natural!

  34. I get told am massive 25 half weeks but I love my bump and I feel good am vegan gluten free have celiac disease and 3rd child so expected to get big this time and put on 2an half stone too x

  35. I'm pregnant with my fourth and this belly is already popping too, but I've had so much extra skin from previous pregnancies that it's not as smooth and rounded like your beautiful belly is! I'm pretty sure I still look at the stage of "hmmm did she eat too much or is she pregnant?" lol

  36. I gained 50 lbs in my pregnancy. Everyone always commented on how huge I look or I looked like I’m having twins. It was so annoying. Some people just gain more weight during pregnancy 🤷🏼‍♀️ You’re beautiful and don’t worry about the weight!

  37. I’m 38 weeks pregnant with my third – so funny that I am the same way with water at night! I know it’ll make me have to wake up a lot but I don’t crave water or want it much until nighttime!

  38. I am 15 weeks and 5 days today with my 3rd child. I have two girls and this one is a BOY! 🙂 My nipples have been crazy sensitive this time around! So people say man are you sure you are not further along because your belly is big.. and then some say I still look tiny. :/ My hard core morning sickness is getting better.. I am not sick everyday thank goodness!!! SO happy for you and your family! <3

  39. I don't always like people vlogs but this lady is just the loveliest person I've seen in a long time!!🤗 I first saw her when she adopted the little boy from China!!❤ What a perfect mom & daddy he now has!! I wish health, wealth & happiness to mommy, daddy and your whole lovely family!! I think those who adopt children from other countries….. should live forever!! Adoption is the most wonderful thing to do!! 👍🏽👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😁😘☺

  40. Hey girl hey! I am due one day ahead of you with my first. Congrats!!! Good to see you feeling so peppy. Take care.

  41. I was pregnant with my 4th baby at 38 weeks i was at the gas station and these guys yell over could she get any bigger and then they all laughed

  42. You look beautiful, your belly is beautiful!! Are you going to do a pregnancy photo shoot? I can respect not wanting to do a genetic test.

  43. Wow. I can’t believe someone would say that your belly. You look awesome. I love you videos. Sending hugs and loves of love.

  44. I know how it feels. This is my 6th pregnancy and I'm now in my third trimester and sind the end of my first trimester i would constantly get people saying i look like I'm having twins and i haven't even gained weight i actually lost some. So more likely it's being said because I'm big, so totally understand how it feels offensive.

  45. I loved the honest update. I am pregnant and waiting for my first appointment. Any tips for staying worry/stress free? I get a little nauseas after eating and have sensitive nipples. My pregnancy is going well just a little nervous with my first time going through this stage of life. I would hate people comenting on a belly being bigger than it should be. I am excited for the newborn essentials video. I want to try and stick to minimal stuff especially moving to a small home.

  46. Ok the belly 😍 I am pregnant with my 4th and I can’t wait for that bump for pop!!! You’re adorable and I’ve been binge watching your videos while cleaning and meal prepping!

  47. I'm 17 weeks and I've only gained 6 lbs so far I dont even feel pregnant so it worries me but in a week I'll be seeing my little one

  48. Hi Myka, I love your channel and look to it for motivation! I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant with my 3rd pregnancy and 4th child for my husband and I! I love watching your videos especially your pregnancy updates…I am very nauseous as well and the nips are super sensitive and never had it before! Thanks for sharing

  49. Hi! Love the update! I’m 16 weeks and was told to gain 25lbs too…I’m at 15 gained already! This is my first pregnancy and I am still barely showing..I’m so jealous of your baby belly! It is beautiful!!! I want so badly for my baby to start showing herself off to the world! It might make it feel more real!

  50. I’m 16 weeks- gained 8 pounds but I am INSANELY constipated. No idea how much of that is from being clogged….

  51. I am 16 weeks 5 days and not showing yet 😩 but I guess that’s ok but I am so happy can’t wait for my belly to pop 👍❤️

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