18 Weeks Pregnant: What Does Every Woman Need To Understand

18th week of pregnancy hey moms and dads your baby is now similar to the size of a sweet potato the major fetal development at 18 weeks of pregnancy is the production of myelin sheath a protective covering for the nerve cells your baby's brain spinal cord and nerves get a boost from Milan your baby's height is 5.5 inches and it weighs 7 ounces the skeleton of the baby continues to harden the inner ear and leg bones are the first ones to ossify that said the ears have arrived to their final destination that's at the side of the head and now baby can hear you so you can start talking and telling stories to your sweet baby also the teeth are forming at this stage meconium which is your baby's first poop is slowly starting to accumulate in his bowels babies now officially have finger and toe prints it's a baby boy his prostate gland is forming and if it's a baby girl the uterus as well as the fallopian tubes are already developed when going for an ultrasound the body parts are clearly visible especially to arms legs heart and genitalia mothers can also feel their babies starting to move which is medically referred to as quickening the baby plays around a womb and changes positions frequently and does kicking rolling and punching stay tuned for next week only on consumer health digest com till then take care of yourself you

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  1. I turn 18 weeks in two day. But haven't felt him move yet . But glad to know I'm having a boy found out at 13 weeks

  2. A lot of whats said about kicking its not really correct. When you feel your first kicks is very individual, some (especially second time moms) feel it earlier than 18 weeks, by quite a lot of weeks actually. Some people don't feel it till week 20 and that isn't abnormal either. It depends on your babies position, the position of the placenta, how thin the mother is etc. Several sources say you can feel your baby anywhere move from 13-25 weeks. Thats quite a big range

  3. My girlfriend is 18 weeks pregnant and she pushing me away 😢. This baby going be are first together and I feel left out

  4. hai. Am 17week 1 day.now am start talk to my kiki (fetus).I felt my upper abdomen like murmor sounds.thats is my fetus are moving or??????

  5. Can't believe I am 18 weeks already. Feels like just the other day I was making memories about being 4 weeks. I live seeing what is happening to my beautiful little girl each week. I am watching sooo many pregnancy videos! Drinking lots of milk and eating lots of fats this week

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