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so you are 18 weeks pregnant and you are so close to get into halfway now aren't you the countdown is on so the textbook say that your baby is now around 14 and a meters long and weighs in at about 200 grams which is actually the size of a family size bar of chocolate and let's face it we all know how heavy one of those is don't we but I'm a healthier mode they are actually roughly the same size as a bell pepper or a sweet potato and a really getting big girl so if you've already started to feel baby move around then you'll know that this most part is true but they are really starting to have a good old move inside your tummy now and they are kicking they are rolling they are turning and generally just having a good old wiggle in there and you can feel them now it's about to get a lot more intense as always go on now some of you may be a little bit impatient like I was and you might already know it the sex of your baby I know I couldn't wait until 20 weeks so I thought survivors and I'm terrible but it was an amazing experience either way baby genitals are now formed and if you're having a boy it will most likely be visible by now girls on the other hand are a little bit trickier to see for obvious reasons and it can all handle positioning but it won't be long until you find out if you wanting so speaking of scans let's take a look at some scan footage for week 18 Oh [Applause] [Applause] we've talked that baby but what about you how are you feeling and what is being 18 weeks pregnant really like well here at channel mom we're comparing the textbook versus the truth with a little help from some expectant mums just like you while the 20 week scan is really exciting which is you get to you baby again and you get to find out the gender if you want to it's actually a really important scan because it checks to see if your baby is okay it's known as an anomaly scan and the sonographer will really take his or her time checking over you your baby and your placenta to make sure that everything is okay now it's completely normal to feel quite nervous before scans and you're not on your own I never found it helped having a full bladder either because I always need to move this way so in terms of other things that are happening with you you might start to find that every week is kind of the same at this point because you're feeling better your appetites back you might have more energy and you generally just feeling pretty good with that in mind one of our best tips would be to use this time to get a few things done and get a bit prepared so maybe thinking about the nursery or maybe stocking up on some nappies and even hitting the shops were closed even if you're sticking with gender neutral for the meantime why not hit the sales and buy a few sizes up so when the next season rolls around your baby is all kitted out and that you don't have to spend as much money either but let's get on to those 18 week bumps and see how some other mums bellies looks at just 18 weeks pregnant and this is my 18 week belly is definitely getting bigger and we can definitely tell now so what else can you expect well here at channel moment we have tons of blogs for every week of pregnancy from other moms here at the same stages you are right now so let's take a look and see what they had to say about being 18 weeks pregnant this is my 18th week which is crazy because I'm only a few weeks away from turning like pathway which is incredible here would be where distance that I've been getting and it's what my past of a bit greasy and to are nothing I'm not sweating my heartburn has got worse I've actually had advice and gaviscon because it was really really bad when I was trying to go to sleep and I just thought I was going to be simple time to stay down just burning my food I've been in rarely age length so another good excuse to be sat on my backside they're kind of close to heading for about three days now melted like so all the time to our drinking water beginning kind of back pain I've also been feeling that they need which has been amazing but I'll two nights and there's a baby now and it's quick six booked out right by my belly button and you can actually see it with you oh wait now some of the kicks are actually taking me by surprise I'll be at work on my own oh yeah the amount of food I am eating is probably hard because I just don't need as much anymore which is brilliant because I wasn't a little bit worried that I was going to put a lot of weight on because I had to eat to keep fitness like I'm not emotional I'm not very I'm not moving feeling like all of my emotions are really really high like when I'm happy I'm so happy and and then when I'm sad very sad one of my Maryam very angry it's my trust in me and me but I think I think it's a small room and there's like two girls in this budget right now I'm pretty sure that by entering the white and it's pretty crazy to chocolate and I've been fat to equal to the night really hungry I can't wait to come home ashes how how it is to be really I'm just hoping that I get some energy food isn't it nice to hit hold the one was a feeling I used to watch videos like this all the time when I was pregnant and now it's time to get on it so let's take a look at the channel moment the good the bad and the ugly of being 18 weeks pregnant the good you might find that you've got the glow now with swisha hair and most males to the but if you want to know the gender as your baby then you probably wasted countless hours ordering a system to mean boy or that thinking means girl but there are loads of old wives tale so we've made the video down below where we tested a few of them so let us know what results you get if you've done any of them and the ugly and so you might not all admit it but presently these can get kind of gassy just blame the dog or the cat or your the kids if you've got some either way it wasn't you so we hope you enjoyed watching our textbook versus the truth of being 18 weeks pregnant as always we would love to hear from you in the comments down below so let us know if you've got anybody symptoms or cravings or gender Inklings to share because we really do look forward to seeing them and if you'd like reason to watch after this then why not check out all the other vlogs of other moms who are 18 weeks pregnant over on channel mum we'll leave the link down below for you but that's it from me and the rest of the channel mum team so we will see you again next week

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  1. I'll be 18 weeks in two days and I'm in that awkward stage where my belly is definitely sticking out but some may assume I've just been eating too much lol I cant wait until it rounds out

  2. 18 weeks today and havent felt my babe yet… going in on Tuesday for a check up and to hear heart beat again 🙂

  3. These videos make me cry so badly❤️

    I am struggling so bad with sleep at night i have insomnia😢 my pillows feel like bricks its too hot and my boobs are wild sore at night

    I cant eat much in the morning BUT after 7pm i cant stop stuffing my face !
    First pregnancy after three long years of trying naturally x

  4. I’m 18 weeks 4 days I found out I’m having a baby boy 😊 and I always feel him kicking early morning before I go to bed and sometimes in the evening 🥰💙

  5. Nausea is almost gone, I still have a continuous headache, and honestly feeling very good I have way more energy! I also found out I'm having a GIRL! December couldn't come sooner💕

  6. Im 18 weeks today, and I’ve been having the worst sleep EVER. Finding out the gender ( if it cooperates) on Tuesday the 2nd!!

  7. Hardly feel pregnant. 18 weeks and 4 days. If it wasn’t for a bump growing in size, I wouldn’t know that I was preggers. 🤣

  8. My husband and I are both 42 years old and will become first grandparents to our 20 years old daughter who is 18 weeks pregnant. Looking forward to my grandchild’s arrival in October❤️

  9. I’m 18 weeks tomorrow and my bump is barely showing.. sometimes it looks a bit bigger but most of the time I don’t feel pregnant at all. Just getting a little heavier. It’s my first pregnancy though, so I guess this is a normal thing to go through. Right?

  10. Im 17weeks pregnant and still got morning sickness still get tired and getting shooting pains hehe and im having a baby boy x

  11. 18weeks pregnant today
    Felt baby move a little around 15weeks
    I can definitely say the baby is more active now. Such a beautiful feeling.

  12. I’m 18weeks today and a chubby girl.. so I’m not really feeling much but twinges and flutters but no proper kicks yet… this is my 2nd child after 9yrs

  13. I'm almost 18weeks and i feel the baby moving! Yay! However, i'm soooo bloated and gasy! I struggle to sleep at night, i can't get comfortable and always tossing. Nausea has subsided but i still have a weird bitter taste in my mouth no matter what i eat. I also experience stuffy nose and struggle to breath (maybe allergies)? My mood swings are crazy!

  14. I'm 18 weeks 3 days! Been feeling those first little kicks! It feels a bit like a nervous twitch! Its lovely! 😍😍😍

  15. ❤❤❤Am 18 weeks today and I feel my baby moves today for the first time 😆😆😆😆and a first time mum💃💃💃 I wake up I notice I have been having a running stomach hope is safe? Pls reply me👏👏

  16. ❤❤❤Am 18 weeks today and I feel my baby moves today for the first time 😆😆😆😆and a first time mum💃💃💃 I wake up I notice I have been having a running stomach hope is safe? Pls reply me👏👏

  17. I’m 18 weeks today with girl/boy twins. Don’t ask how or why, but I guessed the genders of the twins from about week 6 and when I had my 8 week scan I was convinced that baby a was a girl and baby b a boy, at 13 weeks this was confirmed (at whatever % you can) and then at 17w4d I had a gender scan with the same results. My belly popped out about 2 weeks ago, it’s not a broad one yet but quite pointy. I’ve been experiencing muscle aches from my neck down to my calves, sleeping just became a challenge, my appetite has improved, acid reflux can be a problem, nausea has subsided but I still have food aversions. I’m very happy, the 3pm tiredness has gone but I need to sleep at 20.30. Decorating the nursery this weekend and my size 1 & 2 pampers get delivered today. All is good and I’m on track! Good luck everyone x

  18. 18 weeks today with my first! I found out gender at 13 weeks (it’s a boy!), and felt him move for the first time at 16 weeks. And let me tell you, he moves a LOT and likes to kick really hard; future soccer player? Much love to all expectant mothers all over! Xx

  19. Im 18 weeks tomorrow and I feel not pregnant.  boobs are sore here and there.  I feel the baby move mainly on my left side sometimes the middle, I have acid reflux every night, headaches here and there but other than that nothing consistent.  I was worrying and expecting the worst but everything is in Gods hands and my body will do what it will do regardless of what my thoughts are.  I have to trust in God and believe my baby is fine ♥ congrats to all you expectant moms!

  20. I'm 18 weeks and I haven't feel my baby move yet 😭😩 I have seen it move on ultrasounds but I'm still waiting to feel my baby move. 🙁

  21. Im 18 weeks and not even got a bump or felt the baby yet its my third baby and this is definetly a lazy one 😂🤣 my 2 daughters moved early. Cant wait for the gendre reveal so i no what sex the baby is. I still feel quite tired and drained amd still get crazy head aches and migrains that never really go for more then a day. But i try to stay active because il blow up at the last month i always do. My apitite is on and off thought it would of been back by now.

  22. I'm 18 week now, starting to feel better with the sickness! Just getting really bad wind 😱 also acid.. been feeling fluttering since 14 weeks. Xxx

  23. 18 weeks tomorrow, still have the tiniest bump, no movement yet so feeling impatient but having a baby boy 🙂 craving celery :p

  24. 18 weeks and I think I felt the baby move for the first time today! Anatomy scan is in 2 days feeling anxiously excited

  25. 18 weeks and I can't get out of bed so early without eating first. I hope I have a girl. Baby is now moving around keeps me up at night.

  26. Wow my 18 week belly is so much smaller than these bellies in this video… I made a video showing my belly on my channel if you wanna see 😱

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