19 Kids and Counting: Michelle Duggar Wants a 20th Child

Michelle Duggar from the TLC reality
show 19 Kids and Counting want to get pregnant or wants to give birth I should
say for the 20th time now back in 2010 she actually had a
miscarriage that she wanted to publicize as much as possible are they sent out images are there miss
Keri baby it was home yes they did it was a it was
a crazy story I and so she’s trying to get pregnant
again but she’s pretty up there when it comes to age is
47 years old and she actually spoke to a doctor to
see whether or not she’s healthy enough to conceive another child I’m so what do you guys think about this
story Brett make your point I just feel bad for her that the children she has
all 19 of them not one of them is for filling enough
for her to think that this is enough children so I think it’s her children’s
fault for not being cool enough push so she think she needs to keep having
more into one’s also and if you have any younger siblings it’s because you
were calling up in your parents needed more cheese Jimmy make your point well I want
to those I come from a big family anything you learn look grow up in a big family is that
you’re easily replaced right and that with those kids are learning right I do
if I died it was gonna put a big dent in their
plans you know can imagine my mom said Rocco know Jimmy Ted or am I
gonna do now with just the park in 11 %uh via help yes and she teaching those kids a
valuable lesson and that they’re not important for
easily replaced there’s no point to life especially if your mother is a crazy
crazy like that well understand is how people can afford
to have more than two kids at this point now they’re doing a reality show they’re
probably making a significant amount of money out at that and this is a in my opinion another
effort to get a little more publicly for that reality show but another killer 47 but so incredibly selfish that’s the worst part about it
who don’t want to have which newborn ones have a 47-year-old mom and I’m not
saying like 847 Nikki I am thing at 47 don’t have
children I think it’s wrong I think it’s wrong I think it’s super selfish here
that they when your 47 you can the kid can be on the ground in north from the mom is
standing heavy big cousin the saggy boobs situation so that’s one other wanna be fact that
much for you I don’t know if you’ve got twenty-one out to pair thrilled about that the rapid she
did try to commit suicide that woman that she played she
she pulled a gun on her left breast and learn the cap boy you its yeah okay okay the marginal expensive feeding the 20th over the 19th is not
that big a specially cuz all they do is just throw budget grain on the floor and
let him just go for our readers request for the story with
the craziest thing you’ve done that was or could be potentially harmful
to your body Brad for bugging me Tehran a what was the question what have you
done that that is harmful or potentially harmful
to your body you know there’s a time in every young boy’s life
we find out what masturbating is bad do it within an inch in your penis
is like it and luckily am I got it within about
a centimeter and then I stopped thank you permitted
to me I tonight said that’s nice up what Frank for you the only thing I ever did there was
potentially harmful to my body was aiight stop smoking pot for a whole
week but one time and I didn’t know what was going to
happen I was scared by turned out exactly the same linsell with respect to look by adding
that the same that was last week by the way yeah i feel like im too smart to do
anything to harmful to my body at Coachella Coachella was harmful to my
body I i got really sick after I came back I
had a cold I’ll I just for that was a big mistake
he made a coach Al you didn’t sanitize your hands up I so there’s a whole thing about like
people kicking up dust in a lot of people wear masks to make sure they
don’t inhale the dust and it’s actually a polo fields are not only are you in
healing dust and dirt you’re inhaling like yeah shit like Jorge yet yeah I’m so that kinda sucks and then of
course there’s like the whole thing about doing a lot of different drugs but you know that was harmful to my body
but I feel better whatever I’d never heard of and drugs never heard of Johnny harmful nowhere but anyway tell us what you think what
have you done to harm your body we want to hear from you and we will see you guys soon with
another episode in the point

77 Replies to “19 Kids and Counting: Michelle Duggar Wants a 20th Child”

  1. Having kids is selfish.  No matter what number it is.  What is the difference with her and Halle Berry who had her son at the same age?  Do I think she is a bit nuts HELL YEAH.   But they do love their kids, I don't agree with the rigid doctrine they raise their kids in but you know, Michelle Duggar can do what she wants in her life.

  2. Having a child at 47's bad
    Having more than 2 kids is selfish, 3 kids == 50% increase in population, our socio economic system's too inefficient for the number of people we already have.
    It should illegal to have more 5 kids, let along fucking 20, that's just fucked up!

  3. I completely disagree. She raises her kids and they seem like normal albeit super religious but normal and nice kids. If she was living off of everyone else I think this would be annoying but they have a good income

  4. If you have two kids, you have time to give them both love and attention, not to mention a pretty good childhood with entertainments, activities, holidays, toys, clothes, parties etc… If you have 20, they're going to suffer from a lack of love, attention and money. A mother only has so much time available. It's selfish. 

  5. Having kids at 47 is no more selfish than having them at any age or not having them at all. Everything to do with having kids or not having them is selfish, and there's nothing wrong with that. 'What kid wants to have a 47 year old mother' – what? You think a kid cares about the age of their mother? They'll love (or not) their parents all the same, regardless of what age their parents had them – the only difference is that at older ages, their parents will have more life experience and have slightly better odds of parenting well.

    I have some friends who are in the early twenties now, and their parents are 63 & 64, which puts them at about the ballpark age you were talking about when having their kids – my friends give no fucks. Literally the only point you could make would be one of increased probability of health issues, but the same is true of all sorts of factors: diet, drinker, smoker, fitness level, local air pollution, environment more generally, not to mention that various potential hereditary factors, etc. The other argument you could make is that it is too old because the parent will die while the kids are relatively younger. I fail to see any value in that argument given that it's generally a 'have them then or have them never' scenario – for whatever reason, the time wasn't right to have kids at a younger age. You think the kids are gonna say "actually, now that they're dead, I wish our parents never had us" – probably not. If they have a emotionally healthy life, they're going to be thankful for all the time they had with their parents, truncated as it may have been. It's just an utterly exacerbating point that I see too often from some people. People need to get over this stupid imposition of their own ideas of selfishness upon others with regards to thoughts on offspring.

  6. What happened to this show? Ever since Anna took over it went down the toilet. The Point used to be TYT's best show.

  7. im so frustrated of you Ana, who do you think you are to judge people ? it's non of your business how many kids that woman wants. 
    you were defending childfree people here , and now you and your disgusting colleagues are making fun of that woman cause of her realizing of reproductive rights

  8. Kids taking care of other kids…  it can be a nice thing but for this family I think it's a fulltime overtime thing.  They have no or little time to play with friends because they're too busy changing diapers.

  9. Shouldn't the overpopulation problem be mentioned? Is this the conservative way of winning elections, have lots of kids so they can vote? But ignore the strain it puts on the world's resources?

  10. This is so rude y would anyone be so rude and say this about someone they have no right to judge her. And say stuff like that. So rude.

  11. Fuck the Dugger's,  but I am disappointed to hear the ageism being thrown around here.  As a 61 year old my life is far from over,  now "get off my lawn".

  12. I don't think it's reasonable to have 20 children, since there are simply too few resources on the planet and for the family; Not enough food for such a high population, not enough money and time for the parents to raise the kids well. Not to mention how they're just being pumped out as tools for god's culture war, rather than out of actual love. How would you feel if you parents only had you so they could impose their religion on the general populace? I'd feel pretty pissed off.

  13. I think it's a little but unfair to say a 47 year old shouldn't be having children but, by all means 15, 16, and 17 year olds are young and fertile so go ahead. Risks are possibilities not absolutes. A 47 year old could have a healthy baby. Now, I don't approve of having children just for the shock value of having a lot of them but, it's perfectly fine to have more than 2 kids.

  14. Pretty sure a few of those kids will turn out to be gay 🙂 apparently after the first few pregnancies some women's immune system starts to interfere with the normal brain development of male fetuses, which explains why most gay boys have older brothers, like me.

  15. It is kind of selfish to think that women shouldn't have kids around there forties and think they are too old to raise there kids. A 20 something year old is less financially , emotionally and mentally sat able enough to raise the child. A women in her forties can do all those things. And what if a women got married later in life and her carrier came first and she got married in her early forties and her first child in her late forties. Her and her husband can afford to send that child to private school and college raise that child in a safe neighbourhood. Matter of fact I know a friends aunt that had her first child at the age of 50 years old and the child came out normal. Why she had the child later in life is because she found the love of her life and got married way way later on in life. Children don't care how old there parents are society does. I just would think u would be way more openminnned about women having children later in life just as much as women not wanting kids at all. That is very disappointing that u would JUDGE AND DISCRIMINATE a women that wants and just ends up having kids later on in life cause of whatever situation. And yea HALLE BERRY DID HAVE HER KIDS IN HER FORTIES SO DOES SHE HAVE SAGGY BOOBS.

  16. And Ana I would expect better from u. U don't discriminate women that don't want to have any kids so why discriminate women that want to have children later on in life. I get that it is pointless having too many kids and most people who have a lot of kids have them for religion reasons too. But also having a child at 27 next to 47 is equally selfish Dispite the age

  17. If a woman wants to have an abortion it's her choice. If a woman wants to have a child it's her choice. It's that simple case closed. Nothing to see here, move along.

  18. This is not a "smart and fast paced panel show" and there are no "interesting personalities bringing unique perspectives".

  19. I am appalled at the non-existent sense of outrage this story produced. It is true that we do not know how to balance the right of the adults to do whatever they want with the rights of children to have, at least, reasonably good health and a couple of parents who actually care for them. We have not advanced too much from the times of the Old Testament, when children were the property of the father.
    In a better society we would place, at least, back breaking fines to parents who can not or will not take good care of the children they have, and by definition a parent of ten or more children will not take good care of all his children (except in a handful of cases).
    There is a huge difference between a mother with no children who is trying to have her first at the age of 47 and a mother of 19 who has decided to risk both her health and that of her future child for nothing more than a world record. In the first case, if the medical problems are solved, there is a chance that the child will get the best parents a child can hope for. In the second case, there is no chance at all. The child will be, in effect, the forced "son" of one or more of his own siblings.

  20. Every story, serious or not, should be commentated on by Jimmy and Brett. Well held together there Jimmy 🙂

  21. think about it biologically your point in life is to have as much kids as u can so your DNA
    can live on 

  22. Quiverfull is an extremist religious cult whose purpose is to use naive women like Michelle to overpopulate the country wih their religious zealots so they can take over and turn the USA into a bona fide THEOCRACY. It is not cute. These people are dangerous.

  23. I believe that every woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body, but if I were in that situation, I would not conceive another child. I think that if I already have a bunch of kids, why have even more? Again, I realize that we are two separate people, but that is how I view it.

  24. We have two children and Its NOT POSSIBLE to give 19 kids the attention and love they deserve to help them all grow up to be well adjusted hardworking adults. That being said SHAME on Ana for criticizing this woman for wanting a baby at age 47. Who cares how old she is. Shes an idiot but her being 47 has nothing to do with it.

  25. Stupid people now represent America, and it's truly disappointing.  It's doubtful this 47 year old mother of 19 has ever read a book in her entire adult life.

  26. I can't believe that no one mentioned the environmental damage people like the Duggars are doing to us all. 

  27. The Duggars have grandchildren that are the same age, or older, than their children. Michelle Duggars is a true nut case.

  28. I don't understand the fame these people have. 19 kids? For what purpose? My great-great grandmother had 13 kids, but they were living on a farm in an age where that sort of thing was basically needed. What exactly are these people doing? Are they addicted to getting pregnant?

    That Octo-Mom caught heck when she got pregnant, worse than any of these sorts of people who keep pumping out 8-to-double digit kids.

  29. So china has the law that you can't have more than 2 (?) kids. And over here in the west we tend to think that is a horrible idea… But can we PLEASE pass a law that says you can't have 20 kids!? I mean, JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST! They're kids, not fucking pokemon cards!

  30. Most harmful thing I've done to myself was cutting my wrists and some nights just shredding my arm to pieces

  31. This is the first "The Point" video I've watched. Is Anna trying to be a serious news person, or is this a bad comedy show? I do like Anna, I think she's smart and funny, but this is not what I was expecting. I guess I'll try another video and see if I want to subscribe.

  32. This whole set was low and beneth you all. Saying its wrong based on quality of the new babys life is one thing. The attacks are uncalled for.

  33. this is disgusting, she is old and her last child almost died. Why would she risk her child's life and yours which would affect the rest of her childrens lives

  34. Who you think you are to say what you think? Judging someone special like Michelle you are nothing but a curse in gods eyes

  35. Having a kid at 47 is not selfish ! How dare she say that my mum gave birth to me and my brother when she was 66 ! And older parents are better cuz there more experienced ! 🐥

  36. Hey.    It doesn't matter how many kids a couple has as long as they could support the whole family.    I have 7 siblings and I don't feel like I could be replaced easily.

  37. 3:00 what the hell he talking about an inch within his penis life what??? and ana all flirty ridiculous , did he almost die :/

  38. It's her body but one miscarriage, preclampsia an Josie was premature should be a warning. Jim Bob should use condoms, god bless Michelle she can die giving birth. Then the remaining girls will have to raise all those little ones. Hope they come to their senses.

  39. I don't think it's a good idea for her to have a 20th baby. They have too many children already and frankly it's going to affect her health as well. The miscarriage was probably a sign from God to call 
    it quits. 

  40. How very sad for this woman. Does he beat her if she says "No"? How to make enough money to support 20 kids: turn them into a source of income. Exploit them on TV. Are they home schooled? Most likely. Nearly two dozen more idiot Republicans who think the earth is only 6000 years old, the sun revolves around it and you'll fall off if you sail too far.

  41. I would so love to swoop in and capture everyone between 15 and 25, take them each to casino and strip club, give them 1 or 2 drinks (not kool aid), and introduce them to society! I would teach them about Society's Guidelines for collectively smoking and passing a roach. Gosh those poor arrested development victims – kids. Babies having babies! Idiots spreading ignorance. Let me tell you what those parents can do with their Tater Tot Casserole!

  42. I think that it would be beautiful if she adopted some children if she still wants more, instead of having them biologically. There are so many orphan children in this world that need loving homes.

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