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hello refill jewels and gems Merry Christmas I love Christmas so much and I will be posting more Christmas related videos next year I'm really gonna make a goal of that because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I absolutely love it feels really difficult for us this Christmas because we moved ahead it's just been a lot of packing and unpacking and then being our first trimester it was really difficult coming into my second now I'm feeling a lot better than I was so thankfully that is happening I noticed that I was eating way more faster than Australian my mom started cooking for me it was just really nice and now I actually will to start cooking again having more energy to do that in addition to unpacking it I think I kinda got a handle on that finally I posted my 18 week update last week on my blog and I have photos so you should definitely check that out on action so calm and I pose a loss of I'll check that out today I have posted you know which is my TV exciting check it out after photos I have my ultrasound photos and suffer you guys next week along with I have video I live in and I have gave like probably 18 pounds or dollars like on the sixes every now professor and also I've had to buy lots of natural products really cleaning and all that kind of stuff so I'll have those kinds of things homey for that it's water but that's gonna be coming so if you're looking forward to those things they are coming up happy to share with you so I put these things into kind of like go through each of the questions and it kind of covers in-house and stay focused we'll see how this goes and for those of you that have not enjoyed the a Chantal family thank you so much for subscribing and party have it I love it if you do one if your pregnancy share I'm gonna know how you're feeling what tipsy you have okay this is my first one and I wanted to be great so if you have any recommendations between them and as I get those I will also inform you guys about those swap so right now the baby is the size of a mango I have been shopping for maternity clothes and I've gotten a lot of great ones and even it's a regular clothes that I've been able to use Maternity that I can wear after so I'm really excited about that and excited to share we don't yet have cleaners and we're ready right now that our storage so it will be so I'll be sure that it comes I don't have any stretch marks yeah I'm so happy about that I have stretching happening oh my god children it's itchy hi all so I'm just really happy that I haven't had that I probably haven't been putting on the green stuff as much as I should but I'm hoping to be doing that more because that's my stomach girls I'm really my sleep is better because they even taught me a pregnancy pillow and I'm gonna make like little things later the yeah he got me it wants for Christmas and when I got here he actually just gave it to me earlier this week I was traveling asleep so that's been really helpful but depending on which side the baby's on where he was to sit because like on my the nerve and my stomach like it still can be really difficult to sleep but it is better look at that I will say it helps a lot I really had a great philosophy when David thought the baby for the first time I felt the first merit about 13 weeks it just felt like a really big like popcorn like just popped to the left of my stomach and there was like really cool and I was like I'm not sure if dad's game maybe it was the baby it definitely takes time to figure it out by definitely something I'm like I do a lot of things out so whatever you guys let me know they got us over the umbilical cord is tugging okay like that my navel and Tom really interesting that doctor told me cuz I asked her last month if he's number from unable to be sore and she said this is kind of maybe too too much information so TMI zone cover your ears for like eight seconds but she told me that the that your name will like literally oh man silence Blitzen has about when when the uterus is growing in and so that's why Aaron so much and I had like a lot of stories and it's a little bit better now but it was like horrible about a month ago so that was my first trimester as well let's sing this you see crazy things always Mexican in Chinese will say Mexican by eye or the like it's normal for me because I always create those things but I regularly have cravings but I mean that's just me like I don't know but I have I am way way way way way less not sure is like way but I am still not sure sometimes so randomly it'll happen very slightly and I you know for but I also notice when I brush my teeth morning I like how I wanna gag and I hate that feeling I haven't got the Flex so that's him already uh-huh let's see I'm Way happier these days and I was before like I just right there just like this I was just stay in the bed I was winner anybody else has done with that how that feels but I really just forget I was just lame mr. Lucey the feeling of movements that I felt that maybe us with you guys person for this popular flutters what it was that was like around 13 weeks the round 14 fix the desire to feel the lesson for me to describe is like there is a that's how it works and now is actually started feeling punch this I know I really felt like kicks occasionally I feel like a king Michael punch or like like that but it's really really just Wallace let me to feel how to remove that stock and sit still for a minute but I can feel it I will see your habits my little better really exciting fact that I can feel it already this is my first baby I let's see what else my bellybutton is out it's been out for a few weeks now so that's really exciting my wedding rings are still on whoo yeah I'm gonna have your pump back if I know a lot of right to a manitech I feel really happy little got continues see we're still looking for names so that's a process let's see what else can I tell you guys I think that's everything except way and I think I mentioned that I'm like 167 so I just made a wish on it for anything if there's anything that you guys want to know that I didn't share let me know and I'm gonna so all the month the month let me show you okay so this is the me front of the side so you can see the ball and anyway crazy the Ivan wearing love flaps which is really interesting but anyways I hope this you guys enjoy this video and I will be posting them hopefully again a weekly that is my goal you can't have been doing that I'm sorry but I love you guys share your stories below I think it's it's thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already

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